NIA NIA Portable Smoke Infuser Review

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Giftable 4.8 
Flavor 4.4 
Easy to use 4.4 
Easy to clean 4.1 
Value for money 3.6 
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • No accessories included

NIA NIA Portable Smoke Infuser Product Description

Smoked flavors, such as those found in cheese, nuts, desserts, beverages, and cocktail drinks, can be added to your meats, seafood, cheese, nuts, and more with this handheld smoker! It uses various kinds of wood chips, such as Hickory, Mesquite, Applewood, Cherrywood, or even teas, herbs, and spices in addition to the wood chips. By simply turning the device on, you can have the power of a smokehouse right in your hand, in a device that is portable, lightweight, and extremely efficient.

  • ADD QUICK SMOKE FLAVOR Our Handheld Food Smoker can add a variety of natural smoky flavor to a variety of foods like meat, seafood, cheese, nuts, desserts, beverages, and cocktail drinks in With its stylish appearance and versatility, this portable food smoker can be used with various types of wood chips, including Hickory, Mesquite, Applewood, Cherrywood and even spices, herbs, and teas (glass dome & spices are not included).
  • A smoking gun's simple operation allows you to get started instantly. Use a match or lighter to ignite the wood chips by placing them in a covered bowl or ziplock bag, turning on the smoker, then placing the hose in the bowl or ziplock bag. The best part is, whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, you will be taking your meal to the next level without having to adjust.
  • It is easy to set up and take apart since the battery-powered unit is so small and easy to assemble. You are now in command of the power of a smokehouse in a lightweight and extremely efficient device that fits easily in your hand. It requires 4 AA Batteries (not included). You can use the product indoors or outdoors for lasting durability and convenience! It takes up very little space for storage and is great for traveling! The measurement is only one. The dimensions of the image are 45" x 1". The size of this painting is 45' x 5'. The 90-inch mark.
  • ALUMINUM & SILICONE ARE FOOD GRADE MATERIALS The Infusion Smoker is designed with food grade materials, aluminum alloy & silicone. Anodized aluminum chambers are used to release cool smoke from the device. Using the flexible 10-inch hose extension allows you to use it with resealable containers, bags, glasses, or any kind of deep container. It is simple to clean the chamber with a stainless steel mesh filter built in.
  • Service & Warranty - Free Maintenance and OUTSTANDING Customer Service for One Year. In case of defects or malfunctions, warranty covers them. It is our pleasure to give our customers CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY.

Questions & Answers

It was easier for me to work with small ones.
do not believe that charcoal could burn in this device because of the heat it produces.
The software does not come with that, at least from what I can tell. This is just the smoking post. Whenever I travel, I use ziplock bags.
My sincerest condolences go out to you. If you would like a full refund, go ahead and ask for it.

Selected User Reviews For NIA NIA Portable Smoke Infuser

This convenient snack is packed with flavor and a big punch (5/5)

With this small and portable smoking device, I'm able to enhance the taste of ribeye steak with mesquite. My camper gets a lot of use when I spend time on the road outdoors, so I appreciate the compact size. Due to the fact that I already have my steaks stored in ziplock bags, I used them for transportation. I really liked how this worked! It would be better for me to buy a dome top if I used this frequently at home. There will be no wood chips included with this unit, which means you will have to purchase them. My first one was from Walmart and the size was way too large to fit inside the chamber comfortably. It is recommended that you search for micro chips on Amazon, where you can find them in smaller sizes. I cleaned the device after I used it multiple times like I would with any other smoker using a pipe cleaner, and it removed any leftover residue easily. Buying two more is my next purchase. This is my first portable smoker and I am going to buy two more. Both of my brothers are master cooks, so I need to buy one for each of them so they can enjoy the same experience as I have. I haven't tried smoking cheese yet, but at some point I will.

Rachel Nielsen - 28/06/2021
This smoke infuser represents the best value at the lowest price (5/5)

It is the most important kitchen gadget I have ever owned, and it is the best. To smoke cheese, chocolate chips, and homemade potato chips for a party platter, I had originally intended to do so, but it wasn't only a success, I'd like to do it more often. I initially cannot figure out exactly what the device is, but after a little trial and error, I realized finally that it consists of a pipe along All you need are two AA batteries and you're good to go. I find it a little difficult to get kindling to ignite with the device on, but the long-term benefits are a lot better The best way to establish a long-lasting flame is with a handled lighter or an old match. I recommend using tea, any dried herbs, and hickory wood chips (my favorite) to smoke your food items and you will only need to smoke them for a few minutes. I would recommend 3 minutes at most. A pinch of infused smoke is like a layer of coarse salt sprinkled on top of the food. It adds a nice flavor to your food that really enhances the smoking experience.

Lyra Johns - 18/07/2021
Food guns can be used to smoke food (5/5)

The first thing I have to say is what great quality. I have smoked my coffee with this and it is the best product I have ever used. With just a few seconds, you can get intensified smoke, and your food and drinks will taste so good. It is a must-have if you are a food lover or love to make food.

Mabel Hale - 08/07/2021
A wonderful product that is easy to use, has a great flavor, and is very clean (5/5)

appreciate how compact this smoker is I have a small kitchen, so I cannot include big appliances that take up a lot of An item like this is easily stored It was used in combination with a glass bowl to steam some fruits and jalapeno peppers with cherry wood, and the flavors were superb. Someone who enjoys cooking and experimenting with flavors would really appreciate receiving this book as a gift. As someone who enjoys experimenting with different types of wood and herbs, I am always eager to discover what flavors I can create with different combinations. Additionally, the tool can be cleaned easily after use so that it can be used quickly and easily without having to assemble anything complicated or to trash a room in one's home. That is such a great idea! I highly recommend this book.

Ella Shannon - 05/03/2021
It is affordable (5/5)

Cleans up easily and is very easy to use. To make the infuser work, I tried a simple recipe for a smoked peach and jalapeo cocktail. This is the first time that I'm using a smoke infuser, so I chose to test it out with an original recipe. I did find it to be very simple to use, as well as being very affordable for the results that can be achieved with it. In order to power it, it requires 4 AA batteries, and about a pinch of wood shavings to generously flavour one serving. Note that this product does not include a dome, as shown in the photo, so take that into consideration before purchasing. A suggestion is merely an idea of how it might be used. The infuser could be used in a wide variety of ways. A dome would restrict this flexibility. Don't be afraid to think outside the
Living on the coast of Texas, I preferred to put the diced fruit in a mason jar and seal the opening with press-n-seal In order to allow smoke to flow through for a couple of minutes, I poked the infuser nozzle through a small opening. I then sealed it up completely and let the fruit steep in the smoke for 5 minutes. I am 7 minutes late. After adding the rest of the ingredients to the jar, I covered it with the lid and sealed it. My cocktail was ready as soon as I shook the jar and poured it into a chilled *br>I was so pleased with the result! I was able to create a drink with layers of flavor that would be sure to impress at my next gathering because of the smokey theme. The recipe sounds delicious and I cannot wait to try it.

Jocelyn Welch - 02/08/2021
When it works, it's good (1/5)

This product is amazing, so let me tell you! I bought mine about a month ago and it stopped working a few days after I received it. I've used it maybe 10 times and it's stuck and I can't get it to spin! It used to work great, but as it only works at most 10 times, it's not worth the money any more.

Clayton Barnett - 04/06/2021
This is a pretty good job (4/5)

I am satisfied with this purchase. You can smoke a lot of food with this smoker, and it's easy to use. Just a pinch of shredded wood is required, and you'll get enough smoke to fill a small cake tin. You need to limit the burn to 30 seconds, according to the instructions. I think that's more than enough. Although you could pack the bowl more in order to have a longer burn, it is not necessary, and other reviews here suggest that it could cause your smoker to malfunction. The smoker is a good choice for a first experiment with a smoker. It is also a good choice for providing smoke to a meat container and sealing the cover. Prepare your food with a marinade or a smoke. The smoke from this is not a good addition to any kind of meat cooker. b) Not a good choice for applications that need constant smoke for an extended.

Elliot CHADWICK - 07/03/2021
The heat is too much for her (1/5)

In the past two years I've owned two and both failed after Due to its design, the impeller takes in a lot of heat and smoke, causing it to break down A warped and seized impeller was found on the first one. During a second attempt, the impeller on the second motor melted loose. It is better to use designs that look more like guns so that heat and soot are not passed through the.

Maya Giles - 19/05/2021