Nucleated Teku Stemmed Beer Glass Review

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Score By Feature Based on 71 ratings

Giftable 4.7 
Flavor 4.7 
Easy to hold 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.4 
Easy to clean 4.3 
Durability 4.0 
  • High quality.
  • Keeps beer cool.
  • Designed by craft beer experts.
  • Fragile body.
  • Hand wash only.

Nucleated Teku Stemmed Beer Glass Product Description

With an angular and modern design, the Teku beer glass is shaped like a wine glass, but with a touch of class. This allows the beer’s aroma and flavor to be fully released. This stem allows the drinker to keep the beer at the right temperature without getting our hands dirty. Beer lovers will love this gorgeous glass designed by an Italian sensory expert and craft brewer. It can hold up to 11 to 14 ounces of beer. This beer is for you. Beers such as craft beer, lambics, fruit beers, and heather beers go well with it. In the beer industry, craft beer is usually produced in small batches, which makes Teku a perfect match.

  • WE ADDED NUCLEATION TO THE TEKU GLASS YOU LOVE - We laser etched five circular grooves in the bottom of each glass to create a steady stream of light bubbles, C02, that rise to the top to assist in maintaining a proper head position.
  • Teku has become a favorite around the world because of its remarkable design and is called "the world's best beer glass" by some. Designed by a craft beer expert, the Teku glasses fit all types of beers.
  • ULTRA VERSATILE AND CONTEMPORARY - The unique design perfectly showcases a variety of craft beers for a stunning visual display. With its angled bowl, the angled stem prevents the beer from warming prematurely because it captures aromatics and will ensure that the nose and palate will enjoy the beer.
  • THE BEST GIFT FOR HIM IS HIGH QUALITY GLASSWARE - Every man loves to receive high quality glassware. No matter who you're buying for -- a father, a best friend, a homebrewer or the occasional brewer -- our uniquely designed, nucleated pint glasses will fit the bill.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction and your happiness is important to us. In the event that you are not satisfied with your glassware, you may contact us directly on Amazon for a no-questions-asked refund or replacement.

Questions & Answers

There are 42 in this series. This 5cl Rastal Teku 3 is worth 100 cents. The score is 14 (0. It has a capacity of five ounces).
The number of glasses you order is up to you.
The width of the room is 75 inches.
The glass is from Rastal, which is a German manufacturer. There is some fragility to this bowl, but it's Describes himself as a middle-class individual The ground between the upper and lower Glassware of both high and low quality.

Selected User Reviews For Nucleated Teku Stemmed Beer Glass

I love the glasses but they are fragile (2/5)

They are beautiful and perfectly suited to many different types A sponge was gently pressed against the inside of one of my two glasses during hand washing and one of the glasses was broken.

Quinton Lindsay - 01/07/2021
A glass that has imperfections (1/5)

At first glance, I thought TEKU glass looked incredible but I've been disappointed since I've examined it more closely. Although I normally wouldn't have noticed any imperfections in glass of this quality and cost, I did. It would never have been bought if I knew it was going to have this problem. I don't know if anyone else has experienced it, but I would not have bought it.

Paloma Jimenez - 09/02/2021
However, shipping is a problem (2/5)

The glasses are nice, though. Despite the fact that the glasses themselves are very good, the shipping is terrible. In addition to a broken glass, one of the four glasses came in the pack. Quite a few things go wrong with the packaging. The glasses are wrapped individually in bubble wrap and placed in a box made of very thin cardboard. The glass was shattered only in one place, and I am surprised that only one of the glasses was broken. Amazon offered either a partial refund on my glasses, or to replace one of them, but all I had to offer was to have them replaced fully. In view of the fact that my next shipment of four glasses is unlikely to arrive intact, I will cut my losses and order three glasses instead. My advice would be to avoid buying these unless you have the patience to wait. In conclusion, the glasses themselves are as described and are of good quality.

Jamari Harper - 26/05/2021
Be careful not to step on glass shards (4/5)

It's an outstanding beer glass, but you should definitely wash it first! We opened ours in a bar for the first time, and my friend's wasn't sure if his was clean before filling it up. A few minutes later, I opened the second glass and found it to be filled with many shards of glass. Despite my best efforts, I managed to get bits of glass stuck in my fingers when I tried wiping them out. It makes sense. Don't try to use anything you haven't examined. Although the glass itself did not appear to be broken, it is quite thin, so handle it with care. Despite the flaws, this is an excellent glass.

Dani Braun - 08/05/2021
Take care when washing (5/5)

The dishwasher should not be used. I am happy with how things have gone so far. Glass is very nice, it doesn't seem so thin up top, but as you go down the glass into the stem, it gradually becomes thicker. It is pretty thick on the stem and base, sturdy, and for the price I think it is a fair price. People who claim they cracked it when they washed it or when it was delivered It is Amazon's goal to always make customers happy, so while it is frustrating to have to wait, I am sure they will replace it at no cost to you. Handwash it carefully, and ideally never in hot water. I wash mine with a soft bristle bottle brush and very cold to room temperature water so that no cracks form in the glass due to washing or changes in temperature. A scratch is just as bad. Thus, hand wash with care to ensure that you will be satisfied. You will also need to make sure that your beer is happy and looks good.

Margaret Daly - 29/05/2021
The glass is nice, but it is too expensive (4/5)

In return for 'splurging' on this glass, I wanted a gift from you. My main use of it is to enjoy craft beer, but I've also used it as an 'alternate snifter' for fine tequila. I expect a thicker, harder glass, but this is much thinner and lighter than I expected. It also appeals to me because it looks different than the traditional tulip shape. It's hard to determine how well the nucleation was done. When drinking dark beers, it's hard to tell if it's doing its job, but otherwise it may be.

Shawn Pham - 06/07/2021
The mug is nice and I purchased it for myself so that I could feel fancy while drinking my beer (5/5)

All the glass was in perfect condition and it was just as I had The book is definitely worth a purchase if you're considering it for yourself or as a gift!.

Zola Rodriguez - 11/01/2021
The only person I know who drinks is someone I know (5/5)

Reading a review led me to purchase these glasses. As well as the wine glass, I bought a Zalto wine bottle opener. There are many cool glasses out there, but I only want the best. These are really The unique feel and look of these bottles make them a superior alternative to traditional beer mugs and bottles. His drinking habit is about to tremendously increase! He doesn't yet realize it, but he is about to do crazy things! There is no need to hesitate any longer if you are on the fence. It's the perfect gift for the beer drinker in your life. The wine glasses can also be used as a wine glass when necessary. Our first step will be to break the Zalto after Breakout.

Alexis Waters - 17/05/2021