OXO Good Grips No-Spill Ice Cube Tray Review

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Easy to clean 4.6 
Durability 4.6 
Easy to remove 4.5 
Easy to use 4.5 
Leak proof 4.2 
  • Easy to fill.
  • Comes with attached lid.
  • Difficult to remove lid.

OXO Good Grips No-Spill Ice Cube Tray Product Description

This OXO Good Grips No-Spill plastic tray comes with a sealed silicone lid, so you can stack and transport it without spilling anything. By using the lid instead of a bag, your cubes will stay fresh longer while absorbing an unpleasant freezer smell. The lid can be removed to use your dishwasher’s top rack.

  • The silicone lid prevents the water from dripping out before it freezes.
  • The seal on the lid makes it possible to stack and store angled items.
  • A comfortable handle makes it easy to fill and carry.
  • Shape of the ice cube makes it easy to release the cubes.
  • Defends against freezer odors when ice cubes are in the freezer.
  • The silicone lid can be easily removed for easy cleaning put it in the dishwasher on top rack.

Questions & Answers

There would be no better way to freeze very small portions than this.
You can use it without having to worry about BPA. Polyethylene and silicone are used in its manufacture, and neither of these materials contains.
In fact, a half moon crescent is shaped like the cube but is shaped like a cube. In addition, they have a soft center that makes them glide out of the tray with almost no effort. They are about 1/2 inch thick and about 2 inches wide and 1 inch tall (best guess as I don't have one on hand and that is close to the metric units Although this is a strange shape if you want cubes, it would make good sense if you wanted to freeze quickly and remove the cubes from the tray easily. There is no comparison to this ice crescent tray (cube). With these you can fill the trays easily, head out, and enjoy your meal once you get back. These are especially useful in an RV, where you don't have to worry about spills.
It is as simple as turning the tray in a circular motion to take out the cubes. If the sides are not sticking up, you can simply press on one side of the cube and it slides right out. If the sides are sticking up, you can simply grab the edges and pull the ice out.

Selected User Reviews For OXO Good Grips No-Spill Ice Cube Tray

After 1 year of use, an evaluation of the product is carried out I am not buying this, it smells like ice! As a result, I was extremely pleased with this product (1/5)

It did not seem to smell bad until it started smelling awful while I was eating it. (I bought three ice trays) It has been a year since I used this ice tray. It is a known fact that both the plastic tray and silicon cover readily absorb freezer smell. I would advise you not to buy them unless you intend to dispose of them frequently. It took me a while for the smell to completely contaminate the trays in my freezer, as it was exceptionally clean. It is true that some of the other reviews said that they smelled bad.

Ronan DALE - 15/03/2021
The dishwasher has an awful smell that makes you feel sick (1/5)

In what world can I begin to explain how horrible the smell is of the product? It seemed fine for a while, but yesterday, I noticed that my water and ice tasted and smelled horrible. This is not a problem for me because my freezer is clean, and our fridge is only 6 months old. As soon as I put the tray in the dishwasher, all my dishes and dishwasher smelt like something I had never experienced before. Since I did not have the tray in the dishwasher, I ran it twice without it and got no relief. Why is this product in the world? There is a serious concern in my mind. Buy this item at your own risk. You should never look back once you have found something else.

Killian Stevens - 01/01/2021
It takes about six or eight months for the freezer odors to develop on the rubber tray cover (2/5)

The refrigerator was nice for the first six to eight months it was in our house. A couple years later and the ice that comes out of them has an unpleasant flavor and smell, and this is most likely because of the rubber plastic It is impossible to wash this cover successfully because of the foul odors permeating it Considering the performance and reviews these products have received, it is surprising to find such an obvious design flaw in a company whose products I generally like.

Briar GRIFFITHS - 26/07/2021
I use it for a few months and it's ok (2/5)

I use it for a few months and it's ok. Although, as many others have mentioned, after that period the plastic becomes completely saturated by freezer burn flavors, and no amount of washing or soak in white vinegar can remove the nauseating smell or taste of your ice. Just be aware that you will have to keep purchasing new ones after some time.

Ian Pena - 13/01/2021
This tampon doesn't get rid of that plastic smell (1/5)

This stuff stinks after washing, and it doesn't go away. If you don't have good ice, you won't like it. Normally I like OXO products, but this one isn't up to par.

Misael Prince - 23/04/2021
What to do if you want to impress Keep your drink cold by keeping it on ice (5/5)

When it comes to making even small purchases, do you feel you need to research them first? I took a solid hour researching ice cube trays after I moved into my new apartment, so here I am, with my review. The Amazon reviewers have once again done it! Having the right blue and white ice cube tray is as awesome as it sounds The very least). In the past 4 months, I have loved using this ice cube tray and I look forward to every day we will spend The only way to make people jealous of our unique liquid cooler is to invite them into my home and offer them a glass of water just so they can marvel at how the top peels off and how we can cool down their drink in record time. There is no doubt that these cubes taste like fresh ice and their name is not a lie. It is possible to drink from these ice cubes without spilling. Sometimes I turn it upside down in my freezer just to change it up a bit.

Niko KAUR - 16/07/2021
The joke on my boyfriend is that this is the Rolls-Royce of sedans There is no better ice cube tray than this (5/5)

The answer is yes! Until we moved into our new apartment and there were no ice cube trays in the freezer, I was unaware of the existence of ice cube trays. I won't ordinarily worry about ice cube trays, as we usually have ice makers or generic ice cube trays, so I didn't think about them much until I had to buy new ones. Whenever possible, I like to do some research before I buy something so that I get the best value for my money taking functionality, price, and convenience into consideration. A number of factors contribute to the outcome. I agree that these ice trays are rather pricey. That's why I never thought I would spend $20 on a package of suggest two trays. One tray is not enough to keep you from being constantly refilled and then In this case, 2 is the better option. It was only after I got this gadget that I started thinking about how ice cubes are designed. It's easy for you to push out the cubes because of how they are shaped. It slides out as soon as you push on one end of the ice cube. The only problem is that it is extremely hard to get out of square or rectangle cubes. Drinks taste funny when they have ice cubes that smell, and it makes them I can solve this problem with the cover, besides who wants dirty ice cubes? Besides being easy to clean, it can be washed in the dishwasher. This is what I do I put mine on top of the shelf. Even though I didn't intend to spend so much on ice cube trays, I believe they are worth the money.

Kellen McIntyre - 05/08/2021

THERE ARE TWO REASONS FOR IT. Another attempt at an ice cube tray with a cover by Oxo. This is my second purchase of this product (which is still available for half the price as the previous one) and while it was the best of what was out there, it was still messy to refill and had spilled in the past. In spite of this, they say, "if you don't succeed at first, you'll succeed later. ". ", and Oxo has once again proved to be the master of the ice cube tray. I mean, really- This is the the best place to buy ice cube trays, so stop reading now and buy it immediately. However, those who want to know why it is so great will find these reasons below The antithesis of antithesis 1) Spill lids are easy to use and work exactly as described You can fill the tray with water, smooth down the lid with a hand, tilt the tray to drain the excess water, and you're done. After that, the valve simply does not leak, even when you tilt it beyond Oxo's maximum recommended Truthfully, I questioned whether this system could succeed, and I felt as though I were watching a magic show. I find your solution absolutely incredible! 2) The silicone lid prevents evaporation and freezer odors, lifts easily when you need to remove cubes, and snaps back on the board just as smoothly. *3) The new lid gives the trays a lower height than the other trays, so you can stack more on top of one another. In the past, I had to fit four of the old Oxo trays in the same space as five trays now. As well as this, you have the option of angling a newly filled tray for even more storage options. 4) You can also use the no spill system if you want to add a few cubes to a tray to replace some that you've lost. It is the next best thing to having an automatic ice maker when it comes to this tray. There may be a way to improve it, but I'm not sure what that might You guys rocked it once again! Congratulations on taking another swing at this product and making it good! It was my pleasure reading your unbiased review, and I hope it helped you with your purchase decision. I appreciate you taking the time to read it.

Chase Delgado - 18/02/2021