OxyTwister Wine Pourer Review

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  • High quality.
  • It has a unique design.
  • It also works as an aerator.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • It can swirl the wine if not used properly.

Selected User Reviews For OxyTwister Wine Pourer

The addition of an aerator to your cocktail is NOT just another weak, flimsy device that only stirs wine (5/5)

It uses a unique method of aeration that I like to compare to the mixer nozzles that 2-way mixers use In the past, part urethane foams were mixed as they were dispersed. Fast is made well and the grommet is attached better than many similar devices, which is important because constant pulling and pushing in and out of bottlenecks can greatly reduce the lifespan of these devices if not properly designed. It is not at all a cheap device. There is minimal flow obstruction which allows for a smooth, controlled flow while still filling a glass in a timely manner. It has plenty of bubbles and aeration, which many reviewers claim enhances flavor. The angle of the bottle allows the user to aim it and tilt the bottle a good deal before the wine begins This doesn't stick out too far, nor does it make handling the bottle more challenging. After the first night of its use at a party, it took many elbows and bumps, but there are no signs of it coming apart or breaking any time The product can be used routinely without worrying about users damaging it with their clumsiness.

Murphy Kaiser - 05/03/2021
I'm not sure (1/5)

In the past month, I gave this to my husband for Christmas and he has been using it and loves it, however, the rubber part that attaches to the wine bottle pops off very easily, and you could lose it. This is so disappointing for me.

Noe Montoya - 08/02/2021
When I started using The OxyTwister, I noticed the difference in my wine (5/5)

As soon as I used the aerator I noticed that the OxyTwister really brought out the flavor. Instead of watery feeling wine, it became a flavorful velvety wine! Then you need to get it!.

Stephanie Braun - 19/03/2021
I'm not happy (1/5)

My first use of the product was quite successful in improving the flavor. Sadly, the plastic stem that goes into the neck of the bottle came off after the first use and I lost it. Because of this, I am unhappy right There is nothing I can say about it, so I don't plan any comments on the matter.

Jamison Townsend - 11/06/2021
Besides juice, you can use it for other things The thing we love the most is this one (5/5)

This is for juices, wine, and anything else you can fit on it It actually improves the flavor rather quickly, and it is also good for smoothing out harsh sodas, making them more micronized With a burning throat, there are fewer bubbles.

Travis Walls - 02/06/2021
There is no need to change (4/5)

The aerator I have doesn't really stand out for me in any way from the others I have. I would say that it is a very flimsy plastic piece for its price. Since it would be delivered to a party I was attending for New Years, but I knew not one was there, I ordered it. I tried it and it worked, but it was.

Waverly Ramsey - 31/07/2021
Wine lovers will fall in love with this tool (5/5)

This was a gift I gave them and they are enamored! This is an excellent pick, even if you are only a modest wine enthusiast.

Alondra Lee - 15/04/2021
The interface is simple and intuitive (4/5)

A comfortable fit and no leaks make this a great product. Easy to clean and does a good job of aerating the wine.

Skyler HODGSON - 14/02/2021