NewAir Portable Ice Maker AI-215SS Review

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Easy to use 4.5 
Flavor 4.5 
Sheerness 4.5 
Easy to clean 4.4 
Noise level 4.0 
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Portable design.
  • Can be connected to smartphone.
  • Quit expensive.
  • Much heavier than other portable ice maker.

NewAir Portable Ice Maker AI-215SS Product Description

This machine doesn’t need much maintenance (it has a self-cleaning mode) and produces ice fast. It takes 2 hours to fill the ice bin in the small setting, which is the maximum allowed. The machine is portable, but it does weigh around 40 pounds. It is not something you’ll want to move over and over again.

  • Ice maker that makes up to 50 pounds of ice every.
  • In as little as 7 minutes, it can produce 12 pieces of ice.
  • Designed to automatically cut off and protect against overflow.
  • A light indicates that the water reservoir is empty.
  • Ideal for RVs and apartments because of its compact, portable size.

Questions & Answers

Is the model and company that is being considered "Elite" only offering a year's All of the other models I've looked at have come with a 2 year warranty & These were what I would consider to be in a slightly "lesser" The top end of the spectrum is what I thought I'd look at. At least as long as its lesser competitors, top end products deserve at least the same warranty! Frankly, I expect much more from them. " & " The fact that it is a RED FLAG in and of itself should raise alarms! Purchasing anything from them is very scary for me. This is such a pity. Besides the Clear Ice model, I also looked at the new Model 510. As of yet, we haven't addressed the warranty. I hate it!
Several sizes of round ice blocks are made. Because the ice is soft, it makes a great chewing item. Whenever she wants to drink ice water, my granddaughter has a glass beside her.
It is an ICE MACHINE after all DLH, so if it does not freeze, this poor customer is going to have a hard time getting ice from it, since water needs to be frozen in order for ice to be stored.
It is a pleasure to hear from you. There is a mechanism for recycling melted ice/water back to the reservoir after melting.

Selected User Reviews For NewAir Portable Ice Maker AI-215SS

I will never do it again! Normally I only write positive reviews however, I had to give this unit a negative review (1/5)

25 March 2018. Bought 25 March 2018. We found out that after four months, the sensor that prevents ice from building up when the basket is full failed. That would be no problem for us. It appeared that there was mineral corrosion on the condenser within 6 months, despite the fact we were using Those metallic flakes first appeared in the water tank and on the plastic below the condenser. I tested and found that the flakes were magnetic, so perhaps the posts are being chipped away at. Although NewAir responded to our emails, they told us it was no longer under warranty. I should have called the company before the one-year warranty expired, but we were busy and I missed the deadline. It is not possible to replace parts, and "Hoping you have a good day. ". Well, let me tell you something! Money is a total waste. The recommendation is not to be followed.

Ibrahim Brandt - 24/04/2021
It's time for Sugru to rescue the day (4/5)

The machine I bought in March of 2016 has its good points and its bad points. Since the bin is not very large, we bagged up the extra ice to store in the freezer since we could not store it all. Around the middle of October last year, the machine started making a horrible grinding noise. As a result of contacting the company regarding the warranty, I was given an information request. Since other reviewers had requested a photo of the data panel on the machine, and a copy of my receipt, I prepared a photo. In addition to receiving a return authorization number, I was now treated more kindly. The company sent me an extra box and a couple of tiny protection pads because I didn't keep the original. As this did not provide sufficient protection for the machine during shipping, I prepared to send it back to the manufacturer. Well, the machine was almost entirely silent with only an occasional odd sound. I kept listening for it to quit and making sure there was enough ice in the freezer so I didn't have to buy ice. In July 2017, I acquired a new portable machine. It had never been consistent until then, so I kept it. It would not lift so that water could be used to make ice. My husband took it apart and determined what the problem was. Two half rings of plastic are included in the tray, and they are enclosed in a metal sleeve. It would have made a huge difference in ability to sustain continuous use if these half circles instead of half rings had been made of plastic. You can see more details in the photos. If we hadn't had sugru, I would have screwed a stainless steel screw through the tray, into a new piece of plastic that was glued to the tray, and then reassembled the machine. It is not going to be easy to replace the tray. In the event we could not find a replacement tray, the ice machine would need to be further torn apart. fabrication, the tray is placed in place and spray-in foam is sprayed on to insulate and sound deaden the enclosure. In this scenario, a small repair becomes a major project instead of a minor one. For what it is worth, I am not going to replace it when it dies for good. Rather than buying a domestic model, I will opt for a commercial model that can be repaired and makes a large amount of ice on If I had my choice, I would like a simpler way to drain water (unit should be placed near the sink) and a more convenient way to fill the machine (it must be filled by hand). I also would like easier repairs. Parts made of plastic that are prone to breaking are not my favorite. By making a few minor adjustments to this machine, it will not only increase the price, but also increase customer satisfaction at a rate much higher.

Kaylee McLaughlin - 13/06/2021
It lasted less than a month before it broke, and it was replaced within two weeks after it did (1/5)

There are no problems with this ice maker. Before, I had one that worked for a year before it started not sucking up It was such a hit that we purchased a new one from Amazon. We followed all the instructions to ensure it was plugged in upright before using it. It did not make ice right from the beginning. The ice on that side was small, and no matter what size was selected, it had a short shelf life. At this point (less than a month old), it only makes three each day I have asked for Amazon to replace the current ice cube holder with one that holds 4 ice cubes at a time. I hope the next one works correctly, too
*Edit- A replacement has been received. I noticed that it made a very strange sound when the compressor first fired up after less than 2 weeks. I have no idea why it stopped after a minute, but it is very irritating. In order to refund my money, Amazon has decided to do so. Upon returning the replacement, I will issue a refund. It is obvious that the company (New Air) does not maintain its quality controls.

Malani Lozano - 05/01/2021
Ice maker that makes good ice (4/5)

Specifically, we ordered this ice maker to take on our big family camping trip every year. After returning from the trip, we found that the machine had performed We had the perfect spot for the unit, even though it's a very large unit. While it makes some noise and generates some heat, I didn't notice either during the day when the a/c was running in the RV (tops 100 degrees in Texas heat), but the noise was noticeable. Having previously bought a smaller unit and returning it, this unit may not be able to make enough ice to meet all our needs while camping, but it was nice to always have clean ice for drinks and for our small coolers whenever we went out on the boat or fishing. We could make ice about once every 10 minutes as long as we kept water in the unit. As a result of the noise of ice falling into the tray, we turned it off when we were sleeping. Our ice in the freezer was too full to fill up the trays of ice, so we had to dump the full trays into the big cooler. I am sure that my friends would enjoy using this ice maker.

Mordechai Wood - 21/04/2021
Quality of the machine is poor, and it breaks often (1/5)

Sept. 2015 marked the date of my purchase of this product. We installed the unit, but one day it stopped making ice. We called the company, and after receiving the proof of purchase, they sent replacement parts in a timely manner. In this case, though, the parts did not come with instructions on how to replace them, so a special tool was needed. The only reason we were able to fix them was that my husband is an electrical engineer and has knowledge of wiring and This product has now developed a fault for the second time in less than two years and the company has refused to fix it unless we pay for a new part. The fact that a product would break twice within two years makes me sick to my stomach. This company is the only one I will ever purchase from again. Taking care of the machine as instructed is something I would like to even add to my work. To prevent it from overheating, we kept it on a flat counter that had a lot of air circulation. According to the instructions given by the company, I cleaned and changed the water regularly and used only bottled water, not tap water.

Cadence Stone - 12/07/2021