Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender Review

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  • Blends hard items quickly, such as ice and frozen fruit.
  • The container is dishwasher safe, so cleaning is a breeze.
  • The huge capacity of the pitcher allows you to combine numerous servings at once.
  • The pitcher has a spout that allows you to pour drinks without making a mess.
  • The blender's loudness can be loud, and unlike some other options, it does not come with a sound screen to dampen the noise.

Selected User Reviews For Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

It is a safety hazard (1/5)

The lid broke when I was using it for the fourth time. In this recipe, I not only pressed pulse for two seconds after taking the orange out of the fridge, but it also blended. I noticed 2 holes in the jar in 3 seconds each time. I am lucky to be I'll contact Amazon / Ninja for instructions on how to replace or return it.

Ridge Beck - 11/03/2021
The blender is strong and quality, but it has a The product is good (3/5)

It is well-made and well-designed in general A powerful motor has been designed in the blender. Because I have only been using it for a short time, I cannot attest to its durability, but the way it came out of the box impressed me. How come you only gave three stars to my product? There is a leak in the lid, so I wanted to give it four stars. As an enzyme, I used it to make liposomal vitamin C, which is a viscous fluid (as it contains oil). As the liquid is thrown against the top of the blender (it has a powerful motor), it is pushed against the spout cover where it runs down the side and drips out. I have to clean the side of the blender. There are only about 1000 milliliters of liquid in my only mix - As a result, I blend it six times a day, which results in less leakage. I can push down on the spout cover with my whole weight and it still So far I have only used liposomal C for that purpose, so I don't yet know if it is true for all liquids. The solution will eventually come to me, but I shouldn't have to, therefore I will find a workaround The star rating is three. You should also be CAREFUL (this is not a flaw). There is a razor-sharp edge to the blade. On one of them, I cut my thumb.

Liberty Norman - 20/07/2021
It is very misleading to have high ratings Buy this product if you can avoid it (1/5)

I'm on my second Ninja in less than six months. After only blending liquids for a short while, my first blender (late Feb 2020) developed a crack in the base of the bottle. Whenever I complained, I was told that they would send me another cup, but it would take several weeks (it's been around 3 months since they haven't sent me one). (I bought a second Ninja because I needed a blender<extra_id_18> Next May). I have used the base only to blend liquids and it has developed a small crack and the power light (red blinking) does not turn on today. There will be next to nothing to do but try for a refund of my money for two blenders (the return window for one blender is closed) and step up and buy a third blender (which certainly will not The price and the reviews have made me willing to put up with its high level of noise and the common cuts that come from In spite of this, I would highly discourage anyone from purchasing this product due to repeated issues and substandard customer service.

Langston Gibbs - 30/01/2021
Very little use caused cracks to form on the base (1/5)

I am using Ninja Blender for the second time. As much as I wanted to have a bigger model, I did so for some extra I have two blenders with cracks at the bottom, and when I use them, they leak. Although I have only hand washed the second one and haven't used it extensively, I thought that the lack of overuse would contribute to its longevity. This hasn't happened. We cannot rely on this blender for its durability. It would be best to search for another blender or save your money so you can buy one that doesn't break if this is the case with all Ninja blenders.

Sabrina Lynch - 22/03/2021
Despite two replacement containers, I am still not impressed (1/5)

Buying my first one on June 8, 2019 was a big deal to me. The container has cracked and is leaking after just one month of moderate use, making smoothies. Upon receiving the container on July 19, Ninja resends a replacement to me. We are now on September 27 and the second container has a crack in it. Ninja's call center told me that $64 is needed to replace the container. You'll need to add shipping to the order of 100. A total of 99 people are in the unit. On Amazon, you can buy it for 99 cents. The Ninja won't replace it at no charge a second time, so I will not be buying Ninja products in the future.

Gregory Pacheco - 26/02/2021
This blender has been such a great purchase (4/5)

I have been looking at this blender for a long time and lastly decided to buy it and it has been worth every penny. I am in love with this machine for its ability to crush ice into slush instantly and blend everything so quickly. Although it arrived with two single serve cups, I did not appreciate that it was delivered in the original box since it said "Ninja Blender" and not in an Amazon box, which was upsetting because it was possible for someone to steal it when it was left on my doorstep. In addition, it did not come in the white or black box that most Ninja blenders do, so because of that I asked Amazon, which told me that is how they received them from the company and everything looked brand new, I just wish the cord could be stored more easily. I cannot say enough about the Ninja and I am sure you will not be disappointed if you do purchase it. However, I'm giving it 4 stars due to the way it was delivered and because of the chord, but I am very satisfied with the overall product.

Giana SLATER - 11/06/2021
Was tempted to love it, but the leaking ruines it (1/5)

Getting tired of having to hold onto my old Oster blender's cracked bases, I decided to get one that was supposed to be of One of the challenges of using them is finding one that actually works without breaking, and unfortunately the shark ninja does not make the cut. The joints on it developed cracks within a few uses, and by now it's leaking There is a warranty program for Shark, but replacing the blender looks like it will cost $20, and I'm not sure I want to spend that kind of money on a new blender that will break within a week or so. Even with the coffee capability, I haven't used it for any other solids yet).

Kody SHARPE - 12/04/2021
There's no need for something more expensive when this one does the job just as With this blender, we replaced an expensive blender ($400) that died after 5 or 6 years (old blender left metal shavings everywhere) (5/5)

A $400 or $500 blender might have been as expensive as this one, so we decided to go with this one instead. has a great deal of power but is also extremely easy In addition to being powerful, it is also easy to clean. Getting a quick personal smoothie is a lot easier with the cups that come with it! As well as the design for pouring, it is very nice! The blender is highly functional and does everything we require - we are very happy with our purchase since it has been two months since we purchased it. You can find smoothies, shakes, puddings, deserts, and energy drinks here!.

Titan Gross - 12/06/2021