Norpro Punch Bottle Opener Review

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Score By Feature Based on 27 ratings

Sturdiness 4.8 
Durability 4.7 
Value for money 4.6 
Easy to use 4.6 
Easy to hold 4.3 
Giftable 4.3 
  • Has two functions.
  • Portable.
  • Heavy duty material.
  • Grip not comfortable.

Norpro Punch Bottle Opener Product Description

One end is perfectly designed to flip the top of glasses bottles, while the other pierces holes in cans such as many other dual-end openers. Despite the fact that the Norpro Can Punch Bottle Opener is not dishwasher safe, it is a good, heavy-duty bottle opener. There is no cushion on the handle, though, so it is not the most comfortable opening a bottle.

  • The hardwood handle on this heavy duty opener provides a strong grip.
  • With this 2 in 1 tool, you can punch cans and open bottles.
  • This product is great for camping or traveling.
  • The fifth measurement is taken. The height of the computer screen is 70 inches/14. Approximately 5 cm.
  • The hands should be washed.

Questions & Answers

Despite repeated attempts, the puncture does not work.
Sorry, there are no magnets available.
A hole in the lid can certainly be made with it. It is not obvious if there is a standard lip to hook onto on a paint can. Cans of soup and other types are easily punctured by this tool.
Stainless steel is the material I offer for sale. Please feel free to contact me at any time. A. H. Felkon About fifty percent.

Selected User Reviews For Norpro Punch Bottle Opener

Based on the excellent reviews, I can only assume that they are only for the bottle cap half (2/5)

There is no problem with the bottle cap part of this device, rather there is a problem with the so called can puncturer (is that a word? When I look at this, I can't believe I just made that up. degree angle to Due to being able to grab only onto cans that have a substantial seal ring, the hole that you get has very little space and does not reach the edge of the can (see picture on the other side). Despite my attempts, I was unable to bend the tip in such a way that it became Thus, there is a reason why the product picture is perfectly centered over the product description. It might turn out the PuncturerTM is not worth anything if you don't realize this.

Kathryn Lindsay - 16/05/2021
It is a dull blade (1/5)

Despite the pointy end of this thing being too dull to pierce anything, it still does its job. A metal jar cap got stuck to a jar. It is about the thickness of a metal can, the only thing that I can pierce. This could possibly work for a small soup can, but you'd be taking a chance by doing so. This is not the kind of thing I would camp out with. Instead, I might choose that awesome Japanese one The price is $1 more for Ganji Kankiri (Ganji Kankiri).

Giovanni Lim - 06/02/2021
The movie is well worth the money (5/5)

An example of this is a can and a bucket A bottle opener is one of those things you only think of when you need it You will kick yourself at some point if you had gone for the cheap route over the quality one. I used to have something so cheap that it bent whenever I tried to use An end of this opener does not bend, and the cutting edge slices through can tops like butter through hot oil. In addition to the sturdy and effective bottle opener, it is also easy to use. My only regret is that I didn't discover it sooner.

Valentin Olson - 21/03/2021
It's made in Taiwan and is good at opening cans (4/5)

The reason I purchased this particular can opener was because I thought it was made in the United States from the company description. It is always my goal to buy American products whenever possible. On the metal can opener is a stamp that reads Made in Taiwan. However, that does not diminish the utility of the can opener. Made of quality materials, it's sturdy and well-built. My expectation is that it will last a lifetime, or until I lose.

Kailey Washington - 01/02/2021
Punching a can with a can that works! Several reviewers seemed to have an issue with the end of the opener that punches cans, but this is by far the finest can punch I have ever seen (5/5)

Despite its sturdy construction and unlikely to bend with use, the edge is pretty sharp, it grips the lip of the can well, and it punches a nice hole near the edge of the can without any difficulty. Since I was a child, I have fought my old punch opener. The reason I didn't throw it out sooner is unclear to me. With this one, you can't go wrong! By the way, if you weren't sure if it was stainless steel or not, A strong magnetic field is generated by it. A stainless steel might have some magnetism depending on its composition, but this one has a greater magnetic nature than.

Kairi Vaughn - 01/07/2021
A decent opener in particular (5/5)

We were very happy with the quality of the wood for the price. The wood had a more reddish color than what the photos suggested. There is nothing special about the metal, but it will I won't use this often, but when a recipe calls for sweetened or condensed milk, I know exactly where to find it. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve this site? A magnet would be nice to let us just attach it to the fridge so we can use it without cleaning it. Use higher quality steel that isn't chromed out.

Hadassah Reese - 24/06/2021
I like the opener very much (5/5)

The opening of this blog post is fantastic! Thanks to Amazon for having this one, as I had searched a variety of stores looking for one but to no avail. It is like one of my old ones that I've had for a long time. It has been put through the dishwasher hundreds of times and the wood handle has held up well. A cooler bar outside is perfect for leaving inside for ease of use.

Marceline Weber - 06/01/2021
I do not need what you are offering (3/5)

Having searched around for a long time to find a replacement for my 50-year-old bottle and can opener, I thought I had found one. An opener for a can is fine, and an opener for a bottle is just fine. The end result is that the bottle is open. The open end of the bottle won't work for removing lids from home canned foods as it is totally flat. There was an old can opener in my house that had a bottle opener that was just like a can opener, but was flat on the end rather than I'm looking for something like that and can't seem to locate it.

Colby Holt - 08/06/2021