Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener Review

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Score By Feature Based on 36 ratings

Easy to use 4.7 
Giftable 4.7 
Easy to hold 4.5 
Battery life 4.3 
Durability 3.8 
  • Have the capacity to open 60 bottles on a single charge.
  • Great holding grip.
  • Makes a lot noise.

Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener Product Description

A wine opener with a motor that can remove the cork at the push of a button and is integrated with a wine pourer and a foil cutter is called Ozeri. By using an opaque corkscrew shell, the cork removal process is easy to see, transparent, and visible. Natural and synthetic corks can be uncorked by the wine opener. It is made from high-quality materials. The charger emits a soft blue light when it is charging. With this wine pourer and foil cutter, you can serve wine or cut foil.

  • The ergonomic handle and curved design are inspired by European design and are able to stand vertically.
  • With a wine pourer, stopper, and a retractable lid that works as a foil cutter, it ships with everything you need.
  • The new lithium-ion batteries are capable of opening 100 bottles on a full charge and require no more than five minutes of charging when in a hurry to open several bottles.
  • The transparent shell of this machine lets you see the entire process of removing the cork.
  • Blue light is provided when the device is in use.

Questions & Answers

Working with synthetic corks is generally the norm. This device has a small power deficit so it can be quite slow with synthetic or hard This is a very nice device that can be used easily. It does an excellent job cutting foil.
It can theoretically be left plugged in for a long time. The way I always charge devices is by unplugging them when they are fully.
Current in a standard house is 120 V! The voltage should not exceed 240 volts.

Selected User Reviews For Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener

A simple interface makes it easy to use I had a top made of leather, but it broke after a few As soon as the item was ordered, the company contacted me to inform me (5/5)

It is easy to use a wine opener. A friend of mine saw mine and bought one for her. The silver ring on my top wine foil cover (blue cover) broke and no longer attached permanently to the It would have been reasonable to expect that the item wouldn't I did not mishandle it. I am not sure if the product is covered by A. LATEST UPDATE The company told me that a new replacement unit would be coming soon by email. In this case, we will return the broken unit. I was notified within 3 hours that a shipment was on its way. My previous rating of two stars was elevated to five stars due to their outstanding customer service. This is a product that the company stands behind.

Aisha Rice - 12/02/2021
There's nothing to worry about (4/5)

I think it's a cool gadget, but I don't find it to be very Purchasing this item was the best decision for me because it comes with a wire charger and does not need to be plugged into a special outlet, so does not take up any counter Additionally, I appreciate the fact that the foil cutter is magnetically attached to the top, which makes it so I won't lose it and it is always on hand. The opener was quite large, much bigger than my automatic pepper mill. I took it out of the box and was surprised at how big it was. I have to keep it in the drawer for quite some time. It was plugged in and left on overnight as advised by the instructions to give it at least 8 hours of power. In the charging mode the light was blue/purple, but after more than 10 hours the light never went out. Since there is no indicator for full charging, I am not sure if the phone is fully charged. When using it, the bottle should be held firmly in your hand. There is a very loud noise, much like a drill. While charging the opener, even straight after taking out the cork, it feels like it's about to die, as if it's only about to come out. I received a free bottle stopper and pourer, but with a rubber seal around the pourer slipping off the first time I used it, when it was repositioned it ended up falling into the bottle after the second time. In the absence of the seal, the metal pourer has no use. The automatic cork screws you get with this product are not entirely disappointing, but you do getting what you pay for. *br>I was curious how they worked, and it really didn't disappoint for 16 dollars.

Avayah Higgins - 29/04/2021
It is now easier for us to open it as we can send the waiter home (5/5)

Our Waring Corkscrew Puller lasted about 6 years and it gave us a lot of enjoyment. We had to twist it in against the cork by hand and pull the cork out with a little brute force in the last couple of years because the machine had become a little rusty and weak to work. Despite its long lifespan and high standard of service, it was time for it to go. I bought one of these after seeing that they were about a third of the original price we paid for the Waring. There is no stand/charger on it, which means that you must plug the adapter into it when you want it to charge. In spite of the fact that the Waring had a stand, I think that it might be contributing to its undoing as one has to continually charge its battery each time you use it, and from what I understand batteries like to be worn out almost completely before they want to be recharged We decided we would only charge the new one once a month or as needed. I like the foil cutter and the LED light that comes on when charging or opening up the bottle of wine. The machine itself is easy to use and so far has worked.

Osiris Kirk - 22/07/2021
Worked fine until just now (1/5)

The battery I purchased in February 2017 held a charge really well and lasted for a really long time. Initially, it was charged for just a few months, but after that, it began to lose charge- The impression I got was impressive. As soon as the battery died, it was gone. It was at this point that I ceased to be Having tried unsuccessfully to charge and hold a charge for a month, I've given up on that attempt. There is no chance of that happening. Considering I only use this product a few times a month, I would have expected it to last As it is too late to return this, I am warning others on the fence about buying this to think twice before making the purchase. I am very disappointed.

Macy Barker - 25/06/2021
I had no luck buying a 3rd (1/5)

Charge only lasted 6 months before it was gone. The second one I have bought for the exact same problem in the last 18 months. Normally, I do not keep it on the charger I only charge it after a few Battery life is okay but I don't like the way the device works.

Kiaan Medina - 25/04/2021
Buying this product is not a good idea (1/5)

The item I purchased 6 months ago is no longer functional after a very limited amount of use. The corkscrew appears to be frozen in place, but the device appears to charge.

Emanuel Gutierrez - 07/03/2021
You can get this for $15, so it's a great deal! It is even better if it is shipped free of charge (5/5)

The first time I heard of it, I thought nothing The first trial involved a four-player game I agreed that this product deserved a four-star rating however, after using it for a few days I decided to upgrade it to a five-star rating The star rating is five stars. Having said all of that, the wine opener gets a solid 4 out of 5 This performer is a star. The program is a fast, efficient, and powerful one. Since it does not require replacement batteries (AA or AAA), I really appreciate the electrical system. Nothing is more disappointing than trying to prepare a dinner with all the details in place, the mood, the music, the flowers, and your wine opener becomes unresponsive AND your batteries are dead. This makes a wine opener that can either be charged OR can run directly from an electrical outlet a plus. When I saw the restriction, I thought I would be restricted to a specific location to When I wake up in the middle of the night, what should I do? I suddenly realized that despite how I *THINK* I will open a bottle of wine in bed, I actually do not- It is time for the wine to open, so I will bring the bottle to bed (the cork will still be loosely attached). What's the reason? It takes more than just popping the cork to open a bottle of wine. It is necessary to cut off the foil with a Once the foil is used, it has to be thrown away. In the same way, etc. We tend to open our wine in the kitchen in order to prepare it and serve it at the table, so it turns out. Likewise, if you want to pop the cork at the table, then yeah, this opener will let you do that. Remote control makes it possible for the opener to be operated without a cord. That's all there is to it! As well as a foil cutter and a pour spout, you'll also receive a foil cutter. All the pieces are there. I rarely use the pour spout anyway, so it is not that important to me. The reason is Having already inserted the spout, the bottle cannot be closed again. The bottle of wine you buy usually serves four (large) or six A bottle often won't last more than a couple of days, so spouting it is not necessary. As a matter of fact, if you are really into wine, then you will realize you need to decant it for it to breathe. A decanter will hold the liquid after you pour it from the bottle. there is no need for a pour spout here. Thus, I think the spout is a good $2 gift that will not The foil cutter, on the other hand, is a necessity! No wine opening set is complete without one. There is no doubt that removing foil from the cork is more tedious than screwing and pulling the cork. My word is my bond. About $15, is that it? With this complete tool set you have access to two of the most important ones Pull off the cork with a foil cutter and a cork cutter. According to my estimation, this $15 will last at least two years. This is a must-do. Value is the reason for the 5-star rating of this product. During the process of pulling the cork, it will take you about 6 minutes A minute and a half. A typical electrical wine opener operates at a speed of about 50 seconds. You don't really have to worry about it. Ultimately, we are not participating in the World's Fastest Cork Pulling Contest. *br>*br>For $15, this is a fantastic deal! It is even better if it is shipped free of charge.

Quinn Lucas - 20/06/2021