New Star Foodservice Commercial Grade Grease Resistant Anti-Fatigue Rubber Floor Mat Review

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  • Not difficult to clean.
  • Resistant to stains.
  • The rubbery smell takes time to dissipate.

New Star Foodservice Commercial Grade Grease Resistant Anti-Fatigue Rubber Floor Mat Product Description

Anti-fatigue properties of New Star Foodservice products provide all-day comfort for workers who stand for long periods of time. Perfect for use on assembly lines, bars, and kitchens. The best thing about this brand is that bar or restaurant owners also have the option to buy the red one instead of the usual black. It is stain-resistant and easy to clean. This will definitely help reduce the possibility of accidents at the bar or kitchen.

  • The antifatigue properties provide all-day comfort when standing for long periods of time. It is perfect for use on assembly lines, workstations, and other applications in the factory.
  • As the drainage holes allow waste and liquids to pass through, this rubber mat is easy to clean and stain resistant, so it makes working in a clean, dry and safe environment possible.
  • It is ideal for kitchens, food service environments like restaurants and bars, auto body shops, mechanic garages, and industrial applications as well.
  • A 36" x 60" low profile board, 3/8" thick and measuring 36" x 60".
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Questions & Answers

The mats you mean by "all of them" are a bit confusing to me. Are there all brands of a particular type of mat, or are there all mats from the same However, I can only comment on the mat that I bought. We were definitely not sensitive. After a few hours inside the mat, our entire house was smelling bad. Even after leaving it outside for a few months (yes, months), the mat continued to smell so bad that I couldn't bring it inside. I eventually threw it away.
You will be able to avoid slipping in your outdoor shower using these. It is easy to walk on them because they are soft This is also true. There is no telling how long you can leave them outside.
The material is flexible enough to roll it up.

Selected User Reviews For New Star Foodservice Commercial Grade Grease Resistant Anti-Fatigue Rubber Floor Mat

It is perfect for commercial use and is very clean (3/5)

I wouldn't go so far. The food trailers I have bought are used in my business. During the day, you need something to help you cope with the slippery floors and pressure on your feet. But they were impossible to clean, I tried pressure washing, scrubbing my knees and hands, using a deck brush, etc. They were not made for home use, you had to wear shoes when walking on the mats. According to my information, they will work if run through a commercial dishwasher, but this is not a viable option for everyone.

Raelynn Kramer - 20/02/2021
The strips are used as a grip on stairs outside (5/5)

I cut the strips into strips and used them on the stairs. No matter how many inches of ice and snow there are! I am just blown away by this. From summer to now, I've been using this and it's been helping me out a lot. Due to the complaints of people who claimed to have tracked black residue all over their floors after using this mat, I was a bit wary about making this purchase. However, I personally haven't seen that problem and have not personally experienced it. When this happens, it's likely you got a faulty product and should be exchanged. To that end, I cut this mat into as many strips as the steps on my deck stairs required and used them as linings. Slippery steps in a wet environment like that were DANGEROUS There are no winters in Illinois or Wisconsin. The snow now doesn't pack down until it's ice, and once you sweep the snow off the stairs, you have some quality rubber instead of an invisible layer of black ice.

Armani McConnell - 13/04/2021
I wanted something like this to keep warm during the I wanted something like this to keep warm during the The melted snow and slush in the garage would cause my daughter to slip when she came running up next to the car (5/5)

In addition to this, my wife also would have to hold onto something as she stepped out of the car. This mat did not make me happy after buying it. We buy based on the purchases we make). My recommendation for this product is HIGH as it serves a dual-purpose In addition to keeping your shoes, car, and house cleaner (since you won't step in puddles and track more stuff in), but more importantly, to keep you and your family/friends safe when walking in areas where water tends to collect.

Aldo Barnett - 18/05/2021
There is no way to lay down the edges (1/5)

Despite being shipped, they are still curled up. To place in my dish area inside my restaurant, I purchased 4 of these mats. There was a week's worth of them. Our kids back there can slip on the wet floors, so we bought these in order to prevent that. It took about a week for the corners to curl up to a point where we could no longer use them. Despite our best efforts, they were just too far gone to be given back. The package came tightly rolled up, so it will not lay flat. The weight of my responsibilities has been with me It's all a little curled up at the edges. The mat can become a tripping hazard if it is a tripping hazard!.

Brennan Jackson - 10/02/2021
Kitchen floor mats can now be used for a different purpose (5/5)

These mats have been a huge hit with us. Those are the ones we keep in our backyard, mostly weeds and dirt, where our puppies like to dig. Our goal is to place them in the most tempting spots around the backyard so that they form paths. Despite the holes, the grass that we do have grows right through it. Dogs brought dirt into the house on their feet due to these mats, so the amount of dirt the dogs brought in was greatly reduced.

Jamal Dunlap - 10/04/2021
This mat is extremely strong (3/5)

For dog snuffle mats (for my dogs) I bought this. Although it is made of rubber, the rubber is too strongly scented to be used I have used it around the house (mainly the kitchen) and I am happy with how it holds up.

Kynlee Berg - 24/01/2021
I really like this product (3/5)

I LOVE GAS, BUT OFF GAS IS A BAD THING! I really like the map. It would be helpful if you have worked in the food service industry at one point in time. Both are the same, except that this one is smaller. I can't help but be amazed. There is a real sense of overwhelm when dealing with off gas. Three days after I put it outside I took it in. I don't know anything. Then I cleaned it with a high-powered cleaner and left it outside for another five days. Even so, it took another 3 weeks for the smell to dissipate. Worked well, but is a little pricey. It isn't cushion-soft but is rugged and made of good construction, perfect for a large home kitchen with lots of people walking through it.

Jeremias Newton - 12/06/2021
Our crawlspace is a favorite of tradesmen who use this mat (4/5)

The heating system of our house is installed in the crawlspace. A layer of sharp gravel covers it. In this case, we and our technicians have been thankful to have 2 mats upon which to change filters, and to have the opportunity to.

Adeline John - 04/06/2021