NewAir Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler with Glass Door Review

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Sturdiness 4.4 
Style 4.4 
Value for money 3.8 
Noise level 3.7 
Temperature Control 3.6 
  • Comes with 1 year warranty.
  • Always remains in-demand.
  • Can be used to store extra stuff.
  • Cooling fan is liable to get defected.

NewAir Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler with Glass Door Product Description

The right beer fridge can make all the difference between a beer that is at the right temperature and has the right taste and one that doesn’t. No matter if you buy a dedicated beverage refrigerator or a mini-fridge, the most important factor is a consistent, cold temperature that keeps your drink within the ideal range. NewAir Can Cooler provides a great solution to this problem while still providing room for storage too. This multipurpose cooler keeps beer, sodas, and wines at a cool 34 degrees Fahrenheit for up to four hours. With a chrome slide-out rack and five adjustable hooks, the interior is highly customizable. There are seven thermostat settings to help set the correct temperature for the best results. In total, you can store 126 cans of beer or soda and around 23 bottles of wine with the 3.4 cubic feet that it takes up.

  • A perfect beverage refrigerator for keeping beer, wine, and soft drinks cold in any room, indoors or out. Our 126 Can cooler refrigerator does not require any installation and can keep your beverages cool in your living room, kitchen, dorm, man cave, or office.
  • A CUSTOM COOL TEMPERATURE CONTROL - The beverage cooler has 7 custom temperature settings that can be set up once and left alone so that beer, wine, and soda are served at the right temperature every time. The perfect place to store all the family favorites is between 37°F and 64°F.
  • The mini fridge you need at Home or Office allows you to store lunch at the office, leftovers in the dorm room, or even a cold beverage during the hot summer months. You simply plug it in and start using it immediately.
  • This adjustable size refrigerator allows you to put nearly any combination of drinks and food on its removable shelves. Fill up the container with 126 cans, which is over 20 full six-packs, or make room for taller bottles and cans.
  • DOUBLE-PANED GLASS DOOR - Keep your cold beer, wine, soda, and beverages cool inside our mini-fridge. The double-paned glass doors provide a timeless stainless steel appearance while keeping in the cold.

Questions & Answers

I'm sorry to inform you this item has not been designed to hold wine bottles.
I wouldn't say that at all. If you want to open it upside down, move the top hinge hardware to the left side and turn the door upside down, according to the manual. There is no truth in it. In neither the article nor the illustration is the bottom hinge mentioned A single foot on each side, both of which can move (because the right foot is also The article fails to explain why the handle will be shifted to the lower half of the door, nor how the upside-down "newair" logo will be fixed. Is it possible to unstick and reinstall it What's the deal? I'm not convinced. Additionally, there is an object sticking out of the top of the door by the bottom hinge, which looks like a crazy piece of hardware.
Unique and one of a kind, this beverage cooler is a freestanding unit and should not be mounted within To ensure proper airflow around the cooler, please allow plenty of space. clearances recommended for each of these areas The sides are The top is 34" (19 mm) wide, The measurement is approximately 4" (100mm), Back The diameter of the metal frame is 2 inches (50 mm).
The dimensions of this product are 18" wide by 24" high. The dimensions are 40" wide by 18" deep. It measures 90 inches wide by 32 inches high. The height of the lamp is 40" A hinge at 00" would be helpful).

Selected User Reviews For NewAir Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler with Glass Door

This fridge is awesome! (Hey, I added some LED lights An installed light is not included with the fridge) (5/5)

A waterproof LED light has been added to my refrigerator as a disclaimer. You will not find any sort of light inside! The fridge I have installed under my gaming desk was installed today. My drinks are nice and cold, even after sitting all day full of drinks. It's at a nice 40 degrees outside and it's a nice 40 degrees inside. 12 beer bottles and 24 cans fit in this rack! If you have any questions It is located on the back of the motor with the temperature gauge. It can be inconvenient to be in such a strange place. You may not use it on carpeted floors, according to the manual. My monitor was placed on cardboard boxes.
&gt In the manual it states that you should not store perishable items (Though it gets chilly enough for things like fruit, and I would be comfortable storing yogurt or meat in this cooler - but it is a cooler. The refrigerator is not a refrigerator).

Chandler Salinas - 01/01/2021
The beverage refrigerator is a great bargain, especially for the price (5/5)

First of all, it is a BUDGET beverage refrigerator. You get what you pay for, we all know that. It is necessary to purchase an expensive model if you want an automatic light and a whisper quiet motor. The good news is that this refrigerator is a good purchase for less than $200. Our first one was so good, in fact, that we ordered another on Prime Day at a lower cost, and this one was just as good. *br>Compare this to other models in the same price range, and you will find that this one does not lack important The load stays cold if it is properly loaded. Comparable to the Danby model (because it's similar in price. It was said that people had to manually change the thermostat to get a cool temperature in these reviews. Looking at this refrigerator, I don't find it to be too It is rare for you to hear the motor running, but you can notice it occasionally. (3 times as loud as this refrigerator is our Bosch dishwasher. Right now I am 10 feet from the refrigerator and I can hear its quiet operation. *) The *When comparing this model with the next pricier model, the only difference I could find was the fact that the $250 refrigerator has many good reviews and five shelves while this model has four As I only need four shelves, I find this model to be suitable for my needs. It is true that the shelves are made of metal, but one would expect that at this price point. There are adjustable 'legs' on the front of the refrigerator to ensure it is perfectly level. It isn't an issue for me that I have to turn the light switch manually on and off. You can easily turn it on and off due to the convenient location of the switch. It is simply not worth the price at this time Weakness that breaks. (In addition, I apologize to the reviewer who was upset. In the product information, a detailed description of how the light works is provided. )*br>Unlike some of the reviewers, I had no problems registering the product. There were several models listed on the website and sending out an offer took about tell you that the receipt needs to be in the form of a JPEG file. In the beginning, I tried taking a screenshot of my Amazon receipt and uploading it, but it wasn't a In lieu of the receipt, I took a picture and uploaded that there are any problems with this product, but I did not find a better value and found it affordable. If the product stops working after the warranty expires, I may consider purchasing a model in a lower We did, however, get two nice-looking, well-made video games for less than $400 Refrigerated beverages that can be used.

Lacey Steele - 16/07/2021
It disappointed me when I received my unit today (1/5)

I found three issues that lead me to be concerned. With regard to the interior light, there are two concerns. Unlike all other full-size refrigerators and coolers I've used, this one does not run the way I've imagined it would. The refrigerator has an off and on light switch, but it is static, and it does not turn on and off when the door is opened and closed. There is no explanation for why it was designed this way, yet it is highly The issue of product registration is another concern. Despite the fact that the product is listed on the online menu, there is no way to register on the enclosed paperwork. In my call to NewAir, I was told that they no longer do product registration and that I should keep my documentation and use it if I need to file In regards to my conversation with the representative at NewAir, I have a final concern. It was almost bedtime, and they were totally uninterested. It would be prudent for me to be very careful before I made a purchase from.

Kamari Mann - 28/07/2021
There is no way to contact the seller because it doesn't cool as described (1/5)

Amazon. com has always been a very good place for me to purchase items. Although I understand all that's going on with the COVID- it is an exception Considering the current situation, there is no reason as to why the manufacturer should be totally negligent Whenever a problem arises, the company will respond immediately. We accept orders from you and your money, and we ship the products, but it is completely against our TOS Whenever a problem arises, the company will respond immediately. The manufacturer's website is no longer accessible, so I don't recommend purchasing this unit as it will NOT cool as described.

Laylani Erickson - 22/02/2021
Beautiful, but not as cold as it looks (1/5)

You will notice that there are many positive reviews that have been compensated. Despite being so close to the ground, this unit never gets very cold You can expect it to reach a cold setting of 39 to 43 degrees.

Dane Carrillo - 20/04/2021
This budget wine fridge is okay, but it has some minor issues (3/5)

It is designed to fit anywhere between 24 and 48 bottles. A total of 30 bottles of wine, depending on how they are stacked. My experience with it so far has been very positive, despite my one star rating. My perspective on the issue is as follows The pros include Please note *br> I find it to be affordable and it seems to work well. This plant gets very cold but with no obvious cold spots, as far as I can tell. However, I might have to change that if I turn the temperature down very low for extended periods. The cons are Please note *br> Neither a temperature gauge nor a readout is available. Depending on the number dialed, the dial range will be from 0 to 99 The optimal temperature to store wine is around one, as opposed to the average of 7. A power setting does not correspond to an approximate temperature in the instruction manual. Please note *br> The empty bottle racks slide around easily as the bottles roll around, before finally settling into place with some room to spare - not designed for wine bottles. Obviously, there is not enough space in the cellar to accommodate another wine bottle*br>- This model will not fit magnums or larger bottles of wine sideways without drastically limiting storage space*br> - The number of rack positions wastes space if wine is stored instead of soda cans. I am confident that the manufacturer could fit a lot more wine in this thing with a few tiny adjustments and an increase in dimensions. Please note *br> Instead of automatically turning on and off when the door opens, the LED light is manually turned on and off. It is also very weak, even though it is centered I mounted a purple screen and bought a cheap purple camera The color has a yelow / blue Please note *br> A gurgling noise is heard coming from the unit. I am not entirely sure of the reason for this.

Hugh Melton - 11/05/2021