Party Essentials N26090 Brights Plastic Shot Glass Review

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Value for money 4.5 
Sturdiness 3.8 
Durability 3.8 
  • Great night party shot glass.
  • Comes in various colors.
  • Glows in dark.
  • Short-life.

Party Essentials N26090 Brights Plastic Shot Glass Product Description

The Party Essential Brights collection (sold separately) is a collection of disposable plastic shot glasses that can be used for measuring, dispensing, or serving drinks, gelatins, custards, nuts or candies, and other small food items depending on the color. Contains 6 packs of 60 each, for a total of 600 shot glasses in this case. 10 pack of 60 for a total of 600 shot glasses in the case.

  • A disposable hard plastic bag with 2 ounces of party essentials. A colorful shot glass with or without backlight and traditional barware styling doesn't have to reveal a black light it is reactive to blacklight.
  • There are 40 shot glasses included in every purchase, including some vibrant colors such as green, pink and orange.
  • You'll find Hand-washable, Reusable, or Disposable glasses for quick cleanup Neon party plates cups cutlery and champagne and wine glasses can all be found in matching neon colors.
  • Whether you are catering food service, having a picnic, celebrating a birthday, playing carnival games, hosting a Mardi Gras party, or using this pack every day.
  • We have dinnerware, cutlery, cups, and serving utensils under our party essentials division of NW enterprises to make it easy to host the perfect party without breaking the bank.

Questions & Answers

When I held them up to a black light, they glowed just fine.
1 1/4 inches is how big it is. It has taken a long time. It was so long ago that I didn't remember where I had put them.
A black light is all that is needed. Many of them aren't even up to the job! There are many other options.
It is only made in 50 counts for single colors, not 60. This link can be found here The following link Go to http//www. The Amazon website. Accessed at http//

Selected User Reviews For Party Essentials N26090 Brights Plastic Shot Glass

Perfect, thank you (5/5)

For my fiesta-themed engagement party, I purchased these and they were a big hit.

Stevie Banks - 17/03/2021
I like the color scheme! People who drink aggressively may not be able to use them because they are easily breakable (5/5)

The reason we probably won't purchase them again is because we truly enjoyed them. Despite the colors being beautiful, the image was great!.

Dariel Adkins - 16/05/2021
There are parties (5/5)

This is the perfect party favor for college students. The container must be inexpensive so you can throw it away every time and not worry about using one you didn't own. Or it must have several colors, so everyone can have their own.

Hazel Cross - 06/05/2021
This is a great appetizer (5/5)

used these shot glasses to hold carrots, celery, and peppers that I cut up If you add ranch dressing to the bottom, they will be a big Having it at the Super Bowl party I attended was a great option. These were a hit with everyone, even though the fattening foods also made an appearance. I see. Oh, They would also be good for actual shot glasses, I guess!.

Whitley Morse - 07/07/2021
It's just the right size! The fact that I had purchased them locally helped ease my mind about ordering them online without seeing them first (5/5)

I was very disappointed because it was about the size of a thimble. I love these however because they are perfect! The space is big enough that you could come up with something great! It shouldn't pose a problem, but shouldn't be too small either.

Clarissa Cervantes - 12/02/2021
I liked these a lot! We definitely had a blast while we were camping with our adult friends! It was a great performance! I thought they were so cute, and they were the perfect size! (5/5)


Iris Spence - 23/02/2021
I've got shots! I've got shots! I've got shots! Everything described about this product is exactly how it is! Bright and black, they look like they're shining This light is made of durable plastics and is light-weight (5/5)

I was able to keep the party going on a three day weekend in a cabin with 8 friends, and I had a blast! I would recommend this product to anyone!.

Karina Horn - 11/05/2021
A hard plastic, but not as durable as you might think (3/5)

The hard plastic is true, but isn't strong enough to handle what I used it for (dispensing pills). The jello shots or tailgate drinks are great for using 1 or 2 packages.

Summer Green - 24/05/2021