Ozeri Moderna Beverage & Espresso shot glasses Review

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Giftable 4.9 
Easy to hold 4.8 
Sturdiness 4.6 
  • Available at a lower cost.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Durability is really high.
  • There are no more than four sets available.

Ozeri Moderna Beverage & Espresso shot glasses Product Description

The double-wall design suspends beverages securely with an inner wall, while the glass has an outer wall that provides a contemporary aesthetic and protects beverages from hand heat. With this innovation, the glass is especially suited to serving frozen drinks and espresso shots in the morning. In addition, there are hand-blown dimples on the side of the glass to make it comfortable to hold. Glass shot glasses made of heat- and condensation-resistant borosilicate glass protects contents from the cold. Each shot glass holds 2 ounces of liquid. Besides being microwave and freezer safe, the glass can also be cooled or heated.

  • This set contains 2 heat- and condensation-resistant borosilicate glasses each holding two ounces.
  • In addition to being stronger and more durable than ordinary glass, each glass is designed with opposing mouth-blown dimples so that holding it is effortless.
  • A patented double wall design prevents drinks from spilling on a table by suspending them within a wall.
  • Handles are designed to keep your hands cool when drinking hot espressos and to prevent condensation when drinking chilled shots.

Questions & Answers

This is not the case.
Both streams of water will fit in the same glass, with room to spare on our machine. However,, we were disappointed that the one glass will not hold a two-foot stream To pull, so to speak Our two shots are always fired simultaneously.
Two inches is right on the mark. I really like these.
It takes 2 ounces to make a double shot.

Selected User Reviews For Ozeri Moderna Beverage & Espresso shot glasses

I love it (1/5)

You don't know what to do with them until you Please see &nbsp" This is a good thing These glasses fit well in any hand, are beautiful to look at and do an amazing job at keeping heat or cold out. I do not like the following So far, I've seen nothing of the sort. The ugly I didn't know how to use them until I actually did. It was easy to see the espresso, soap, and dirt that was rolling about between the two layers of glass after I gently cleaned them by hand after reading almost half of the reviews from others who owned the same product. Let me tell you something If I can prevent someone from making the same "ugly" mistake, it will be worth the money that I lost buying two sets of the glasses that I am unable to return since I threw the packaging away. You can see the proof in my video review.

Jayla Horne - 28/02/2021
I really like the way it looks, but I don't like using it (1/5)

Based on the positive reviews, I ordered one set of these glasses. In the week following the incident, one of the glasses had water between the walls. Due to other reviewers indicating this might be observed, I returned this set and ordered another. 1 to 2 days A glass from the second set of glasses developed the same issue 2 weeks after the first one. The net is In addition to the 25 percent that will have water between the walls, chances are that the rest will be DOA or fail to hold up to my espresso making methods. Looking elsewhere may be a better choice if this is unacceptable. Regardless of the $4/each price, they are still a good deal. *additional information*additional information (Although three of the replacement parts failed, the company contacted me to send out 2 more). One of the computers failed catastrophically after just two weeks. The score for my final grade has been revised from 3 to 1. This stuff is not up to par for our espresso equipment since we take such good care of it. The best glass I have found is by Broccoli Rocco Oslos. * * 3/2/17 I can assure you that if you intend on using them, you can expect them to die in a not so distant future. That's a negative spin. Let me give it a positive twist. The shelf they come with will be great if you just store them there! This is the fourth week of April. I have completed the final update. There is no hope for them no more,.

Amina Jennings - 01/05/2021
These shot glasses are amazing because of their double wall! These are the ones I use for my espresso machine and I love their double walls (5/5)

As far as I can tell, they completely hold the heat inside and when I pick them up, I don't feel anything. There are only four because I have already broken one from cracking the glass, but that may also be my fault since I am usually very careful when I wash and set them on bamboo to dry, but I did not separate it immediately from the other pieces I was washing in that particular wash. However, I have dropped one on the floor and it didn't crack. I thought it had a flaw but after I picked it up, I noticed it had a flaw. But.

Drake Barker - 01/02/2021
It is of excellent quality and design (5/5)

My wife and I recently setup a nice espresso station at home, so these cups were an excellent addition. The simple, modern, double-glazed nature of these shoes are loved by my husband and me The walls are high and there is no nonsense. It is a double-sided coin I can hold the coffee without burning my hands because the walls keep it hot.

Dream Bennett - 23/07/2021
I think they are cute, but they're bigger than they appear in the picture (4/5)

Taking them out of the packaging, you'll notice that they're a little bulkier than the picture shows, but as soon as you've filled them up with coffee, you'll realize that the extra glass is actually quite cute. With the damped surface of the glass, it is easy to hold. Whenever it comes to dishes, I look for something that can go in the dishwasher.

Emiliano Marks - 11/01/2021
Double-edged sword of Ozeri The espresso shot glass is made of walled glass (4/5)

Our glasses were hand washed as soon as they arrived but were not as clean as we had hoped. Other people have described it this way Apparently, the outer wall of that one had a tiny crack on its bottom, and there were soap bubbles in between. I found an email from Ozeri waiting for me in my inbox when I went to my computer to contact the seller. My purchase was a special request and I was asked if I was satisfied with it. As soon as I found out, I wrote to them and explained the situation, and I sent a photo of the soap. I had a glass of bubbles filled with air. Throughout the next few hours, the company emailed me to apologize for the inconvenience, and to tell me that they were sending a replacement glass at that time. The broken one does not need to be returned. I received not one, but two replacement glasses within a week, which were very carefully packaged and in perfect condition. They have superb customer service. They were courteous, instantly responsive, and true to their word to replace their defective product. I hope they will improve the quality of their lovely little glasses in the future, but I will buy from them again. I think the glasses insulate quite well, and they are quite attractive. I'm quite satisfied with them, and also with.

Ariel McCormick - 20/07/2021
In many ways, Bodium is better than it (5/5)

For more than a decade, I have been using these espresso shot glasses (2 dimples), the first generation. It has now been a long time. Using them every day without fail is a way for me to keep my life running smoothly. In their design, they appear to have copied a double walled insulation procedure conceived by the Bodium company in Europe. Although their glass is not as strong as mine, I owned one as well Repeated use will cause them to break much more easily. This company is based in the United States as well. Yes, (yay! of the A new set of four espresso cups just came into my possession, and I intend to give one to a friend who drinks espresso. like little works of art made of In the new generation there are roughly four dimples and a capacity of 33 g About 2 ounces. This is a great way to make espresso because they never get too hot. You can use them as coffee glasses and cocktail tumblers in their larger versions. The products and services of this company are highly recommended. There will be no disappointments in store for you.

Aniya Little - 01/03/2021
I almost cut open my lip (3/5)

Make sure you are aware of the risks! My favorite part of these cups is the fact that they are simple and quite nice to touch with my coffee inside. Yet as I was typing this, I felt a push and heard a crack as I was drinking an espresso. It was lucky the glass didn't break and cut me,but the way it cracks it could have. I have three more cups I intend to use,but I'll give the company a one star review if this happens again. While it's hard to tell in the pictures, I'll say that it's cracker all the way My clothes have been in my closet for almost two weeks. I have washed them only by hand. It is hoped that there was just one bad apple among the bunch.

Azariah Boyle - 27/03/2021