OXO Good Grips Citrus Zester and Channel Review

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Easy to hold 4.9 
Easy to clean 4.9 
Sturdiness 4.8 
Easy to use 4.7 
  • Offers a great grip.
  • Sharp.
  • Makes awesome peel.
  • A bit uncomfortable in holding.

OXO Good Grips Citrus Zester and Channel Product Description

According to Baker, if you want excellent-looking citrus in your drinks, you will need a high-end planer. He says most planers pull out too much of the pith, leaving the peel looking ugly. OXO, he says, cuts only the skin off. Baker says that, unlike other tools, this brand’s non-slip handle acts as a training wheel for home bartenders, since other tools lack much grip.

  • Citrus zest and garnishes can be easily created with two-in-one tool.
  • A set of sharp, stainless steel holes allows citrus fruits to be zested easily.
  • For garnishes and cocktails, use a channel knife to create strips or twists.
  • Durable stainless steel head that stays sharp.
  • Handle made of soft, comfortable material that won't slip.

Questions & Answers

In short, yes. Though I haven't zested an orange before, a lot of limes and lemons have been zested, so I'm sure it would work with an orange as well. Furthermore, it also includes the main part with the regular zest as well as the side.
You are referring to a $22 one I am unaware of. The $8 is in my hand. I bought one &amp one at 99 cents each Kitchen tools are one of my favorite things to use. The handle is very comfortable and easier to clean, making the product very easy to use. I mostly use the zest for smoothies, so I use the blender to cut it up finer, so it does make longer strands of zest than a microplaner would. You can also use it to make marmalades and sautéed sauces. When you are looking for finer pieces, you might need to run a knife through the zest.

Selected User Reviews For OXO Good Grips Citrus Zester and Channel

Zesters that I have tried have been the best! It holds a #1 position in my list of best zesters until now as the Oxo 11261400 Good Grips Citrus Zester One Size Black! This update ( As of this writing, the Victorinox white electric zester with polypropylene handle shares first place with the Oxo white electric Please check out my other reviews for comparison or search Amazon for my review on the product page)*br>*br>This Oxo zester zests easily without much pressure and produces perfect strips, not shredded strips with torn edges like some other zesters (5/5)

As for myself, I don't mind a thick handle as much as I do the fact that I have long fingers. My height is 5'11" so this zester fits comfortably in my hand with its tapered shape and I love how it feels to the touch. Perhaps you may find it more useful to read my review of the Victorinox zester/s (wood handle or polypropylene handle), if you are far smaller than me. I would give this Oxo zester five stars if its chunky handle didn't turn you off. . It is a good choice for those who don't mind its chunky handle. * I was pleased to find that this was the only zester I tried that also came with a channel knife. My other zester reviews can be found on my profile page (FYI, the Victorinox zester does not come with a channel knife). In addition to my zester review, I have put all of the zesters I have tried so far in an ideas list so that you can easily find them (please note some of them received a 1 star rating, so please read each of my reviews before you choose one from my ideas list). As well as kitchen products, recipe books, and household items, I review a lot as well. Alternatively, you can visit my profile and follow me so you'll be notified when I post new reviews. To help my like-minded customers sort through all the garbage on the market, I spend quite a bit of time writing reviews. Thanks for taking the time to read this I hope it was helpful.

Elianna Marshall - 25/02/2021
This works, but safety must always be taken into account (3/5)

This is something you have to avoid at all costs. As a result, you are falsely assured that the nasty sharp graters will not harm you. Citrus is the only thing it's designed for, so cheese, nutmeg and ginger won't really benefit. Although, I've found it truly challenging to hold it without slipping and scraping myself. If I had gotten the all-inclusive plan, I might have had a better experience The ones with the safety guard have multiple purposes.

Ava Morrison - 12/02/2021
This serves the purpose it was intended to serve (5/5)

Performs in exactly the same way that it was designed and manufactured to perform, and then it.

Elliott Krueger - 30/05/2021
An opinion provided by a professional I find it to be This is a great little channel knife with an ergonomic handle, and the zester is an added I like the twist it adds to the sentence (5/5)


Journi Parrish - 22/06/2021
I love how it simplifies my life! Before this tool, I had never had a need to zest anything, but I bought it when I began cooking more often (5/5)

Making meals easier has never been so easy! My experience is that it is easy to use and I have had no problems. The fruit needs to be firm in order to work best, but slightly overripe fruit will work as well.

Brandon Cooley - 25/05/2021
A citrus zester that is perfect for zesting citrus fruits (5/5)

The citrus zester with this design caught my attention in a YouTube video because the regular zesters inevitably scrape my skin and make me rub my hands, as well as take forever to use. Based on my review on Amazon, Oxo makes one of this design, which I'm thrilled about because I've never encountered an Oxo product whose quality is inconsistent. The first time I used this I cut myself on my elbow, but I think that was my fault because I had a parrot on my shoulder and things were not ergonomic. Thus, it IS possible for you to sustain an injury from Even if you don't have a parrot on your shoulder, it's really easy not to hurt yourself, and every time I used it I felt much safer and less pain than with My grandfather would have loved having one of these! I'm very glad that I got it and wish I'd had one from the start. I no longer fear zesting citrus when I have to make a recipe that calls for it. Furthermore, because the zest comes out as long strands when you squeeze it, it's extremely easy to strain off of liquids you might If you like that sort of thing, it would make candied citrus peel really easy as well.

Samantha Boyer - 20/07/2021
You can't go wrong with this (5/5)

There is no denying that this is the best zester I've In addition to that, I get fantastic citrus spirals. This purchase has been a great experience for me.

Alani Sanford - 04/05/2021
I found it to be very The Zester knife is very well made, sturdy and well made (4/5)

I would give it 4 1/2 stars if I had the choice. My only complaint is that the channel knife is very narrow and shallow. The product is well worth the cost based on the amount of usage I get from it.

Korbyn Ramsey - 15/01/2021