Oasis Clear Incline Shot Glasses – 3 oz Premium Plastic Review

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Robustez 4.3 
Durabilidad 4.2 
Excelente inversión 4.2 
  • Unique shape.
  • Multi-purpose glass.
  • May give a cut on your hand.

Oasis Clear Incline Shot Glasses – 3 oz Premium Plastic Product Description

These cups are perfect for serving delicious fare and innovative cocktails in mini portions. Is Perfect for Providing A Sleek Serving Every Time. It Is Shipped In A Box Of 100. They are made of clear glass, so they show off cocktails and deserts stunningly. The product is made from 100% recyclable plastic.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • The 3 GB of storage you get with Oasis Creation provides great value for your money. A set of five 5 oz square dessert cups with lids and spoons is included. 50 disposable dessert cups with lids and spoons are included in each set. The dimensions of the piece are This 3" x 2" item is made from plastic. This 3" x 2" item is made from plastic. 8" in length. Each of the three spoons in the set includes three. This gives me a 9" (10 cm) height.
  • QUALITY AND ECOFRIENDLY Our disposable plastic dessert cups are made of plastic that is reusable, freezable, The cup is DURABLE and STYLISH, as well as being rich in quality. Made from crystal clear hard plastic, they look like pieces of glass. We have elegant square dessert cups that are environmentally friendly and free of BPA. If you prefer, you can easily dispose of them after your next event or you can gently rinse and reuse them!
  • THESE APERITIF CUPBOARDS CAN BE USED FOR MANY PURPOSE These appetizer cups may be used on multiple These tables and chairs can be utilized at any occasion, including a wedding, an engagement party, a birthday party, an office celebration, and so on. Also, the mini square cups can be used for other items besides desserts- you can serve snacks, appetizers, jello, and tasters in them!
  • This mini square dessert cup set includes 50 cups with lids and spoons in addition to the cups! Having this handy feature means that you, the host, don't have to think about having extra serving utensils on hand. You can also prepare your fancy disposable wedding cup ahead of time, cover it when you're ready to serve, and serve out when your guests are ready.
  • A SATISFACTION GUARANTEED We strive to provide quality products at low prices at Oasis Creations. Should you find that you are not satisfied with any aspect of your purchase, our money back guarantee will cover your needs.

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The 50 cups and 50 spoons are available.

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There was a great response to these

My apologies for my absence, but I am I received lots of compliments about these cups because they worked really well and were unique. The cups were for a wedding reception and the mints I used for them were for veggie cups. A bowl of ranch dressing was placed in the bottom of each cup, then three carrots, celery, and green pepper sticks were added with a sword skewer and three It was just a matter of putting them on a plate and scarfing them down. Hit the nail on the head.

Ephraim Conway - 28/06/2021
It is great to have them around! I like these because they are exactly the same size as the round ones from Dollar Tree

My own curiosity led me to wonder about that. It is much more sturdy with a square bottom!.

Whitley Lynch - 02/01/2021
This would be perfect for a party

You get a lot for your money with these. I used them for pudding shots, as they are the perfect size for a small dessert that's not overpowering. With them you get a nice lid with a square handle, and tiny spoons that match. The perfect place to get together when you need it - We are together.

Palmer DICKINSON - 11/06/2021
Items that I have not been able to return have been opened I have been trying to do that The following email was sent to the company on June 18, 2019, but I have not yet received a response Thank you for contacting Mesopotamia

When I tried to return these, the Amazon site stated that they were ineligible for Below is a description of your product that states they are eco-friendly. This item has not been opened my only use was because they were too small to be of use to me. I would like to return them. Could you please tell me how to do so. Thanks for visiting our website. We hope you will find great value *br> Oasis Creations premium plastic dessert cups give you more for your investment. Each package contains fifty 4 oz. cheesecake cups. A set of dessert cups that are disposable. The 9" x 1" sticker is available in multiple sizes. This 9" x 2" print is on quality media. A high quality item is Made from heavyweight, durable and crystal clear plastic, these elegant mini dessert serving cups are perfect for serving desserts. We provide disposable water cups that are washable, reusable, freezeable, This is an ideal gift for all occasions Using Oasis Creations' dessert serving cups for all types of events such as weddings, birthdays, catering, parties, tastings, holiday dinners, buffets, and even everyday use is very simple. This product serves a number of purposes Desserts are not the only thing you can serve in these fine cups. The can be used to present a wide range of foods, such as We offer a variety of desserts, appetizers, entrees, puddings, mousse, sorbet, tiramisu, cocktails, fruits, breads, cakes, ice cream, smoothies, jelly, yogurt, shot glasses and much We will refund 100% of your money The following is our money back guarantee A guarantee of customer satisfaction is provided by Oasis Creations. The lowest prices are our priority. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products. Our products can be returned to us for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

Judith Mathis - 16/02/2021
The shipment is fragile many of the pieces are broken or chipped

They are a nice little cup, but you should expect to throw away nearly a quarter of the product. As far as I can tell, the spoons and books aren't packaged well enough, and they are stuck so tightly together that either they will fracture inside each other or split apart, making it impossible to use them. In spite of this, the cups make for an attractive display when they aren't broken. These parfaits hold almost 50% of what you would expect from a standard cake slice, which makes them the perfect size for the parfait that is just right. The next time I bought them I was hoping they would be more successful.

Paula Lawson - 01/04/2021
It's cute and fancy to serve desserts in mini cups

The wedding is where I used it and my guests commented on the beautiful presentation of the square mini dessert cups. That was a great appearance, and I really liked how great The lid broke when I tried to put it on before the wedding when I was trying to close it. Closed the lid of the cup was a bit difficult and hard. There is a lot of delicate work involved. You need to buy additional dessert cups just in case they break if you are going to make 50 cups.

Jimena McIntyre - 19/07/2021
It is difficult or impossible to fit fragile covers

The concept of these is awesome but, in reality, they weren't as good as they seemed. The first thing to note is that they were broken upon arrival, only 20 of them made it (see photos). Two, they were not sturdy at all. The spoon made the cups crack when I put tres leches cake into them. I made tres leches cake and put it in the cups. I'm bummed! Due to the fact that nearly 1/2 of them were broken, I only had a limited amount to work with. I'd like to talk about the covers now! It wasn't easy to put them on. The covers look as if each cup had its own specific cover. For convenience, order ahead of time so you won't run into any problems. I had to deal with what I received because my order was placed too close to the delivery date.

Ermias Barr - 28/02/2021
It makes a nice presentation and is of good quality

The mini desserts were used for these. Their quality is excellent and they are sturdy and clear. Although the small disposable items were over priced, I thought they were not. you're looking for the perfect size mini dessert containers, then you might pay a little more for these because they make a really nice presentation, but you might cringe when you see the empty containers in the trash and your money is gone just like that - in a flash!.

Lyra Gentry - 02/02/2021