OXO Good Grips Wooden Citrus Reamer Review

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Ergonomic 5.0 
Easy to hold 4.5 
Sturdiness 4.4 
Easy to clean 4.4 
Durability 4.3 
  • Wooden juicer.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Light-weighted.
  • Pressure is required.

OXO Good Grips Wooden Citrus Reamer Product Description

Citrus Reamer by OXO Good Grips is the simplest tool on the market. It is made of solid beechwood, which is inert even after repeated use, and won’t react to acidic fruits. The reamer is also easily adjustable, allowing you to extract every bit of juice from your citrus fruits. In contrast to tabletop juicers, you can easily manipulate the angle of the reamer. A must-have for professional chefs on the move, this compact, and portable handheld reamer is lightweight and portable. Topham says these come in handy in a pinch – he keeps one in his knife kit.

  • The Hand-Held Reamer is a versatile, easy-to-use tool.
  • Obtains efficient juices from citrus fruits.
  • The furniture is made from.
  • A finish made from natural oils.
  • Comfy handle with a large diameter.

Questions & Answers

There is nothing made by OXO in the USA, according to my research. In my experience, it would seem that OXO is made in China at least to a degree. Of the 40 or so products I have personally checked, all of them are labeled Even though that seems like a lot, I make sure I check everything before buying.
After using it for the second time, my spoon split in two places (with shards of wood visible at the splits). The wood used for this table wasn't all cut from one piece. Before using the spoon for the first time, I oiled it.
According to the description, the length should have been 14 inches. I was surprised to learn it is only 12 3/4" long. For scraping the bottom of a large pot of chili containing a long handle and a flat edge, I need a long handle and a flat edge. Usually they have a maximum length of 12 inches.
There is no information about the type of oil that was used in finishing this The one I have looks brand new even after being washed dozens of times!

Selected User Reviews For OXO Good Grips Wooden Citrus Reamer

It was disappointing (1/5)

There are many other options. Even after only a few uses, the wood at the spear tip of the spoon started to split - We did not leave it sitting in water or do anything else to damage the wood, just our everyday kitchen activities. Since I developed my cooking skills nearly twenty years ago, I have never seen a wooden utensil split or cracka. The OXO product I purchased here is a waste of money, though I have generally been happy with OXO products.

Violeta Chen - 24/02/2021
This is garbage (1/5)

have been using this spoon for less than a week and it has split in two. Before the leather was put in water, I applied a couple of layers of mineral oil to help with moisture resistance. The product I have failed to work well, whereas I have other OXO products that do. It would not be recommended.

Crosby Norton - 28/06/2021
The pancakes jet off the pan as opposed to being flipped! Clearly, a Flipper's not what's going on, it's a Pusher's (1/5)

Because the spatula is so thick, when you try to scoop under whatever you're cooking, it doesn't slide under it, instead it rams the side and pushes the food The pancakes I made with this failed to turn out at all. I tried flipping hash browns too, but they didn't turn out. The pieces are scattered all over the place. It is the best thing to buy if you don't want to have an enjoyable.

Piper Boyer - 23/03/2021
You should check it out! What an awesome device! I am in love with it! My lemons taste so much better after being gutted (5/5)

It's a pulp machine for those of you who enjoy pulp. It's definitely worth the price.

Walker Solomon - 01/01/2021
It is light weight and rough, the spoon size is good, but the handle does not have much length, the wood is cheesy (1/5)

The small wooden spoon I ordered was what I was looking for and I had no idea how long the handle of it would be. The spoon is what I was looking for, although I couldn't locate the length of the handle on this site. It was an eye-opener for me when I received As a child, not only was the handle too short, but the wood was rough and light, like balsa wood that I remember from my childhood. The 5 year old saw it and thought it was for him, so I returned the spoon to Amazon. Initially I was going to return the spoon to Amazon because I was so disapointed. As I have become bored with it, I have just taken it back, sanded it smooth, and have been using Howard's cooking oil on it. Now, the spoon doesn't seem to be as porous, but I wouldn't purchase Oxo products *br>Despite the fact that I used to buy there brand, the quality of their products has degraded over time. While shopping at Bed Bath &amp Beyond I noticed that I could only buy one product per order The past few weeks have gone by. There's no way I'd ever put wooden utensils in my dishwasher, nor would I put my knives or my cookware in the dishwasher. Because my hands are slim and my fingers are long, it fits, but the quality is not good. In spite of those facts, I have bought inexpensive wooden spoons that are much better and are more durable and last me for many years, along with other OXO products, but not anymore.

Waylon McClure - 07/03/2021
This is a beautiful It was just yesterday that I received this wooden spoon (5/5)

It has not yet been used by me. It will be updated after I have washed and worn it for a while. A solid piece of beech wood is used for making this spoon. Natural oil was used to finish the piece. There is no danger to people who don't know about it Make sure you cook with nonstick utensils. The item can only be hand washed. An inch and a half long, this spoon is made of stainless steel. One inch thick, two 1/4 inches wide, and about 1 inch deep, the bowl is 1 3/4 inches wide and two 1/4 inches long. There is a flat bottom on this spoon, and it doesn't The first thing I noticed about this spoon is that it is lightweight, which I like. It also has a nice natural finish. In a nutshell- This stunningly carved beech piece is perfect in every way. I like the design of this spoon overall. There will be no need to replace this spoon with a 30-count one The year is My wooden spoon was old and I loved it. A couple of times a week, I still used my old spoon. The only thing I can hope is that it will last just as long.

Adrianna Dorsey - 03/04/2021
I like the indents, but they're strange (2/5)

This handle has a set of big indents on it that make lifting it difficult. The color of the wood is pretty. There is a spot on my skin where fibers have been exposed by one of the indents. To return this to have a birch sacrificed for nothing would be unjust, so instead I would like to pass this caution along to.

London Ho - 30/05/2021
It is the best product I have Since I started cooking at home in my 50s, I have tried glass, plastic, ceramic and metal cooking pots (5/5)

We are talking about far superior beechwood here. I am glad you are back to the A specific cone shape makes this device effective, provides a comfortable handle that is easy to grasp, a sharp point that provides a deep penetration of the lemon/lime and But even better, the wooden edges are sharp and seem to hold up over time. *br>When I have trouble getting juice from a reluctant lime or lemon, I still rely on something else before reaming it Make a couple of tiny holes in the rind (to prevent the fruit from exploding) Roll it hard back and forth on the counter a couple of times to break up the tissues. You can also use a dinner fork to break up the tissues inside. Microwave it for a few seconds or less, and then roll it hard back and forth.

Cash Short - 28/02/2021