OXO Etched Zester Review

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Easy to hold 4.8 
Easy to use 4.7 
Easy to clean 4.7 
  • Comfortable grip.
  • High quality.
  • Versatile use.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Very sharp requires extra care.

OXO Etched Zester Product Description

An ergonomic grip provides a comfortable grip to the OXO Etched Zester non-slip handle. Thus, you will be able to zest and grate quickly and easily. In addition to citrus fruits, chocolate, garlic, ginger, and hard cheese, it can also be used to zest or grate. The stainless steel grating surface is sharp and etched for fast and easy zesting and grating when not in use. The convenient cover keeps the grating surface and hands protected. Control is possible while grating thanks to the non-slip foot. For a comfortable grip, the handle is soft and non-slip.

  • Citrus fruits, chocolate, garlic, ginger, and hard cheeses can be zested or grated.
  • Zest and grate easily, quickly, and efficiently using a stainless steel grating surface that remains sharp after being etched.
  • When not in use, the convenient cover protects the grating surface and hands.
  • Control is provided by the non-slip.
  • Handle is firm enough to be comfortable to hold but soft enough to be non-slip.

Questions & Answers

The cover wouldn't latch onto the food, so I began to use the box instead. If the cover is on it when store, it will work really well, and in the event it's accidentally touched, you'll want to keep it on to avoid cutting anyone while reaching in it. The edge is just so sharp that I missed having this happen.
The design was created in New York City.
I don't think it would make a good chocolate bar. There are too many fine gratings on the surface and they are likely to clog If you want bigger holes, use something that has them.
The total measurement in inches is 11 inches x 5 inches. Five inches is how big the zester is, six inches is how long it is. A border on the border would add an additional 5 inches.

Selected User Reviews For OXO Etched Zester

We'll tell you some pros and cons about this great product (5/5)

As a first-time buyer, I am very excited about having a brand new one. *br>Here are a few things to consider When I was young, I simply minced garlic with a chef's knife, and it was a tedious task to do. However, with this grater it's easy to get the garlic to a fine spread since it's very flexible (see picture). When you add it to your cooking, it distributes taste so much better. It's also nice when the garlic sticks to the underside of the grater after you grate it. You can lift out the garlic by lifting it over your fingers or with a spoon. Once you do that, you'll see that it's still attached to the underside.
*br>The cheese grater is designed to fit over a bowl, or if you'd like to use a cutting board, the board also works just fine. This product has enough grip so it doesn't go sliding around, and it's ergonomically designed so that you can hold it easily. The zesting works really well for zesting lemons, too. I also used it to zest oranges and that worked wonderfully too. It makes such a huge difference in taste when it comes to Considering that the grate is very sharp, it does its job effectively. Clean up is easy with it as well. It would have been funny if pieces of food got stuck in the holes, but they never do. It will just take a little practice to get the hang of it. Make sure to roll your sponge or scrubber upwards across the grater while washing, because if you run it downwards, you are Nonetheless, I will warn you that if you are grating something slippery and small, such as garlic cloves, and you get down to the final bit of the clove, it becomes really difficult to do that without grating your hands. I am using the non-sentential form of the sentence To push the last bit of clove over the grate, use a knife with a sharp edge. You can also throw out the last bits if you do not care. You might also be able to use the bottom of a fork for this purpose. Grabbing slippery garlic with my fingers has caused me to cut my thumb knuckle when it slipped and hit the sharp grating. It's not a barrier for me, since it was a rookie mistake, and it's just one of those things you have to be considerate of. As soon as you learn how to use the tool, you'll know where your safety limits lie. It is probably better to go for one of those graters that can handle it all for you if you aren't the most confident when it comes to things like this. Overall, I think you get a good product. Great job!.

Kristian Dodson - 11/01/2021
I've never had a better zester (5/5)

I have never owned a zester like this, and it's the best and easiest to use one I have The zesting surface is large (but not so large that the fruit will not fit on it). With a very light pull you will be able to get longish, thin ribbons of zest with no pith at all -and the zest can be easily placed on a plate or board. Your zest won't go to waste on the grater when you scrape it inside, or you'll have to clean your box grater more frequently. You can easily clean it and it comes with a cover so that you can keep it sharp and prevent it from being bent while it is in the drawer and your hands don't get rubbed against it every time you pick something up from the We are completely satisfied with the purchase. So much so, I'm even considering getting another to make sure that Oxo keeps making them when they stop!.

Tadeo Roy - 15/03/2021
I am surprised by how well it turned out (5/5)

Because of its size, I expected that I would be able to use it when I needed a small amount of grated Parmesan. It may be preferable to consume multiple dishes of pasta depending on individual needs. It turned out that I wasn't right. The box grater I used to have in my house has not been put to use since this was bought. The parmesan grated here is so fluffy and just right that I am amazed at how quickly it can produce a full cup of it. I particularly like the fact that the near-mirror finish makes cleanup easy, and the snaps give it an extra touch of class. It is protected by a plastic shield that makes those cutters incredibly sharp. *br>*br>When it comes to parmesan, the closer you get to the rind, the harder the cheese becomes and the more concentrated the flavor becomes. I normally save the hardest parts and use them in my sauces when I use other graters. In addition to moving through the toughest of cheeses, the new grated can even cut the cheese right beside its In light of this, I recommend that you be very careful when using this program. I have grated my fingers with a variety of old boxed and handheld graters with very little damage to my digits over the years. A tool like this would probably make salad out of any finger you offered Don't let anything happen to you!.

Jade Guzman - 31/03/2021
The one you've been waiting for is here! Zesting or grating anything with a sturdy handle and perfect balance is no problem (5/5)

The item has been used at least six times since it has been in my possession for less than a week. This product is very easy to clean and has a protective cover that is fantastic. If you buy this one, you will not be disappointed.

Brylee NORTH - 22/04/2021
A zester for citrus that is solid (4/5)

Citrus zesting and grinding nutmeg are some of the things I do with this. The software does a great job for both purposes. Compared to my old microplane, this one seems to be a little shallower While the new one does not dig as deep into the lemon as the old one did, it just skims the surface, which I found to be a little off-putting This might seem a little weird at first, but it would be better that way. That way there would be less pith.

Princess Dorsey - 04/04/2021
The zest does not come out The Ozer zester is a disappointment to me because I trust the OXO brand (2/5)

As a base for my Chicken Piccata, I zested two lemons with it. There was a lot of zesting going on. My zest took a long time to develop, and I had to work very hard to achieve it. Its place will be taken by another zester that I am about to purchase. Putting this one in the trash is not a good idea. The update is Using this product as a cheese grater turned out to be a good idea. The grating creates a fine grate of Parmigiano-Reggiano so that pizzas, salads, soups, and pasta can be finished with a nice touch. I did not throw away this item, but I updated my rating from 1 to 2 stars, since I didn't want to discard it.

Harmoni Bennett - 17/04/2021
Very sharp seat, excellent quality (5/5)

My favorite part of this tool is everything about it! I got another one that had good reviews, but was very I am so impressed with how easily this tool grated ginger, lemon rind, and garlic! Moreover, it is simple to grate it on a flat plate and it can easily be laid over a counter top Make sure there is no slipping! As well as being easy to clean.

Artemis Nolan - 12/02/2021
This zester is amazing! I love it! The zester on my old Ikea box grater wasn't good generating any zest (5/5)

Some citrus gave me some zest, but it required a lot of pressure, and most of it remained stuck to the grater, never making its way into my dishes. It's so good I figured out this alternative in the end instead of that one My food actually gets zest as the zest falls through the grater! It's more convenient to use too, since it generates tons of zest. I find the handle to be very comfortable, and it's just I have also used it on hard cheese, and am delighted with Because a zester is not an easy object to hand wash, I really appreciate that it can go in the dishwasher. Even though it's more expensive than lower end zesters, it does what it says on the tin. totally worth the money and I wish I had bought it a long time ago.

Issac Livingston - 26/05/2021