PARTY BARGAINS 1oz Shot Glasses Review

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  • Makes a great party essential.
  • Transparent and sturdy.
  • Common design.

PARTY BARGAINS 1oz Shot Glasses Product Description

The Clear Appearance Of Your Colorful Drinks Will Ensure That Your Customers And Guests Will Have An Incredibly Beautiful View Of Them. Weighs less than two pounds, is reusable, washable, convenient to use, easy to carry, and will last even the longest parties. A Perfect Choice For Small Businesses Including Buffet Services, Party Organizers, Tequila Sampling, Jello Shots, Dipping Sauces, Salad Dressings, Luncheon Containers, Shot Glass Desserts, Or An At Home Get-together. The Party Bargains 1 Oz Shot Glass is made from a tough, durable hard plastic that resists shattering and offers strength, durability, and long-term use.

  • Make sure you enter the correct model number when entering your information.
  • A single shot glass made of clear plastic with a capacity of one shot is priced and valued at $1. Size is perfect for samples because it is 0 fl. oz.
  • Featured in our Premium Bargains Collection is The Party Bargains 1 Shot Glass. This 0 fl oz container is made out of strong recyclable hard plastic that is durable and shock-resistant.
  • Shop safely with our free 30-day refund and be confident that you are getting the best value for your money. Any time you are not satisfied with an item for any reason, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked.
  • Flexible and safe this thick, rigid, high-end, food-safe, BPA-free, kosher-certified and recyclable clear plastic cup is thin, rigid, high-end, and rigid. Not only can you use these disposable cups to drink your favorite beverage, but also for arts and crafts tasks like mixing liquids, using acrylic paints when painting, and making plastic cup lights, wreaths, egg holders, and other homemade crafts. It is a must-have item for a party since it is so easy to use and dispose of.
  • Our easy-to-use clear lenses make your drinks look fantastic and ensure your guests and customers are able to see them in a flawless manner. It also lasts even during the biggest party and is reusable, washable, comfortable to wear, and easy to carry. The image is ideal for small businesses such as buffet services and party planners, shot glasses for tequila shots, gelatin shots, salad dressings, gravy sauces, dessert glass desserts, or a simple meeting at home.

Selected User Reviews For PARTY BARGAINS 1oz Shot Glasses

Leaks are a big problem! The type of shot glass I'm using right now is one that I've bought from Amazon for many The products are always a hit, so I wanted to order 1000 more

In the picture you can see it is used for sampling spirits like the Hibiki 21. Our tasting today revealed that about 33% of these leak out of the bottom through a hole that runs through the center of the bottle. The tickets I bought in advance were for events all throughout the year, so I missed the return deadline, and am now stuck with the tickets.

Brooks Lin - 09/01/2021
These are the ones you should buy

As seeds grow, I bought these to see when the roots will need to be transplanted so I could get a better picture of the development of the plant. In other reviews, it was mentioned that these were not attached together.

Ryder Wade - 20/05/2021
To get so many little plastic cups for Jell-O is a great purchase The shots are on! This is a staple item that I buy frequently to make Jell-O It is time to shoot

This product is what it says, and they have good thickness as well. There are a few broken cups every time I buy, but they're just little plastic cups, there are so many of them that it doesn't matter.

Harry Shea - 23/02/2021
I give it five stars

I love these shot cups - they're the perfect size. No need for too much space.

Mikayla Moon - 17/07/2021
You can buy plastic shot glasses at any liquor store

I have had great success with them. My golf bag and pill bottle should be packed together for protection, since I want to hit birdies.

Aldo Crosby - 29/03/2021
I give it five stars

My vendor events would be perfect with this.

Gwendolyn MELLOR - 29/06/2021
Parties will be a lot of fun with this

The product is very well priced and of great quality.

Nala ALLAN - 13/05/2021
Cups for a party that are sturdy

Plastic that is strong and durable. The fabric is not thin or.

Skyler Thomas - 07/02/2021