Notrax Sanitop Anti-Fatigue Drainage Mat Review

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  • Easy to clean
  • Made of durable material
  • More expensive that most options online

Notrax Sanitop Anti-Fatigue Drainage Mat Product Description

Notrax Sanitop Anti-Fatigue Mat is constructed from a durable rubber compound with large and small holes alternating throughout. Designed with a drainage system to prevent moisture and debris from accumulating, this mat helps your area become moisture-free. To guide drainage and provide worker traction, it has a raised pattern surrounding large holes. This anti-fatigue mat has safety benefits and helps make your area grease-free. This brand comes in red and black colors.

  • An alternating pattern of large holes and small holes appears on this rubber compound
  • Water and debris are kept away from the worker platform by the drainage system
  • Worker traction and drainage are enhanced by raised patterns placed around large holes
  • Beveled ramps are provided on each side of the ramp, so there are no trips
  • Thickness of the overall piece is

Selected User Reviews For Notrax Sanitop Anti-Fatigue Drainage Mat

I am satisfied (5/5)

During the winter months on our deck, this lasted through 7 Massachusetts winters. The spring is when I always remove it from the mattress and roll After a while in the middle, I began to unroll it for winter #8 and it began to separate. Not much sun was shining on the area, but there were quite a few people walking by. When you shook out the ice in the holes you could shake out all of the water inside.

Braylen Maddox - 15/04/2021
It has a horrible odor of toxins (1/5)

I had to throw it away. Although the piece is well made and has a lifetime warranty, the toxic chemical smell was so strong we had to close the windows and caused headaches and dizziness. We were given a refund by Amazon, but we had to throw it away.

Iker Valdez - 15/06/2021
They can be easily cleaned and are comfortable (5/5)

This is a great product. An industry uses this mat for one of its flower shops. Spills are easy to clean up and can be folded over. Easy to clean and dry quickly. Comfortable to stand on for several hours at a time.

Yousef Huff - 19/06/2021
It takes a lot of effort (4/5)

This is intended for use outdoors, but I had an experience where an indoor wheelchair ramp was much too slippery to use, making it unsafe to ride up incline in a As soon as I found out I would be having orthopedic surgery, I ordered it quickly. Having grip on the wheels just in time for the wheels to gain traction, it arrived just in time. It dissipates quickly when exposed to petroleum-based plastic.

Hadley Brandt - 15/06/2021
The mat is great! The mat is non-slip and great! The one I have on my front porch (5/5)


Addilyn Witt - 05/06/2021
A durable material (5/5)

The rubber mat is very heavy duty. It is dirt and water-tight. This is a very durable material.

Matthew Callahan - 27/02/2021
Definitely worth having in the garage during the winter months (5/5)

This is a great mat for keeping slush away from cars in the garage during winter months. The majority of the vote was cast in In summer, take a hose and wash your car. I found it to be very.

Jasper Moran - 26/07/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

Our backbar will be perfect with this product. The material is not too heavy, it is not too thin. This is a great product.

Rocco Singleton - 19/07/2021