OXO Good Grips Y Peeler Review

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Easy to use 4.8 
Ergonomic 4.8 
Easy to hold 4.8 
Easy to clean 4.7 
Durability 4.6 
  • The straight, all-purpose blade of this tool is ideal for any peeling activity.
  • The Y-peeler form is comfortable to use and works with any grip.
  • During repetitive peeling motions, the soft, pleasant, non-slip handle soothes the hand.
  • Durability is a problem.

OXO Good Grips Y Peeler Product Description

With the OXO Good Grips Vegetable Peeler, tough-skinned fruits and vegetables will be sliced and peeled in no time. The knife flexes to peel large areas with each stroke and is made out of sharp, Japanese stainless steel. You can use this tool whether you’re right-handed or left-handed since the handle is designed to be comfortable during fast, repetitive use. No matter how wet it is, the soft grip does not slip. Potato eyes are carved out without damaging your produce with an eyer that cuts through tough blemishes. In addition to the handle, there is a hanging hole at the top. The dishwashing machine and refrigerator will not rust.

  • This little eater won't push it, tip it, or throw it, thanks to its suction base.
  • Little ones can scoop food up more easily due to the high wall sides.
  • A twisting mechanism allows the suction plate to be easily removed.
  • Children ages 6 months to 4 years are now recommended to use this as a toy.
  • A plastic/silicone material.
  • This item can be put in the microwave and dishwasher.
  • The set includes one bowl with a diameter of 5"
  • Seven are included in this list. Four sections on a divided plate of 5 inches in diameter.

Questions & Answers

In order to carve out something, you'll need a chisel. In the middle of a potato is an eye
The answer is yes when peeling a watermelon or other item with a flatter surface. My earbuds were getting in the way, so I had to cut them off. If it is a smaller, curved item, you will probably have no trouble.
There was a statement on the package stating it was made in China
I really like how smooth it is!

Selected User Reviews For OXO Good Grips Y Peeler

The cutting edge is super sharp, and the danger is great (4/5)

Peeler is a very sharp device, and it can cut off about a sixth of my boyfriend's thumb. It's so sharp that my boyfriend managed to cut off a part of his finger with it. During the entire night I spent in the hospital, it was a terrifying experience. They had to cauterize the wound back together after the bleeding was over. You can cut oranges and thumbs well with your thumbs.

Christina Collins - 10/07/2021
You can't go wrong with a bottle of Oxo! OXO is my favorite brand [even though I'm Here's a picture of its raised 'spoke' one side that protects your fingers quite well (and I've used) (5/5)

Make yourself aware of the following As you can see, it is not ambidextrous The site is made for those of us on the right (like myself). This is a very high quality product, it's well built and its blades are extremely sharp- The semi-rigid cover comes with it This product has an inconvenient plastic cover for the blades [I imagine that anyone who is arthritic would have difficulty removing it, let alone reinstalling it. ]- There is, however, the possibility of this being purely for shipping purposes. [Using the shield], it seems that the blades keep their edge very well. I highly recommend this book! A light-colored substance It's much better than the ones I used to buy from my mom or grandma.

Kayla McClain - 01/04/2021
This peeler is perfectly sharp and ideal for peeling (5/5)

Potatoes can be peeled in this method, which is the easiest and fastest in the world. Previously, I used a knife to cut the potato, but it took too long and I lost too much of the potato. The guard has handled things for me, so I don't have to worry about that. In the past I usually cut myself, so I did not like to use knives since they are more likely to cause injury. In a strange way, I sliced my finger holding the potato when I sliced myself with this because I was so overconfident and came down too fast when peeling the potato. I suppose that would not be a problem for most people, but I am An error in the design was caused by a user rather than an error in the logic. The fact that this is actually so sharp reinforced my impression. You don't have to be bored like some people believe. I really like this Peeler, and I'll probably buy it You can rely on it to accomplish the task fast! Just don't get overconfident with it.

Roberto GODFREY - 19/04/2021
This is one of my favourites (5/5)

In a nutshell, When I make enchiladas with zucchini tortillas (and they do require a good peeler), I use them. I love the way the zucchini slices turn out so thin!.

Nathan Lee - 11/05/2021
This razor is sharp! Any item you want to peel will get peeled, and anything you don't want it to get peeled will too (5/5)

There was not a tip left on either of my fingers! Anyone who is in charge of a home kitchen should have one of these on hand.

Allan Schmidt - 09/01/2021
The best peeler I have ever used (5/5)

What a great idea! It is the first time I have ever bought a Y peeler and I wasn't sure if it would be easy to use. I really appreciate how easy it is to use and how sharp it is! The process of peeling ten apples was a breeze. Having to worry that my nails would get in the way was the most difficult thing (which, of course, they did not, but this is sharp enough to cut them, By peeling the fruit with this gadget, I was able to keep nearly every part of my apple intact. I could kick myself for being lazy to not get a peeler sooner, as I can't believe how much produce I have wasted from cutting off the skin instead of peeling it. You get a little plastic cover for the blades, which I'm certain to lose D 1) If you want to become a part of the 20th century Instead of being lazy, try to work harder. Purchasing this peeler will not let you down in any way. With a very sharp edge, it makes it fast and easy to grip. It does an excellent.

Lia Faulkner - 17/06/2021
The blades are dangerously Be careful when using this peeler! Peelers like this have to be the sharpest in the world (5/5)

My cautionary tale is not to be taken lightly! After he used this peeler to cut a part of his finger off, the tip of his finger had to be The engineering team may want to take a look at this design after reviewing some other comments. While it does its job well and is incredibly sharp, it's still It should be used with caution.

Killian Rangel - 24/06/2021
Peeling with this device is the best you've ever experienced (5/5)

Reading reviews is always a part of my routine. According to what I saw, there were two major complaints the handle was too small and the blade was broken. It is hard for me to imagine breaking a blade because of my small hands, so I bought My tendency is to use this so much that I rarely leave it in my Thanks to its ease of cleaning, it can be easily cleaned. Concerning the two complaints, I have used several different types of peelers over the years, including a y-shaped peeler There is nothing special about the handle on this peeler, and unless it is designed to be "easy grip", it is the same as any other standard y-shaped peeler. Translate to English. I have spent many hours looking at utensil grips because my mother had Parkinson's disease. I am truly confused as to why the blade broke. In ways it was never intended to be used, I use mine in ways it was never meant to be used, and it remains razor sharp and glides easily across any surface. In the event that I lose this one, I'll most likely buy a few more. Due to the speed at which it is being used right now, I am curious to see how long it will last. I'll post an update once I know how it holds up! It really is great - I highly recommend it This is obvious.

Philip Silva - 04/06/2021