NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler with 126 Can Capacity – Mini Bar Beer Fridge Review

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Style 4.1 
Noise level 3.3 
Temperature Control 3.2 
Giftable 2.3 
  • Modern look.
  • Accurate for home, office, travel, and dorms.
  • Adjustable shelves.
  • Noisy.

NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler with 126 Can Capacity – Mini Bar Beer Fridge Product Description

In spite of having space for 3.6 cubic feet of contents, the NewAir Beverage Cooler maintains an amazingly small profile and fits through the smallest of doorways. With only 35 dB, it is one of the quietest compressors in the market, allowing the air conditioner to cool to a chilly 34 degrees Fahrenheit. The NewAir mini beer fridge can easily be tucked behind a bar, but if you want it to stand out in plain view or be integrated into the design of your kitchen, this unit has pleasing proportions and is available in matte stainless steel and black finishes.

  • Ice-cold drinks are chilled all the way to 37 degrees thanks to powerful refrigeration.
  • This stainless steel design large enough to accommodate 126 cans in a spacious, and attractive.
  • Cans, bottles, and more can be stored in racks that can be removed.
  • With 7 custom settings, this set-and-forget thermostat does not need to be adjusted.
  • An ideal device for homes, offices, dorm rooms and more, this compressor is very quiet at 35 dB.

Questions & Answers

The one I have is outside under my covered lanai in FL. A lot of sweat drips down the front of the device. Sometimes leaves a pool at the bottom. I do have to defrost it in order to keep it cool. This is due to it failing to keep items cool with frost on the cooling unit. I figure that's good for opening and closing in a humid environment though. It has held up well to rust since I bought it two years ago (it is showing a bit of rust). In general, I would say that it is okay to use outside, just keep the puddle in mind if it is humid.
Yes, you can do that. The one I use has both a wine and beer chamber. My wine bottle however is stored at the top since it requires less cold for it to open and enjoy (beer requires a colder temperature than wine).
I've found it works well at getting temperatures as low as 30 degrees.

Selected User Reviews For NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler with 126 Can Capacity – Mini Bar Beer Fridge

Taking a look at width and depth! Take a look- I'm sure this is a nice refrigerator, but the person who writes product descriptions should learn the difference between width and depth (1/5)

There is a 19" gap between this fridge and the counter. This is not a deep topic. 18 liters is the size of the fridge. A bar should be designed to be 25" deep, not wide. When designing a bar around something, even one that is freestanding, This is apparently not eligible for return on Amazon? In the product description, I don't see any mention of the shipping cost. You're playing the bait and switch game!.

Aria Luna - 16/06/2021
The owner has owned the property for 3 years (3/5)

The first thing you must keep in mind is that if you stock it like it appears in the photos, you will actually void the warranty. There is no mention of "WARRATNY" in the manual. My piece of equipment died within a month of purchasing. The customer complained. My old one was replaced, but I had to send the new one back It was an okay transaction, although it was somewhat Upon ordering, they offered me a two year warranty free of charge. I've been using it for beer, soda, and wine for 3 years now. There will be times when the compressor will not work To be level, it has to be extremely flat. No, I do not store it in a cupboard. It must be well ventilated. There has been a rattling that has become a part of the compressor Having said that, I do not anticipate it lasting for I would say that all in all, it did what it was supposed to. Due to the fact that I had to replace 2 fridges in 3 years, I probably won't buy again. you are okay paying $250 for it and you will keep it for one year, then you can buy it I think this will be good for you in four years.

Gael Owen - 30/04/2021
Is it big enough to hold how many beers? This fridge is cold, quiet, has double pane glass, and it has LED lighting (5/5)

single biggest question is how many beers are there? - I removed three shelves so standing bottles could stand at the same height. On top of the A shelf in the middle There are 30 bottles (6 inches wide by 5 inches A low shelf consists of The cans are 15 in number. I have yet to obtain a thermometer for it, but it keeps beer nice and cold at a middle setting.

Elliott Norton - 23/03/2021
My stomach turns over at the sound of gurgling (2/5)

I am not impressed so far and have started second guessing my decision to purchase this refrigerator. First of all, I would like to point out that it has remained In my opinion, here is what led me to award the product a 2 star rating. There is one complain about it most and it's the gurgling. Although the compressor is fairly quiet when it is operating, it gurgles at startup and stops as soon as it stops. In addition to this, the compressor will continue to run for at least 5 minutes. Having this problem in a basement theater room can be quite aggravating. Secondly, there is a complaint about the leveling feet. That's the word I should use instead of Only one of the feet can be adjusted. The adjust function is not very effective if you are only changing one point of contact. I am aware the level is not the issue (so I am pretty sure that is not the reason for the noise), but I can see it causing problems I'm thinking of resuming the search and returning it to the previous one.

Athena Logan - 11/05/2021
It is dependent on the room temperature whether a fridge is cold or warm (2/5)

Cheeses and other delicate items are stored in there, so I would not mind a refrigerator that kept a reasonable The temperature in my office barely drops below 40 degrees during the day while it is being heated at its highest In the middle of the night, when the temperature of my office is not controlled, the temperatures in my refrigerator get down to 20 degrees, causing my items to freeze. My expectations are that there will be a problem during the summer when the air conditioner is turned off It won't be able to keep my food fresh in the evenings in the summer when it is barely able to stay below 40 degrees on its highest setting in a 73 degree office. No matter whether it's due to the glass door, or if the seal at the door isn't properly sealed, or if the insulation is just a general problem, but the temperature inside the refrigerator really seems to be affected by the air temperature in the room.

Katie CONNOLLY - 22/06/2021
The temperature is confirmed at 34 degrees, and gurgle noises are heard (4/5)

This is my first fridge review, so this doesn't cover a long period of time. The plan is to put the bar under this. Plugging it in after 24 hours of letting it sit overnight was a good move. My thermometer says that it is 34 degrees inside the cold storage container after I loaded it up with bottles and inserted a thermometer. The other reviewer did mention that it makes some gurgling noises when the compressor is not running, and yes, mine also does that. The fact that it is in our basement, where we will play music or be loud in our party room, isn't a deal breaker for me. Although it doesn't seem to always work, there are some intermittent periods when it does. I really like the installation of the fridge with the bar, as it's cold in either case.

Foster Gorman - 26/01/2021
Served one year in the military (1/5)

A few months after 1 year, she died. The cooling was never that good. Although I am not an official mini-fan, this seems to be the trend Poor reviews are being given to fridges. We couldn't find any that actually have four or more stars.

Charleigh HUSSAIN - 02/02/2021