OWO Champagne Stopper Review

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Suction power 4.5 
Easy to use 4.1 
Giftable 3.9 
Freshness 3.7 
Leak proof 3.7 
Value for money 3.6 
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Made from durable steel.
  • Keeps the bubbles inside your drink.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Require care when handling.

OWO Champagne Stopper Product Description

A Champagne stopper protects your drink by securing it airtight, but the best ones will also keep sparkling champagne fizzy for a few days after it is opened. In addition to keeping Champagne for up to two weeks, a champagne stopper by OWO also does both functions.

This stopper is made from stainless steel and fits different sizes of champagne bottles, including wide mouth bottles, and prevents leaks when horizontally stored. It is designed to fit different sizes of champagne bottles, including wide mouth bottles, and prevents drips when horizontally stored. Your dishwashing machine should be able to handle it.

  • The stopper should be inserted into the bottle, and the hinged flaps glued to the lower lip of the bottle should be folded down to cover it. Good to go!
  • A WAY TO FIT MOST CHAMPAGNE BOTTLES Designed to fit most (This do not fit wine bottles, Please check the size before placing an order.
  • 1 foot 16 inches long x 1 foot 1 inch wide. The 37-inch measurement).
  • Cleaning the bottle stopper is as simple as rinsing it with cold water, drying it with a rag, and storing.
  • Warranty of sixty days OWO provides a lifetime warranty and a sixty-day exchange or refund policy.

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Selected User Reviews For OWO Champagne Stopper

The large champagne bottle holder is simple to use and looks great (4/5)

This is a nice addition It's perfect that it doesn't have a lot of height because others made it too large to be a shelf for a refrigerator. Opening the bottle and closing it at the same time ensures that its seal stays tight around the opening to keep the drink as fresh as possible for a long time. You can seal it as if it were a cork, yet it is hassle-free. As for the drawbacks, it feels like it is made of cheap materials. For the price, you are getting a two-pack.

Kiana Dudley - 20/01/2021
Champagne stays fresh for a long time this way (4/5)

These stoppers have been purchased in the past. They have proven to be great at preserving the carbonation in champagne since the corks once removed cannot be reinserted The use of. Others have fallen apart after a few months, and some are no longer attached to the bottles if not properly positioned. The are very good, but not perfect. There have been some that I purchased that were locking. The price is significantly higher.

Nolan Lam - 28/04/2021
Works with Sparkling Juice Bottle but not with regular juice bottles (1/5)

It would not stay in place on the bottle of Martinelli's sparkling cider. I tried it for the first time and was not happy. Then I threw them in the trash. It would have worked with my old design that I gave to a family member. It will be harder to design the fold down wings for the large bottle top without a physical locking mechanism, so I'd better think of a design that has one.

Jayceon Hahn - 26/06/2021
This is a great I'm in love with this item (5/5)

Sparkling wines go perfectly with this. Wine stoppers made of cork won't pop off in the refrigerator like ordinary wine stoppers. This is a sturdy and stylish product. I bought two pairs and gave one as a gift and used the other for personal use.

Nicholas Holden - 29/06/2021
A good one should be owned by everyone! These are great pieces of furniture that everyone should have at home! These work so well, even if you tend to drink a whole bottle and don't have left overs, for keeping your (5/5)


Kaitlyn Wheeler - 09/02/2021
This is a functional but weak product (2/5)

These are simple to use and the wings are secure on the bottle, but they are loose, flimsy, and old. I had one broken after only 24 hours of ownership because of a short fall from the counter to the It would be wise to spend a few extra dollars to get one that is harder to break.

Niklaus NICHOLLS - 13/02/2021
I hate this! I received 2 damaged products within a few days of receiving them (1/5)

One arrived broken out of the box, and the other feels so cheap that I expect it to break after some use.

Cade Kline - 04/01/2021
The champagne bottle should always be topped with a corkscrew (5/5)

Maintains the carbonation of the mixture for several hours up to Anyone who opens sparkling wine should definitely give it a try.

Brett McKinney - 14/01/2021