OXO SteeL Die-Cast Bottle Opener Review

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Giftable 5.0 
Durability 5.0 
Comfort 4.9 
Sturdiness 4.9 
Value for money 4.8 
Easy to use 4.7 
  • Price wise.
  • Grip is comfortable.
  • Sleek design.
  • No magnet attached.

OXO SteeL Die-Cast Bottle Opener Product Description

The die-cast steel door opener is built for durability and finished in satin chrome for a great addition to any home or office. Taking advantage of the soft grip on the bottom of the opener makes using it even easier. The only real downside to this product is that a magnet would allow it to attach to your fridge so you can access it faster.

  • Bottle caps made from metal are the only ones that can be used plastic bottle caps will not work.
  • The die-cast construction makes this product strong and durable.
  • Non-slip underside makes it comfortable and easy to use.
  • With a satin chrome finish, this tabletop lamp looks sleek and stylish.
  • A beautiful box that is perfect for gifts.

Questions & Answers

The magnet is not attached. Despite that, the opener is really nice and sturdy. It works great and we got it for the fridge. Here is the link to the article. Here's the URL Go to http//www. The Amazon website. With UTF-8 encoding One PSC.
The one end is for twisting off the cap, and the other end is for prying it.
You won't have to worry about them getting damaged or broken.
With this, beer and soft drink bottles with standard crimp-on caps are easily fitted in place A steel cap is on the end. Traditional pop culture is on one end and modern pop culture on the other Those for twist-off are on the one side and those for cut-off on the other. As far as water bottles go, I cannot see how it would work.

Selected User Reviews For OXO SteeL Die-Cast Bottle Opener

Irrational exuberance is caused by this (5/5)

You are warned It's safe to say you'll be obsessing over how great it is as a bottle opener all your life. Hear me sing its praises so many times that my wife gets sick of it. THICC opens bottles so beautifully you will want to open every bottle in the house with this thing. It's sturdy and has a great weight to it (it's THICC). It is probably not a good idea to open all the bottles in the house at once, regardless of how bad the year has I am sorry, but . Could you tell me how you can have a better year? This bottle opener is a good buy.

Valeria Charles - 28/07/2021
For regular bottles, the best opener is the one that fits on the bottle (5/5)

The bottle opener is designed to be comfortable and easy to use, and it can open all types of bottles, including screw-top bottles This is a cap. There is no can opener and plastic caps on soda bottles do not open with this item. This is not what it is designed to do, but many negative reviews mention it as a downside. I recommend this bottle opener if you are looking for a great bottle opener In the event you want something else (e. g. , a can opener, a lamp, a lawnmower), go to another store.

Skye Stevenson - 08/06/2021
I apologize for my mistake (5/5)

Amazon has "magnetic bottle opener" on its website for people who want something to put on their refrigerators. I clicked on it once, I saw the black part, assumed it was a magnet, and did not read the description and purchased it. I apologize for my mistake.

Thea HUMPHREYS - 15/07/2021
The quality is excellent and the design is excellent! An excellent bottle opener is about to be revealed (5/5)

Even though I have used both a too large one meant for wine bottles, as well as a cheap picnic basket, I decided I needed something much OXO would of course have a device which is perfect. * This is a very sturdy, well-built device The bottle opener is built into the bottle. Two openers are included, one of which is a bottle opener, while the other is used to open twist tops, which is handy when opening pop and beer (I wouldn't recommend doing it simultaneously). *br>*br>While this is not a magnet, it does not have a bottom silicon thing that prevents this from sliding around the table when you're using it on your As a whole I was pleased with the time and it was well worth the additional cost.

Andres Acevedo - 10/05/2021
This has a nice weight to it, as well as a nice feel (5/5)

This bottle opener opens bottles easily. One of the smaller bottle openers I have is this one. I can get this cheaper. There is a more interesting way to say A sea world dolphin is one of them. Other ships are from the Star Wars universe. I had to remove a bottle cap from my beer bottle several times before they removed it. The bottle is a LOT bigger here than they are, and it only takes a tug to take the lid off. This purchase has been very satisfying to me.

Mikaela Logan - 28/05/2021
The clock look is good, the clock works well, but it is not for the outside of the refrigerator (5/5)

There is no reason for this opener to be stuck on a refrigerator, because it is too nice for that. You're too good for it The weight and quality of the made items are poor. As I wished to have something that looked classy and well-made for my bar, I bought it I made it. In this case, it achieves that objective.

Adam Richards - 29/07/2021
It's a really nice bottle opener, and it feels really high-quality (5/5)

Purchasing the item is easy if you like it short! In the past few days, I have wondered whether to get this because my recent Amazon purchases have been at a drop in quality with names I have heard of. Nevertheless, I've had my eye on this bottle opener for a while and figured I'd just waste my time again and see what happens. Well, it's a really nice little bottle opener which is also light in weight, but at the same time Furthermore, it's thick, and you won't have to exert so much effort opening it as thin openers would. A rubber pad at the back of the bottle also makes opening the bottle easier as it creates Taking the whole thing into consideration, it is an awesome product for the money!.

Alexander Estrada - 06/05/2021
A bottle with the best taste - This is the best opener! Consider purchasing this bottle opener instead of the cheaper one! You will easily be able to pop off the caps day in and day out for an eternity (5/5)

There was nothing we could do about the kind sold in supermarkets and gas stations. As well as fingers and caps, they shredded them. When they broke, they broke. Over and over, they slipped off the cap. Opening this tightly grips the cap and allows it to be removed instantly and effortlessly. Even though it costs slightly more, it is the last one you will ever need!.

Raya Trujillo - 24/03/2021