Oasis Creations Plastic Champagne Flutes Glasses Review

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Easy to assemble 4.2 
Durability 3.7 
Value for money 3.7 
Sturdiness 3.4 
  • Attractive champagne flute.
  • Comes in a box.
  • Lacks stability.

Oasis Creations Plastic Champagne Flutes Glasses Product Description

The 100 etched hard plastic champagne glasses that are included in this party supply package are perfect to enjoy a toast with friends and make merry. Whether it is a party, wedding, buffet, or celebration of any kind, they can be used. Elegant and chic, these clear champagne glasses have a classic stem cup design that features a timeless classic design. This pair of earrings are lightweight and beautiful, making them ideal for any event.

  • INCLUDE 100 CHAMPAGNE FLUTES IN THIS PARTY SUPPLIES BUNDLE! This party supplies bundle includes 100 clear hard plastic champagne flutes that you can toast with friends and enjoy the evening. Party trays are ideal for any type of celebration - weddings, receptions, buffets, and more! This container has a capacity of four. There are 5 ounces in each bag.
  • SILHOUETTE DESIGN & SLEEK DESIGN The clear champagne glasses look elegant and timeless with their classic stem cup design. Their beauty and light weight make them ideal for every occasion!
  • CONSTRUCTION OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY All of our hard plastic champagne flutes are made with only the finest materials and cutting-edge production techniques, so they are guaranteed to meet.
  • The great novelty of this clear hard plastic champagne flute is that it can either be hand-washed and re-used as you see fit or you can just throw it away and save yourself the time and effort! A truly great addition to any event!
  • Our hard plastic champagne chute glasses are guaranteed to satisfy. At Oasis Creations, we are fully confident that you will be satisfied. Nevertheless, if you do not find them satisfying, do reach out to us and take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee!

Questions & Answers

There are no plans to do so, unfortunately. In most cases, you can return them to the box in which they came and store them that way. However, the glasses themselves cannot be stacked.
They not only cannot be recycled, but they are often broken as well. I've never seen a product as thin and flimsy as this.
There is only one piece of the cup.

Selected User Reviews For Oasis Creations Plastic Champagne Flutes Glasses

The flutes make a lovely addition to the champagne (5/5)

The favors were beautiful and I purchased them for my daughter's birthday party! There is just the right amount of sparkle. Several of the pieces pop together very easily and remain in place after they have been connected. Sturdy and well built, they proved to be an excellent investment. The items did not break or come apart, and this was a celebration for a little one. As a result, I was surprised to find all of them but they've been washed and I'll save them for future use. Is there a reason not to?.

Braylee Middleton - 07/05/2021
Upon arrival, the package was Two sets of the champagne flutes were purchased for a bridal shower, and I was very disappointed to learn that half of them were broken when I opened the packages (1/5)

Then, it was too late to get more items, so I used everything I could, but I had to tell many guests to hold their champagne flutes because the base was broken and they couldn't put As a result, we used them to raise a toast and threw them away immediately afterward. These are never going to be bought from me I felt this was the only disappointment in an otherwise beautifully planned celebration, and it didn't have In any case, I could have bought champagne flutes at the grocery store, which would have been better.

Adelynn Avila - 09/02/2021
The product is shown in the picture (5/5)

I was not disappointed with the quality of the cups at all! Since these were made of plastic, I anticipated they'd be flimsy, but they were pretty strong and sturdy! I only took a couple of minutes to assemble it, but it was not complicated to do. However, it was definitely worth it!.

Lawson Fox - 19/02/2021
It has a lot of flimsiness to it, but gets The champagne flutes I purchased were for serving mimosas at a baby shower, so I wanted an alternative that was not too expensive but still looked nice at the same time (3/5)

All two boxes were intact when they arrived. *br>However, these are so fragile and The couple that stood out to me leaned a little bit, so I didn't put them out. These are much thinner than I expected, and I was expecting more solid plastic. You can knock over an empty glass easily as it hardly weighs anything when held in your hands. When you're having a special event that will be longer than a typical shower, I suggest getting something more durable. It wasn't necessary for people to fill their glasses a lot at a baby shower since they weren't necessarily stopping to pick them up and refill them all the time.

Alana Case - 04/05/2021
Glass is the way to go (3/5)

Due to the short notice, I did not think I would be able to find glass flutes for my last minute mimosa party. The packaging is nice, but I thought the glasses were a bit awkward in shape and felt cheap in hand. If you are concerned that people will drop them, these plastic glasses would be cool, but if not, glasses made of glass are far better. A glass version of this is available at Walmart for less than $1 The ones I bought instead are great.

Elliott WHITTAKER - 13/03/2021
It is a terrible product it uses poor materials, is poorly constructed, and has a bad design (1/5)

As a result, the base of these "glasses" is made of much thinner and flimsier plastic than the cup, so that it cannot support the cup when it has been filled, which breaks off frequently. In some cases, such as those "glasses" that survive shipping, this is true. It was not the case for most A broken piece of plastic arrived with the base. This makes stemmed drinking glasses more complicated since the base of the glass is not a flat piece of plastic that rests on the table or other surface like a stemmed glass would. Instead, the base rests on a thin rim, so that only the outer edge of very cheap looking plastic holds the whole thing together. The design is poor. It's a bad piece of There is a problem with the The design and construction in this article will disappoint, as well as puzzle, you. Something else should be purchased.

Aisha Chung - 17/06/2021
They were champions! Galentines Day was the reason why I bought them (5/5)

In the course of their work, they met the requirements.

Hana Freeman - 22/07/2021
A very sturdy piece that's easy to assemble (5/5)

I was impressed with how well they came There was no damage to any. The only thing that went wrong was that I broke three when assembling them. On the table, they looked very pretty. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend it.

Eloise Ellison - 08/02/2021