Oojami Gold Glitter Plastic Classicware Glass Like Champagne Review

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  • Plastic used is BPA-free.
  • Can be used again and again.
  • Have the content capacity of 6 oz.
  • Can get chipped.

Selected User Reviews For Oojami Gold Glitter Plastic Classicware Glass Like Champagne

I am satisfied with my overall experience! That's exactly how I expected them to We bought these for my sister in law's bridal shower and we are very pleased! I did not find the plastic to be very cheap, so easy to assemble! As a matter of fact, I was quite surprised at how well packaged they were and how thick the plastics were! As for our party for New Year's Eve, I will use them there too! I am very pleased with this purchase in general


Manuel Ali - 19/06/2021
There's nothing but gold in the sky! It's so nice to have champagne flutes like these

The spray paint has been thrown away, and I'll only buy these already glittered flutes from now on. It saved my life and saved me a lot of time. To prevent damage, the package is packed with care. I will be a loyal customer forever!.

Gracelyn Hinton - 31/01/2021
All were in good condition! I love how elegant it is

Having read a few previous reviews, I was afraid these glasses would not live up to expectations due to broken items. I was rather surprised to find that they were of good quality. It was clear that the man dropped the packages on the ground when they were delivered, and I was at home when they were delivered. Those were so delicate, and I was scared that his lack of care would have caused them Although 90 of 60 glasses were damaged, they were all otherwise in good This packaging was great, it looked like it came from a high-end store As a protection measure, each row had thin foam lining. This gold set is nicely adorned with subtle glitter. It's hard to resist the sparkle, even my husband (who normally abhors glitter) loves them. For those interested in disposable champagne flutes but with an elegant feel, these are what they are looking for.

Hezekiah ROWLEY - 26/07/2021
Flute players make pretty music

I bought these for an Oscar party and they're great. There is a little shimmer gold glitter embedded in the flutes, which make them particularly delightful. Need to screw on bottom, but they're sturdy and stay put once in place. I have to say that this was the best and quickest package I have ever received You can see in the attached photo how well the products.

Joshua MELLOR - 18/07/2021
The graphics are cute, but some of them are broken

This is a very cute design. Light glitter gives this look a great look and it's not tacky at all like I was afraid of. Having opened just the first pack, one of the boxes has a deep crack. I wonder how many more I'll find with such a deep crack. When purchasing, be aware of the quality and do not expect the best.

Raylan Cain - 12/05/2021
Almost all of the plastic glasses that I received were broken

Almost all of the plastic glasses I received were broken, and I wasn't even able to use them at.

Zelda Hunter - 30/01/2021
I found these to be perfect

This plastic is tall and clear and has a great deal of These were used at my mom's baby I thought they were perfect.

Rio Humphrey - 15/01/2021
I love it

Great experience! Exceeded my expectations! I really love how thick and beautiful it is, and I'm sure my family will be impressed at Thanksgiving.

Duke Tate - 01/05/2021