NJ Teardrop Bar Spoon ,Twisted Design Bar Spoon Review

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  • Elegant in design.
  • Long-lasting product life.
  • Blunt from top.

NJ Teardrop Bar Spoon ,Twisted Design Bar Spoon Product Description

With our NJ Bar Professional Weighted Bar Spoon, you can spruce up your bar tools collection while adding function and style. This stunning bar spoon is made from one piece of 304 stainless steel and beautifully finished with an elegant rose gold plating. The twisted coil handle is a stylish detail that ensures more efficient stirring, and the weighted end helps you maintain a correct tempo for fantastic mixing of drinks. Applied for your convenience, this 30 cm bar spoon is also available in other lengths.

  • Exactly the right length, just the The spiral pattern gives a better grip and control, and the length is long enough for most cups and saucers.
  • Design that is both sleek and elegant. An end in a teardrop shape, with a rose gold metallic finish, and a tight helix.
  • The rose gold finish on the stainless steel is beautiful and long lasting.
  • This cocktail shaker is made from stainless steel, so it can be used to create drinks made from many types of liquor, including whisky, scotch, vodka, tequila, gin, rum, brandy, sake Any mixer of your choice can also be used. This cocktail spoon is the ultimate bartender tool since it has a fine-toothed edge!
  • Stirring helps maintain the clarity and texture of your drink. It also helps make sure that the content is well dissolved. Place the bar spoon between your thumb and two first fingers, and allow it to rotate.

Selected User Reviews For NJ Teardrop Bar Spoon ,Twisted Design Bar Spoon

I am baffled (1/5)

It took 3 attempts to get the right product but I got pink gold instead of rose gold I have never seen a shade as ugly as this. I have bought two more items from this seller, and I am very pleased with them Measures the alcohol in a cocktail and in a peg. The rose gold one is coincidentally the same colour as the gold one. Shades of grey should be the correct color. The rose gold peg measure cup was intended to match a matching cocktail stirrer, but they weren't available. A third attempt did not work for him.

Ainhoa Bernard - 15/05/2021
This is good (5/5)

I like it.

Barrett Burgess - 16/03/2021
You are doing a very good job (5/5)

The best quality, the best colour and the best.

Karla Murphy - 31/03/2021