Norlan Bourbon Glass Review

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Easy to hold 4.6 
Giftable 4.5 
Light weight 4.4 
Durability 3.8 
Sturdiness 3.7 
  • Gives you awesome drinking experience.
  • enhances the taste of your drink.
  • Very fragile.

Norlan Bourbon Glass Product Description

In addition, it has double-walled construction so you cannot warm the drink with your hand. When you want to introduce bourbon, scotch, or rye to someone who does not like or likes the drink, this is a good glass to use. By using the Norlan whiskey glass, your drink will be less intense as a result of the reduced alcohol fumes.

  • Immediately nullify.
  • Featuring handblown double-wall borosilicate glass, this modern design can be easily transported.
  • By developing specially developed protrusions within the tube, the device reduces ethanol burn.
  • Over the course of a four day workshop, refinement was carried out under the guidance of master distiller Jim McEwan.
  • This package contains just one microfiber polishing cloth.

Questions & Answers

The glasses themselves are stacked on top of each other inside the packaging, which is enclosed in a cylinder. Based on its size, I would guess it is one foot tall and four inches.
Getting a heavy-duty truck can be tough if you don't have the right equipment These are not for you, if you weigh a lot. There is a double-edged sword between them Air is between the walls in the walled design. You will find them to be quite lightweight, and as delicate as the whiskey you are A weighted Old Fashioned glass would be best if all that matters to you is how heavy it is.
Small, homemade square ice cubes are made from a silicon tray purchased at Sur La Table.
China is not on that list. You should check online for that. This is a quality pair of A website has been designed for the company.

Selected User Reviews For Norlan Bourbon Glass

I hate the quality of this video (1/5)

There were substantial quality problems with all 6 glasses I ordered. The rims were uneven, pitted on the surface, and had hairlines on the surface. You can get better glasses for less money at the grocery store than these, and they will cost a lot less than $25 per glass. My excitement was too great when I ordered them, and I was so disappointed when I received Dumpsters are the proper place for them. Despite the hype, don't take the hype seriously. The photos you see here are the ones I put forth for your guidance.

Davis Bauer - 22/02/2021
Overall, a good piece of glass (4/5)

The first review I've written is my first as a prime member despite being a member for many years. I bought these as I am a scotch drinker. The cons are This glass has no weight, is very fragile, and has a nontraditional shape, and I prefer the look of glancairn glasses (my opinion). *Optional As stated, it gets rid of some harsh alcohol vapor, but the biggest difference (understandably) can be noticed in cask strength whiskey,*br>*br>Testing It was a fun experience to have my 58-year-old mother, who does not drink whiskey, smell a ardbeg and a glendronach in glasses the norlan and glencairn glasses. It was crystal clear that the Norlan glasses smelled smoother, less caustic, and less like rubbing alcohol without her knowing what the test was about. As far as I'm concerned, if you drink scotch a few times a week and have the money to spend 40 dollars or more on a bottle, I think you should purchase these glasses. There's a tiny concern that these glasses may mask some of the aroma/flavor as well as subdue any ethos vapors that the Glencairn glasses would otherwise let you detect. Both bottles of scotch are now being sipped side by side (Lorlan and Glencairn) and I seem to be able to locate all the components of the nose in both. There is very little weight to the glass and it is very fragile. I gave the item four stars. Perhaps they will make a second generation glass with slight weight improvements.

Reuben Evans - 16/01/2021
The glasses are fragile, but I love them! It's a beautiful, elegant glass, and it's very tasty to drink whiskey from it (3/5)

Due to their fragile and easily breakable nature, I give them three stars. Three of the four we have gotten in 7 months have broken and at this price, they can't just be replaced every month. We take good care of them and always wash them by hand. These are the whiskey glasses to drink from if you prefer a quiet household or if you just want a beautiful whiskey glass to use for special events. If you want a harder glass, choose a less expensive one.

Riley Newton - 19/01/2021
Packaging is really cool, but it has a few flaws (5/5)

In my experience, there are several different types of tasting glasses, but this one is my favourite. As it is open enough to let the ethanol smells escape, the user is able to receive notes on the nose at the same time. In addition to Lagavulin Distillers edition, Yamazaki 12, and Habiki Harmony, I also tried this bottle. From this tasting glass, all three aromas and flavors were vastly improved when compared to those from other There are two things that could be improved. I. *br>1. Packaging is really cool, but it has a few flaws. If you do not wish to re-submit I have no idea what the point of wrapping the glasses in the packing paper is. It would be much better to have foam inserts for each pane of glass in the packaging tube rather than paper inserts. A user would be able to safely store their (extremely fragile and expensive) glasses in it. 2. *br>*br> Although the glass is high quality, it is way too thin and fragile for its own good. Thicken up the outer glass wall just a bit. The lightness of a glass is enjoyed by all, but a fragile glass is detested by all. I know that everyone would rather have a glass that will not break easily than something that is heavy. There is a 2 oz difference. *br>*br>Hint for those interested in trying these Cut the pasta into small pieces. We're talking about a tasting glass here! We suggest you do not fill it up with spirits and make cocktails out of it. This is not the glass for you if you're looking for that. I wouldn't recommend dishwasher-washing these glasses. They are nice, but I do not think they will hold up to.

Dylan Gray - 20/02/2021
You may not be satisfied with this product unless you have a very refined palate (2/5)

The bottom line They are not worth the price, but I believe they could In combining the Norlan Whisky Glass with a lowball tumbler and a Glencairn Glass, a friend and I did a few side-by-side comparisons. From tasting the Norlan vs. the Glencairn, I found it to have a smoother taste. In addition, I find the Norlan to be very lightweight and appears to be of low quality. I might choose a heavy crystal tumbler because I like the feel of the As a sucker for good packaging, I found this product to do alright here, it comes with a shiny cloth that tidies up the whole thing nicely. Other than my glasses, I use this on other items as well. A disclaimer In my opinion, I am more of an enthusiast than an expert regarding whiskey. I do not taste blackberries or any of the other fruits said by Aside from sweet, spice, peat, and perhaps a few other more general tastes, my palate is able to pick out more general tastes. My collection of spirits is so diverse that I would not be able to identify each one by a blind taste test, so don't judge me as an expert. Thanks a lot!.

Archie Dorsey - 23/06/2021
A soothing scent that tames the raw smell of alcohol (5/5)

It may be juvenile to drink whiskey neat, but I don't like it diluted in anything. Previous to using this glass, I had previously used Glencairne glasses, and my initial impressions were the following A)Reduction in alcohol notes is achieved through baffling. The first sniff is not overwhelming for me and I can still taste what's in the glass and under the surface, becoming more conscious of everything I consume*br>b) the glass does have a little more heft (weight) than my Glencairne glasses. There might be less alcohol in this, but it doesn't taste cheap or poor. According to what I understand, it is made of glass on the outside and plastic on the inside. In a side profile, the baffling stands out barely. * * I appreciate the novelty of it, and hope to collect more novel glasses in the future.

Enzo Robbins - 05/05/2021