OXO Good Grips Chopping board Review

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Score By Feature Based on 12 ratings

Versatility 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.7 
Easy to clean 4.6 
Durability 4.4 
Heat resistance 4.3 
Giftable 4.2 
  • Non-slip edges.
  • Resists deep scratches and keeps knives sharp.
  • Soft, tapered handles for easy lifting.
  • odor resistant polypropylene boards.
  • Sometimes warps in the dishwasher.

OXO Good Grips Chopping board Product Description

Take advantage of OXO Good Grips cutting boards to chop, give, chop, and carve. Its non-slip edges allow the boards to stay firmly in place during use, and its soft, tapered handles make lifting and carrying easy. There is a table for every type of food preparation need, coming in three sizes. To avoid cross contamination, use the slotted side of the container for meat and the solid side for vegetables.

  • Board can be easily lifted thanks to its soft, tapered handles.
  • Boards are kept from slipping due to non-slip edges.
  • It is important to use both sides of the sheet to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Boards made of polypropylene that are durable, nonpolar, and odor-resistant.
  • 7. Maintains sharp knives as a result of resisting deep scratches. The 25" x 10" print measures 25 I am 5'5".

Questions & Answers

That's not the case, in my opinion.
The one I had was 10 inches by 7 inches.
Polypropylene is used in making this product. Any cut you make could at least be washed on any smooth surface, which I hope will limit the contact you create Although it could be awkward at times, we have to do what we feel we must do at the time. Then maybe a glass cutting board would be a good idea if the hormone issue is particularly bothersome to you. It's not as good for knives, but I use them all the same. There are tons of them in my collection.
It may not be entirely accurate, but I believe a carving board would have a well around the edges to prevent the juices from running off.

Selected User Reviews For OXO Good Grips Chopping board

I am disappointed (1/5)

The Oxo product I received was disappointing to me because I normally love all their products. *br>In the description it should not be stated that it "resists deep scratches" because that is not the case. In addition to scratching easily, it leaves shavings on it, so food may actually end up with plastic in it. *br>This is not good for oxygen.

Steven Franco - 11/06/2021
A small cutting board that does the job, but it's not my favorite (5/5)

This is normally how I go about things My Microban general purpose cutting boards have served me well for years, but when I went to replace my small cutting board, Microban (now apparently Raj brand?) was no longer available on Amazon, and I needed to get While I miss the microban's handle, but this board is in a similar size and can be used for smaller jobs. I've owned other OXO Good Grips boards in the past and they're fine. In addition, once this is done, I'll give the Raj cutting boards a try, which are essentially rebranded Microban boards.

Lilith Santiago - 18/06/2021
A bit small, perhaps even too small (3/5)

It is a small cutting board, which is what I needed, but it proves to be much smaller than I expected. There is no way I can recommend these sizes. This is the size of my (above average male) hand. I think it would be fine, but it doesn't leave much room for cutting things previously (say you're cutting two or three carrots, and you've already cut two of them and you still need to cut another). You would probably be able to use the table more comfortably if you added an inch in every direction.

Rex Wood - 03/08/2021
Cut with the Good Grips Prep Cutting Board from Oxo This is the best (5/5)

I'm very pleased with this product, it helps hold it in place well thanks to the grips. This is an easy to clean product. I can say that the products from Oxo are among the best I have ever used. The price is a bit higher than other brands, but you get what you pay for in this case. If you buy some OXO products and put them in a gift basket to give to the bride or groom, it is a wonderful choice. Brand that is really reliable and long-lasting.

Serenity Yu - 19/07/2021
There were so many improvements that could have been made! Has a tendency to get scratched (3/5)

There is no obvious evidence that it will withstand dishwasher wash since it appears more worn out after each There does not seem to be the same high level of quality and finish that has been typical of Oxo Furthermore, the picture does not convey its size well. It is a small cutting board, and the image gives a wrong impression.

Corey Guthrie - 22/06/2021
It wasn't what they said it would be! As I read the product information before ordering the small, prep cutting board, one of its top features was "resists deep scratches" and "maintains sharp knives" (1/5)

So I ordered the small, prep cutting board! I was excited to see that it was scratch resistant! In reality, after cutting several vegetables from the board, the knife left deep scratches within seconds, so this feature, most crucial for a cutting board, was completely false. The service was disappointing, and not being able to return is problematic because I live in Italy! This Oxo product is not one I would recommend. Oxo always makes great products, but I do.

Ainhoa HEWITT - 25/07/2021
It's perfect, just the way I like it (5/5)

This product is excellent. Just what I was looking for This small board has a drip groove that you can use to cut up small meats and stick in the I like the soft material because my knives will not be damaged by it. I place it in the side of a cabinet above the counter since it is the ideal size for storing in a convenient place. The drip channel, however, is necessarily small compared with giant cutting boards, given that it is so small. So we have to make a choice.

Kimberly Rojas - 13/05/2021
I like this better than the wood cutting board, but we tried that for a while, and it got tedious to wash by hand (5/5)

It is also quite It took me until the end of the week to buy This is the smallest cutting board available. I have one top-rated Amazon cutting board by Progressive International (large), one Oxo pour cutting board (medium), and one rated by Amazon (huge). Because it's such an easy size to store, clean (top shelf in the dishwasher), and handle, I always pick it up when I can. In addition to herbs, tomatoes, olives, lemons, limes, jalapenos, onions, and lettuce, I chop them with this machine. The medium/big ones usually end up being used for bigger jobs, for instance, when I chop lots of carrots, potatoes, and celery when I make stew (trying to chop a lot of meat). Furthermore, I use the medium bowl when I need to make a salad for everyone, not the small one. There is a lack of space (but that makes it easier When I'm making chicken pot pie (which only calls for one or two carrots), this little one would be perfect. My favorite thing about this is the style. Weighs the right amount, is the right thickness, and grips the right amount. Getting rid of it is helpful when you need to chop up jalapenos (for guacamole) or onions (for a stew) because they won't leave a taste on whatever else you do. You might end up with a salad that tastes like onion or jalapenos if you cut everything on one big board. There is nothing I love more than this cutting board. It is the thing that I use the most. This thing does a superb job of catching tomato juice. A second one can be purchased here.

Ximena McMahon - 27/05/2021