One Hundred 80 Degrees Army Man Bottle Opener Review

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Score By Feature Based on 37 ratings

Giftable 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.7 
Easy to use 4.5 
Durability 4.0 
  • Great gift idea.
  • Sturdy for an opener.
  • Attache figure can easily break.

One Hundred 80 Degrees Army Man Bottle Opener Product Description

Based on classic green army figures, this is a recreation of the classic miniature. A die-cast metal opening from One Hundred 80 Degrees is surprisingly robust for a novelty toy and makes for a fun stocking stuffer for anyone who enjoyed playing with toys like these when they were kids. The dispenser is durable enough to open most standard pop-off bottle caps, but the decorative elements do not seem as solid as they should be.

  • Featuring an illustrated package that is unique.
  • Diescast metals are used for this product.
  • The dimensions of the piece are A 75" wide x a 4" high piece of artwork. The height of this sign is 5".

Questions & Answers

You are not going to be attracted to it. The bottle opener is still pretty awesome though. An absolute must-have that you will not be disappointed with. This was a very well-made product.
The cap opener is not the traditional wall mounted cup opener, but it can be hung by nails or hooks. To operate it, you need to use your hand.
It is different.
The same seller can sell them to you, assuming they are bought from the same supplier.

Selected User Reviews For One Hundred 80 Degrees Army Man Bottle Opener

It's cowardice when the enemy is near! The worst kind of chickenshit metal! Purchases should not be made (1/5)

It was the first beer that broke this soldier. The idea of giving a star makes me cringe. The firing squad may be called in.

Jaliyah Herring - 11/05/2021
It's a cool little item, but be careful (4/5)

The latest update A total of 2 were ordered. We received one, and a gift was at the same time. As it turns out, we wrapped a broken one for a gift. A bubble wrap envelope and bubble wrap are used to send this package. Unlike what I had initially thought, it isn't made entirely of metal. There was a break in the tip of the rifle. The company only refunded a portion of my money now. The manner in which this is being handled does not sit well with me. Strong metal that is robust and will do Maybe people were reacting to the pull/push style of opener because they did not understand why they were complaining. There is no right or wrong way to use it. Want to pull up but don't want to Your dude needs to be turned I would highly recommend this as a.

Blair Whitehead - 13/05/2021
The bottle does not get opened (3/5)

An interesting conversation starter or knick knack, this opener will surely get you noticed. the figure appears to be out of proportion by just a centimeter or so. Unlike some openers, this one has a hard time opening bottles. Once I opened one bottle, I tried opening others several times but eventually gave up on them as a paperweight, leaving them on the coffee table.

Simon Dunlap - 04/07/2021
The product is tough, but it is annoyingly hard to use (2/5)

There are two positives to this construction the metal construction and the While it is a nice bottle opener, its shortcomings are obvious when trying to open bottles. rifle's top section that opens the bottle cap is very small, and I personally find it very difficult to get it to work without very deliberate effort. Despite being possible to get it to work, you won't be able to pick it up and use it without paying.

Griffin Silva - 24/04/2021
This is a great item for use, and one of my favorites in my Both myself and my husband collect bottle openers, and both of us were in the military, so I got this item for my husband I like how it's made of metal, it's durable, and it opens the bottles nicely (5/5)

We reach for this one the most out of our collection, since both its beauty and utility make it a great conversation piece. Whenever people ask us where we got it, we tell them that we are the ones who got.

Xander Cross - 01/04/2021
As a member of the group, he is a hero with the best bottle opener (5/5)

I would always let my grandson play with green Army men when he was a youngster. I thought that now that he is an adult, this would be a fun game to play. As a member of the group, he is a hero with the best bottle opener. It's funny hahaha. Once again, Grandma is the winner.

Natalie Ferrell - 01/04/2021
It is as described except for (1/5)

Did the package arrive with the seal cut off? A gift intended for recipients The situation is very strange. The return of.

Foster Dean - 20/05/2021
There is a mix of childhood and I've seen a few of these and they look incredibly cool but its kind of a pain to open (3/5)

There is also the minus that it doesn't look like a bottle opener and people always ask me for a bottle opener when I have one in my hand. As a bonus, there's the inconvenience of teaching people how to actually use it to open a bottle. All in all, the purchase worked and I was satisfied with it.

Lacey Alvarado - 04/07/2021