Orca Rocket Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Cooler/Can Koozie Review

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Durability 4.6 
Giftable 4.5 
Value for money 4.3 
Versatility 4.3 
Easy to use 3.3 
  • Is able to remain in stable temperature for 12 hours.
  • This one is engulfed by neoprene strips for holding.
  • It is not fit for all sort of beer bottles.

Orca Rocket Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Cooler/Can Koozie Product Description

With its vacuum insulated stainless steel construction, these Orca Rocket beer bottle coolers are suitable for 12 oz beer bottles, as well as 12 oz beer or soda cans. Cold drinks from this machine can be kept for up to 12 hours without ice condensing on the outside. the body is designed to fit snugly together to make an elegant drink base even when in “can mode.” It has an antimicrobial treatment to hold the container firmly in place, reducing spillage risk, and features a copper-clad inner wall to regulate temperature better. It works great with 12oz bottles, but with so many craft beer brands coming in 16oz bottles, it would be nice for this insulator to accommodate the larger bottles, but this, not the case. In addition to the bottle opener, the bottom of the container has a hole for your thumb.

  • When in can mode, the top two parts combine to form a base for the drink.
  • A standard 12 oz beer bottle or soft drink can is held by this cup.
  • This key has a twist top and a bottle opener built into the base.
  • The lid is BPA-free.
  • The stainless steel 18/8 has a satin finish.

Questions & Answers

Budweiser can be found on the shelves. Sizes of bottles can be stored in it.
You can use any standard 12oz bottle with it.
Strongbow bottles definitely fit into it, as if it were Keeping them cold for a long time is also possible.
The nut on the bottom screws off to reveal a bottle opener.

Selected User Reviews For Orca Rocket Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Cooler/Can Koozie

The availability of 16oz Craft Beer cans has increased dramatically in recent years (4/5)

It should have an adapter for 16oz cans, since so many craft beers now come in that size. Cans and bottles of 12 oz remain cold through this device. It would be nice if they thought of 16 ounce cans as well. Announcing an update. Those of you who are having the same problem can take a chance and get the Yeti 16 oz extender which works perfectly. The following link Go to http//www. The Amazon website. Use UTF-8 encoding PSC is 1.

Amani Thompson - 29/05/2021
Is only going to last about one When you need it for only one year, then this would be a good purchase (1/5)

I purchased this bottle in September 2018 and it separated from the plastic part on top of the stainless top. It's probably used fifty-two to fifty-three times a year by my husband when he drinks in the weekend, so I'll say around 52 times per year This item is good for 60 uses. The number of uses a year is one for every week. In the listing, the warranty is stated as lifetime. I contacted the seller and ask for a replacement of the top portion, but the seller replied only that the warranty is one year. This would not have been an issue if the listing had stated so. The problem didn't go away, however. It kept beer cold for the entire lifetime.

Noah Lancaster - 03/08/2021
Shiner (tm) and Sol (tm) glass bottles fit perfectly in this cap! In order to find out what fits and what does not, I have tried several different style of glass bottles (5/5)

All of the pieces have fit so far. It only arose in relation to Sol and Shiner bottles and both of them worked as expected. As of yet, I have not tested a can. The only risk is that they may not As for the fit, they are perfect as well. This product is a bit above my budget and made me a little cautious but it is very well made and works very well. At least one more will be coming. The bottom of the ice bucket has a bottle opener. All of the opinions and comments below are mine, unsolicited, free of charge, and are not the result of There is no fictitious me for me. I love it!.

Xiomara Hooper - 28/03/2021
In light of the fact that the food wasn't that great, it was overpriced (4/5)

The system seems to work pretty well, but there are In the bottom section of the nozzle, below the black plastic ring, insulation is found Many bottles are too big, and some do not The only reason I rated it lower is because it is only half insulated, but the fact that air is a good insulator means that a bottle of beer remains cool if the ambient temperature isn't very high (don't place it in the sun you should consider when buying it is that you will need a pair of hands that are large enough to hold it comfortably. I won't let my wife use one, for example. It cost $25 for mine and I am not thrilled about it, but I am OK with it. When you consider the disadvantages, that seems a bit excessive. It would be a waste of money to buy one more.

Aspyn ASHTON - 18/01/2021
I have edited I think that's actually pretty The bottle opener appears to be well made and fits some bottles and cans well, but as a Stella drinker for over thirty years, it's difficult for me to switch (5/5)

In spite of the fact that you can squeeze a bottle in if you remove the interior rubber bottom and leave all the components a little loose you can't get a good seal. It is a good thing to know though, that once it is in, the beer stays as cold as it did in the fridge. EDIT *br>*br> This has been edited twice, and I have improved it both times. I find that if I loosen the three screw points, my Stella fits fine. It is still ice cold outside in my Texas heat with Stella that has been out with me for over an hour! I say Yee-haw!.

Alexander Hoffman - 01/06/2021
There's not a lot I dislike about this koozie (4/5)

The fact that I got this ended up being kind of funny. Due to an issue with a metal koozie I ordered, I had to get these. With this, I am much more satisfied. I want to start by saying this. . I really like how well it insulates. Even after having been used on a hot day, the bottle of water was still cold when I switched out the drinks. Since my set comes with a lot of screw and unscrew mechanism parts, I named it Megatron. There can sometimes be a lot of tedious work, but that is outweighed by how good everything else I think it's going to last a long time. Both cans and glasses can be cleaned with it. When I took it to a bbq, it got a lot of attention.

Ila Mooney - 05/07/2021
You're going to love the Rocket Bottle Cup and Can Holder! The ORCA Rocket is one of my favorite products (5/5)

The beer stays cold in the ice chest. It's great because it has a can holder and bottle opener built in, plus you can use it as a can holder too. What's so great about this particular bottle holder is that the top also screws off and is perfect for those of us who enjoy a Blue Moon, which is a little shorter than most bottles. This is the best I've ever seen!.

Avery Mooney - 09/07/2021
Beware of the Yeungling bottle drinkers (3/5)

My wife and I loved the idea of this product. We bought one from Bed, Bath & In Atlanta, I drink a variety of beer from all over the country as well as beer from many local breweries. However, I go to work every day Yeungling is the name of the speaker. Whenever I tried to put a bottle in this, it wouldn't work, so I assumed that my wife had run the dishwasher through it. In the hope that this would solve the problem, I purchased a brand new one from Amazon (about $5 cheaper than BB+B). There is nothing new about it. To ensure the Yeungling bottle works, the designers need to go back to the drawing board.

Katie Clarke - 06/04/2021