Party Essentials Margarita Glasses Review

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Value for money 2.7 
Durability 2.0 
  • Stylish colors.
  • Best for parties.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Easy storage.
  • Versatile.
  • Requires assembly.

Party Essentials Margarita Glasses Product Description

Your guests will be in a jubilant mood when you serve them the colorful neon margarita glasses. The glasses and bases of these glasses can be assembled. Separate them so that they can be stored separately. reunions, and use daily in the home. There is a great deal of brightness and clarity. They don’t leak and can hold beverages in the stem as well.

  • Hard plastic 12 ounce neon margarita glasses from Northwest Enterprises. Each comes in a neon pink, green, orange and blue color.
  • The packs include 12 easy-to-assemble glasses the base and the glass fit snugly together two-piece construction makes storage easy after a party.
  • The classic barware style of these reusable plastic and metal straws goes well with neon tableware and cutlery for a style that is bright and bold.
  • Catering, food service, picnics, weddings, buffets, family reunions and everyday use are all feasible with this product.
  • Northwest Enterprises offers everything from dinnerware, cutlery, and cups to serve ware, tablecloths, and more, all at Amazon, including a great selection of party essentials.

Questions & Answers

This is not a glow in the dark product.

Selected User Reviews For Party Essentials Margarita Glasses

As soon as it was delivered, it was broken (1/5)

Six of the 12 cups were already cracked when they were delivered. I was forced to use just the six of them since I needed them for an immediate gathering. We were just fortunate there were already cracks in them. It is a terribly thin plastic, so where there were cracks, nothing could be used. I would be able to go right through it.

Andy HOPE - 13/05/2021
It feels a little It is very easy for the bottoms to crack, and the cups are difficult pop and are true to their original levels (3/5)

Leaks have not been detected. Beverage can also be held in the stem.

Khalil Snow - 11/05/2021
The use of this product is one time (3/5)

I just received one cup with one bottom broken, along with eight other bottoms that are missing or cracked but still usable for at least one more time before they have to be discarded Due to the fact that the margarita glasses are too thin to be reusable, I ordered a whole rack of them.

Joshua Baxter - 24/04/2021
These colors look good together (4/5)

It's nice that there are cups available. I wish they were more useful. It's not easy to get the bottoms back on because they fall off all the time. Colors are stunning. I love them.

Alejandra Waller - 15/04/2021
The job was not very good (3/5)

Although the cups held the liquid well, the bases stayed damp all the time. There is a very high possibility that the cup and base will crack. Care must be taken when handling.

Tatum Williamson - 27/06/2021
If you would put a black light on them, they would look amazing (3/5)

The number of broken items was pretty low -- there were only three. These are great-looking bottles that will hold your margarita and give you just enough room to share it with new pool friends. The design is a little flimsy, though.

Cedric Donnelly - 04/02/2021
I am highly dissatisfied with the product (1/5)

This is a very thin product for the price you pay. I would expect a better product for this price. There were most of them cracked or broke. As soon as the replacements were also received, they were cracked and/or broken. It would be wonderful if there was a way to get the money back. However, as I received a replacement, I don't suppose that will be the case. It is not recommended for anyone to take these.

Adriana Carney - 14/02/2021
A rigid rim is not available (3/5)

The use of this product is one time. You can use them if you want to hang Corona bottles for Coronaritas, but they aren't rigid. There is no way to do it. Taking this into account, the rim will not be able to As far as one-time use is concerned, it is easy and is.

Nash Melendez - 13/06/2021