OlesksynPrannyk Work Apron in Non-Waxed Canvas with Cross Straps Adjustable Review

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Thickness 4.1 
Comfort 4.1 
Craftsmanship 4.0 
Durability 3.9 
Sturdiness 3.8 
  • Multi-purpose apron.
  • Comes with two loops for bartender tools.
  • Leather may get damaged after some time.

OlesksynPrannyk Work Apron in Non-Waxed Canvas with Cross Straps Adjustable Product Description

Made of durable canvas that is non-waxed and Crazy Horse full-grain leather, the apron is the perfect all-purpose apron. It is a durable and comfortable choice that can be used both professionally and casually. An apron that covers your chest to your legs and provides freedom of movement is designed for complete clothing protection. This bag is stylish and functional with four pockets and two tool loops so it’s always easy to keep everything you need in one place. It will suit both men and women.

  • An apron with leather pockets made from heavy-duty canvas.
  • A pair of real cowhide leather aprons and a durable, non-waxed canvas apron combine to create an apron of no equal in durability.
  • Fit The apron features a comfortable yet durable design which is easy to move in while protecting you from scratches.
  • A heavy duty apron will make sure your clothing is protected and is ideal for heavy duty work. Besides serving as an apron for staff at bars, cafes, restaurants, and florist shop, this material also works well as a A great product whether you're using it for work or play.

Questions & Answers

As long as I don't spill bleach on it, I think it'll work. Let's hope for the best! I still think it's Jeans material, however. In my opinion, the fabric would stain.
This is purely a style accessory and not designed to protect against anything.
You will soon be able to purchase Denim.

Selected User Reviews For OlesksynPrannyk Work Apron in Non-Waxed Canvas with Cross Straps Adjustable

This item is not worth buying (1/5)

The whole thing is I really like how it turned out. A few months ago, I purchased it and put it away to only use when I'm catering outside. A leather strap on the front of the bag tore off after I used it for ONE catering event. Despite the fact that I literally only had it done once, I asked them if they could help and they just refused to offer any kind of reparation.

Gloria Cabrera - 15/02/2021
All in all, an excellent design (5/5)

I am impressed with the quality of the construction. It has cost me more to buy aprons that are crudely made compared with this one. Kangaroo pocket on the flap is a stylish addition that looks even better than a patch pocket on the front. However, I removed the leather piece that the straps cross through on the back. This apron is fairly heavy, but I will reinforce the areas where aprons wear through the fastest on my other ones. That does not reflect very well on it. work a lot with cardboard and cardboard wears out both leather and fabric, so it's nice to have something sturdy like this apron. The following dates will be observed in August, I've had this apron for two years and it's still in excellent condition! A denim iron was placed on the denim My belt buckle tended to wear through past bibs I've owned. I painted a patch on the inside to prevent this. A wider and deeper chest pocket would be the only change I would like to see.

Ellis Wood - 26/04/2021
Has not been described and is not as robust as Reviews and descriptions led me to believe the apron was made of heavy duty material similar to a "Carhart" apron (2/5)

As opposed to that, the material is thin and lightweight, similar to the aprons I'm currently wearing. There's no reason to spend the extra money on this.

Amirah Lane - 17/06/2021
I love it! It is evident that the craftsmanship is of a high standard (4/5)

Unless you count the floppy patch of leather on the back, there isn't anything wrong with the design. There is a bend in the backrest and it does not lay flat. Just to adjust it and ensure it stays flat you would have to flex your arms and body like crazy.

Roman Jarvis - 19/07/2021
I found the quality to be subpar for the price (1/5)

One of the straps came off upon wearing it for the first time. I had to sew it back on by hand. Once it came loose on the other side, I decided not to wear it again.

Brynlee Atkinson - 20/06/2021
At first glance it looks great (2/5)

As a working chef who gets stuck during service, I like an apron that can be washed and look as good the next. With the leather at the chest and the waist straps the leather will already be degraded after just one wash.

Cassius Hale - 04/04/2021
I love it (5/5)

For those of you who love barbecue, this is a must-have! Cool photos are made even cooler by it.

Sierra McNeil - 22/06/2021
This bag is stylish and durable (5/5)

I bought this for my son, as he is a sous chef in training, and he wears it constantly. He says it is hardy and durable, and he wipes it down often without any issues.

Evelynn Baker - 13/06/2021