NutriChef 15-Bottle Refrigerator Review

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Easy to use 4.7 
Style 4.6 
Giftable 4.6 
Noise level 4.5 
Temperature Control 4.4 
Value for money 4.4 
  • Extremely efficient cooling system.
  • Works well in small spaces.
  • Very quiet.
  • Limited storage space.

NutriChef 15-Bottle Refrigerator Product Description

A NutriChef wine fridge is a great solution for those with limited space due to its compact, yet well-constructed design. This wine table has four chrome wine racks and a bottom standing rack that can securely hold up to 15 standard-sized bottles of wine. With a length of 17.7 inches, a width of 13.6 inches and a height of 27.2 inches, this freestanding refrigerator will fit on any kitchen floor or counter top. Even at this price point, it still packs a punch with features like a compressor cooling system (that lets you adjust the temperature between 41 and 64 degrees), an auto-lock stainless steel door, and a digital control panel to monitor the temperature and LED lights inside the unit. Moreover, thanks to its vibration-free system, the wine fridge keeps your bottles cool while remaining quiet.

  • The 15 bottle capacity wine coolers countertop wine fridge is made up of 4 wine racks and 1 bottom standing rack that are made from a single piece of polished chrome that are designed to hold wine securely for a stress-free chilling and storage process. It is the perfect gift idea for a wine lover.
  • The Nutrichef wine cooler small wine refrigerator features a built-in compressor cooling system with an adjustable temperature setting of 41 to 64o Fahrenheit (5 to 18o Celsius) so you can set the temperature level as you please.
  • The control panel of this small wine cooler features an automatic lock that will automatically lock itself after 20 seconds if no button is pressed previously. This will keep the little ones from changing the levels while the refrigerator is in use.
  • EQUIPPED WITH A DIGITAL SOFT-TOUCH CONTROL Equipped with a digital soft-touch control panel that allows you to easily adjust the temperature (°C/°F), interior lighting, and the unit. By having the fridge located next to the door, it is more energy efficient since there is no need to open it.
  • An ultra-quiet operation is provided by the counter wine refrigerator countertop table top wine cooler, which features a glass door with stainless steel handle and an advanced cooling system to keep your beverages at the appropriate temperature without making a sound.

Questions & Answers

Note to others who are reading this that these are INSIDE dimensions (which answers the question asked) and not I believe this unit to be about 25' x 25' A little over 1 inch tall.
In addition to the 12 bottle cooler, there is space on the other side for four There is ample space to set a number of cans in there. In addition to removing the horizontal wire racks from the cooler, you could also put the cans on the bottom of the cooler and stack them Cans and bottles can both be used with the design. It is not specifically designed for cans and bottles, but it could be adapted with a little thought.
I am currently considering the PKTEWC180, but I am not certain of its dimensions. 13 You need to do this. It measures 6 W x 35 H. A square measuring 4 tall by 20 wide. A BUILT-IN HVAC system should be able to ventilate out if it's built in.
Its impossible to change it.

Selected User Reviews For NutriChef 15-Bottle Refrigerator

I have been extremely satisfied with Customer Services (4/5)

Originally, I was not happy with the electronic control panel on the front of the unit. Customer service then informed her that the company no longer provides that service. It ended up being relatively simple to fix the panel, after I was contacted. It was so pleasant to deal with the Customer Service. They were friendly, responsive, and supportive. This company has provided me with some of the best support I have ever experienced. Now that I have my cooler working well, I am very pleased Customer Service said that they had this problem with a batch of their coolers, and they tried to recall the batch, but some were shipped via Amazon, which is probably what happened to mine. In any case, they worked very hard to make me happy with their product, and I appreciate the effort.

Royce Massey - 04/04/2021
The price was well worth it (5/5)

Also, the delivery was fast. The compactor I used for this purpose replaced a Kenmore model. I had to build up the cabinet to accommodate Here is a picture of what you'll see. It should be noted that the hinge needed to be cut out. Earlier when I spray painted our cabinets, I sprayed the hinges white to match the rest of them. We were able to achieve our goal with the right solution. There's no sign of it having changed over the years. Maintains a constant temperature of 54 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gracelynn Crawford - 09/05/2021
It is possible to select the temperature of the cooling for all three wine options, which is great (5/5)

From Amazon, I ordered the Nutrichef 18 bottle wine cooler, and it was delivered within two business You did a great job there. It is set up as follows Simple and easy to follow, the instructions made it possible for me to set up and use my new wine cooler immediately. Running this machine is so quiet you are not even aware it is on. I added this piece to my dining area because it accommodates different sized bottles, and I think it is aesthetically pleasing. You can even stand a bottle up on a stand, which is nice. The system allows you to set the cooling temperature for either red or white wines, which I like. Since most other products are limited to the standard 57 degrees, I prefer this system. For red wines, this unit has a 65 degree range, but it can be adjusted to just 58 degrees for whites or roses.

Remington McCarthy - 17/05/2021
According to the description I liked that it is quiet and looks good, and I was able to order just the right size (5/5)

As a result of reading the other reviews, there was no surprise. Exactly as described, the bottles fit. I like that the controller is used to turn on or off the light. Although the control panel must be used to turn it on or off, it cools to the set temperature and when I put new bottles in it, it cools down in a reasonable amount of time. A recent update The program just shut down about three weeks after it started. Upon calling, I was given troubleshooting instructions and they decided it was just dead. Electricity is not getting to us. When I tossed the box after 2 weeks, they sent me another one, so far no problems. They wanted me to send it back before sending me a new one, but since I threw the box away, they sent me another one. As for the broken one, they still have not told me what they plan to do with it. All the items have been packed into the new box and are Having dealt with this company, I was extremely pleased with their services.

Izaiah Singleton - 03/02/2021
A 12-bottle shelf on one side and six bottles standing on the other (4/5)

Despite the fact that the cooler doesn't look like the picture, it works just fine. In total, it holds 18 bottles, but six are upright.

Atticus Shannon - 02/08/2021
As far as I can tell, it has delivered exactly what was promised (5/5)

The first sign of trouble for this wine fridge came 15 hours earlier on a hot Alabama day, but it soon settled in. As it was delivered late Friday, we took it to its new location and left it to settle while we went away for a few During the hour between 13 and 14 We set the temperature at 54 degrees at 00 a. m. We returned to the fine at 54 degrees when the thermometer read. Some of the bottles we moved from the wine fridge were from a regular As the temperature dropped from 70 to 50 because of the wine bottles, it fell to 58. About an hour later, the temperature dropped back to 54. Our needs are well satisfied by this appliance, which is very attractive. had to replace a Wine Enthusiast 16 bottle fridge when it broke. Compared to the previous model, this has more capacity and attraction. It is a pleasure to work with you. Our champagne bottles don't fit as well as we had.

Dallas Paul - 27/01/2021
It's great for the price, and does what it's supposed to do (4/5)

In the first place, let me clarify that this is NOT intended as a wine cooler. Nonetheless, it keeps everything inside cold, and so Sony's not a huge deal. My second minor complaint was that when it was delivered the handle and screws were super rusted. Again, it wasn't that big of deal, but it was a little concerning to see how they store these things seeing as there is rust on the handle. We've noticed no problems with the cooler itself, so it's been doing its job very well over here. My team will be keen to see how it holds up in the next few months, and if it stays cool when it's hotter later this summer. Having been about 3 days now, the cooler has just reached the temperature I set it to (54 F, which is the lowest option). It seemed unable to further reduce than 60-degrees F for a minute or two. In terms of cooling time, it took a surprisingly long time for the cooler of this size to reach 64F, but now that it's cool it's rocking, firmly remaining at 54F even when I opened up the cooler for about a minute to rearrange This little device is doing great, we'll see how it holds up over the next few months! It's 117F where I am, so it is impressive to observe it maintain a constant 54F even when opened a while. The picture makes it clear that this needs no manual defrosting. I bought it for the price and the fact that it didn't have to be defrosted by hand. Due to the fact that I am over seas, we have not been able to access any fluids that aren't hot as balls, so we began looking into getting a mini fridge that would run off a generator, and this is the one we selected. The only issue I have with it is two minor ones. *My fridge was set up yesterday at 0500, and I set it to 55 degrees. It is now 0930 and it has barely reached 60 degrees, and immediately rises to 65 degrees when I open the door for more than a few seconds.

Romina Donnelly - 21/01/2021
There is no problem with her (5/5)

I'm so happy with how it is working The set temperature is being maintained I like the way it looks and how quiet it is. Though the button lockout seems like a good idea, if all you want to do is turn on the light, it can be a bit of a hassle. I don't think it's a big deal. Since the door handle screws were a bit too long, I put washers on the back of them so the handle would be sturdy and steady. Also, I had to adjust the top door mount at the top to latester the door and accomplish a tight seal at the top corners. During the shipping process, it might have been jostled a little. However, now that she is safely recovered, I will be able to appreciate more wines since their integrity won't be compromised.

Anna HEWITT - 14/06/2021