OXO SteeL Cocktail Shaker Review

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Easy to remove 4.9 
Easy to clean 4.9 
Giftable 4.6 
Comfort 4.5 
Leak proof 4.2 
  • Durable.
  • Easy grip.
  • Has a tight seal.
  • Hard to use at first.

OXO SteeL Cocktail Shaker Product Description

Easy mixing is made possible with the Good Grips Cocktail Shaker from Oxo. With this device, you can make a cocktail with little effort and without the mess-no experience necessary. This 24-ounce stainless steel cocktail shaker comes complete with a straining lid and cap, as well as a constructed jigger that measures both 1- and 2-ounce portions.

  • This shaker has a Jigger cap and a strainer that is built in.
  • The insulation is a double wall made of stainless steel.
  • A non-slip grip is soft and comfortable.
  • Jiggers marked with 1 oz, 3/4 oz, and 1/2 oz measurements.
  • Stainless steel construction with a brushed finish.

Questions & Answers

Although we did wash the large top and the two larger pieces, the smaller one had a plastic part that would not do well in the dishwasher. There was a problem with the plastic portion separate from the metal part. It was easily resolved, but that one part is being hand rinsed Honestly, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle. This shaker is one of our favorites.
There is no one piece at the bottom of the shaker.
I've had this shaker for well over a year now, and there have never been any problems. There is no shaker as good as this. It's easy to buy and fun to use!
There is no marking on the I like it better than anything else. It's a nice lid that fits tight. We haven't noticed any leaks. Cold drinks and ice stay inside the case. One Cosmo is ready to enjoy when ready, and the other is ready as soon as it is made.

Selected User Reviews For OXO SteeL Cocktail Shaker

The worst shaker I've ever encountered! This was a gift I received, and it is simply beautiful (2/5)

There is nothing good about it. Every time I try to set it somewhere, I get a sticky mess because of this shaker. This is beyond frustrating! I like the design, but I am not satisfied with the follow-up. At all costs, I would not recommend it.

Kaiya Frost - 19/03/2021
Garbage in a leaky container (1/5)

This shaker is well known for its leak issues, as many others have mentioned in their reviews. The only way I could tell if it would leak was if I did manage to get lucky. I tried it for the first time and it leaked like a sieve. There was a great deal of liquid spitting out. The quality of the video is terrible. The pieces of the shaker do not fit tightly together, and there are gaps between them. In the event that the shaker is turned upside down (even empty), it falls apart into three separate pieces within seconds. Also, the top cap is loosely attached to Screwing it on is not possible. There is no doubt that the leak is one of the reasons for this. As a rule, Oxo makes great products, but this shaker is just a piece of junk. Rather than spending money on something else, save it.

Shelby Gamble - 13/04/2021
This MUST HAVE SHAKER*** shows no signs of dripping (5/5)

Its sleek design does not cease to be practical just because it is good looking. The double-sized room offers spacious amounts of space While mixing drinks, you can keep your hands dry and comfortable in a stainless steel container. What did I say about Yes, I am. My OXY shaker has been used to mix many drinks, and not a single drop has leaked. The best ever! This satin stainless design comes complete with a rubberized cap that enables a comfortable grip during shaking and offers a touch of panache. Lasers have been used to laser-mark the inside of the cape I have etched a handy bar into my handyman toolbox. 3/4 oz is the measurement mark A little over 1 ounce The amount of 1 1/2 oz (1 jigger) is noted in the table. The OXO Steel Double Jigger is what I prefer to use personally. The OXO Cocktail Shaker that I purchased is of unmistakable quality, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. I'm not sure where you found negative reviews, but I definitely like the shaker, and I'd highly recommend.

Natalie Oliver - 04/01/2021
A total of 4 separate units have been tested Every single one of them was A NEW UPDATE for July 2021 is available A cocktail shaker by Elevated Craft was exactly what I was looking for (1/5)

This is a waste of time and money if you can afford it. My current device has been around for about seven to eight months now, and I regret that I didn't buy a back-up during the Kickstarter campaign, because they are incredible. With the EC, all my other cobbler shakers are in storage, and my Boston shaker has not been used since I got it. Please note *br> The shaker is so full of potential, but it inherently leaks and cannot be utilized. The exchange has been attempted three times so far (i. e. But I gave up after trying 4 different ones. The pros include It is made of stainless steel*br> It looks great to have brushed steel around! *br>&gt It has a nice pouring mouth on the bottom that is easy to clean. . . It should keep drinks cold longer and get them colder faster than normal shakers without diluting them as much as normal shakers. * Cons * Other leaks OXO packages the product in a very low quality, brittle and flimsy plastic container. When I received each of the boxes, I either discovered it was damaged or it broke a bit while I removed it from I don't think this is a con, just a bit of extra information. If I were reading this review, I'd be skeptical and wonder if this is yet another example of a My aim is to alleviate that fear for you by sharing my testing methodology. My mind can't recall any instance when shakers are designed to shake anything other than iced drinks (or at least cold drinks). For this reason, all of my testing was done with cold water first, followed by cold water mixed with ice. Pour in water / water and let it sit for a few minutes Making sure not to go past the fill line (most tests were done with the intention of not getting anywhere close to the fill line to make 1) Make sure that there is no water on the unit except inside the cavity (I wanted to make sure any leaks are actually leaks and not just water I splashed prior to sealing the unit). It's not like I'm some frail person who can't apply pressure to seal the unit properly, as I'm a relatively healthy guy in my mid-20s. Moreover, while shaking doesn't sound that hard, I made sure to watch several instructional videos by professionals on how to properly use a cobbler shaker so I would be sure to do everything (including the shake) the right way. Whenever I had leaking, I would have at least one leak. There was no consistency in the origin of the tales The leakage from a few shakers was a bit less than the others, but when you're dealing with potentially sticky drinks, any leak is OXO told me they have never had issues with people reporting leaks from this unit in the past and they have never experienced any leaks from this unit It is not clear whether they do not have a good system for logging complaints, if they are lying, if people who have problems just deal with a little leaking, if they do not call in complaints, or what cause they have. An ordinary button seal consists of Furthermore, it is not easy to clean the area around the push button and there is a possibility of clogging. In the event of a problem, they expedited shipping (next day) immediately for me. It was a pleasure doing business with this company, and I do not hold them responsible for any of the problems I had with the product.

Jordan Robbins - 02/05/2021
An authentic review, not a fake (1/5)

It was between a single wall and double wall model and I decided to go with the double wall to avoid my fingers freezing. There is no one who tells you that only 2/3 of the container has double walls. There is only one top and guess what is you need to hold it tightly when shaking so it doesn't leak. Why do we have to do this? In addition to being smaller than the single wall model, the double wall model is also more efficient. I returned home.

Tatum Lindsay - 12/07/2021
You can count on it leaking (2/5)

Although OXO has created an outstanding design, its manufacturing partner in China lacks the precision to bring it to life. Thus far, I have ordered three of them, and all of them leak because of different reasons It leaked in the first case because the middle section did not seal to the bottom. In the second shaker, the cap of the shaker did not seal properly, so there was leakage from the top. There was a pin-sized hole in the top of the vacuum base on the last one, which allowed liquid to enter within the container walls.

Musa Rodgers - 22/06/2021
Great job, I love Cocktails are one of my favorite things to make (5/5)

It has been especially difficult since the outbreak. Following quite a bit of research, I selected this shaker following the loss of my old one. The two-glass shaker did not appeal to me at all, so I bought this one. This purchase has been a great experience for me. My cocktail shaker does not leak when I make one. I can tell when it is cold by how frosty the top is when it is cold. It's a great product, and I highly recommend it. Despite the fact that it gets a good seal, it appears to be quite durable and of good quality.

Ari Mendoza - 24/06/2021
It still gets very cold even though the house is well built (3/5)

To replace my current single wall shaker, I bought this. Having my hands ice cold by the time I had finished shaking my beverage got to me. The top of this is only double walled, so your hand still gets very cold. In addition, only half of the top is double walled, so you still end up with an extremely cold hand.

Matilda McCormick - 21/04/2021