New Star Foodservice 54484 Triple Brush Bar Glass Washer – 3 Brushes – Suction Base Review

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Fácil de usar 4.0 
Robustez 3.8 
Excelente inversión 3.6 
Poder de succión 3.1 
  • Length allows tall glasses access for thorough cleaning.
  • Bristles are perfect for cleaning out leftover garnishes.
  • Length is not applicable for shotglasses.

New Star Foodservice 54484 Triple Brush Bar Glass Washer – 3 Brushes – Suction Base Product Description

A firmly attached suction grip base and three bristle brushes make this glasswasher perfect for use in busy bars and restaurants. This appliance effectively cleans glasses.

  • The brush is used to wash glasses.
  • The brushes are made up of three bristles.
  • Sinks can be attached to this base securely with suction cups.
  • Clears out glassware at bars and restaurants that have a lot of customers.
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Selected User Reviews For New Star Foodservice 54484 Triple Brush Bar Glass Washer – 3 Brushes – Suction Base

It is a little hard to get good suction (4/5)

As I entertain a lot and can't get my own hands into a Collins glass, I grabbed this for the home bar. With the suction bottom, it works well and cleans easily, but I don't get a good seal on my sink. Because I don't clean industrial-sized loads of glassware, this isn't a huge concern for me.

Madalynn Vaughan - 22/03/2021
You should know that restaurants know! These were great in restaurant kitchens and at busy bar sinks (5/5)

I've used them in kitchens and at busy bars. Since I have arthritic hands and an aging body, I dislike washing my glasses - so when I got one I was so glad to have it The soapy slip, your constantly slipping grip, and your always slipping grip make for a dangerous combination. This is a product I enjoy using, and as a therapist (OT) I propose it to anyone who uses glassware, does most of their dishes by hand, and needs to be safe when handling it. It has been a long time since I tried to scrub the insides of an in-flight mug! Besides plastic and metal, I've used it with all sorts of things. This is a very sturdy, professional quality product. This washcloth has a unique ability to clean all sides at once. It stays wet for a long time, so if you have to store it, make sure you put it in a bathtub or rack that is waterproof. If you have a home bar or parties, you will want to be sure the place is clean and maintained It's always up! *br>I love it!.

Alonso Rios - 15/03/2021
It is faster than a By the time I finished the second brush I already had two bottle brushes (5/5)

It seemed like a no-brainer to me, so I went to check it out. This thing makes cleaning bottles and jugs easier than ever before. When done properly, it cleans both at one time It's easy to use sippy cups. It's awesome to have suction power. It was suctioned to the left side of the quartz/granite sink for over 12 hours. My 9 month old daughter and I say thanks for letting us do the dishes in half the time. Extra time is something we don't have a lot of when we're busy with her.

Rayan Henderson - 25/02/2021
There is little to no suction, however the unit is most useful fastened to the bottom of a bucket (5/5)

It leaves my glasses sparkling clean when I use it with a variety of beer It is true that many people claim this does not have suction. It handles the job well, and I had no problems mounting it to the bottom of a bucket with silicone. I honestly think this cleaner was meant to be mixed in a bucket, as the 3 gallons recommended for mixing the cleaner fill a 5 gallon bucket perfectly.

Angel Mullen - 12/07/2021
Despite its excellent qualities, the product does suffer from suction loss My job is to clean dishes at a bed and breakfast Located in a B-class hotel (4/5)

My family and I plan on using this on our entire glassware collection. Handwashing just doesn't do as good of a job as this. I do greatly appreciate the time I save with this feature! However, like others have commented, the suction cup is not always reliable. IMHO, the suction cup is not at fault, but rather the condition or contour of the surface that it is applied to. It doesn't take long for me to bump it when needed and wash it as usual.

Kaysen MARSDEN - 26/05/2021
The cleaning of glasses becomes so much easier with this (5/5)

My favorite brush set is this one. Glasses can be cleaned in no time at all with this product. There isn't much of a problem with the suction cup. There have been a few times when it has come loose, but I think that's just because I didn't get it firmly seated the first time. When you press your brushes into the sink, add a couple of inches of water before you push them in. This helps to make sure that the suction base is secure. You can hear and see the air escaping under the suction cup when you press down on it while under water. Then, I press down on the other brushes until no more air escapes from the suction cup. I usually start by pressing hard on the middle brush. The usual method is to press twice. There's no point in drying the brushes right away. They will still be damp a day after using them. I just noticed it, so it isn't a serious issue.

Aila Wolf - 23/02/2021
I am so proud of how clean my glassware is! It is amazing how well this glass washer works! The product I used at home washes any drinkware I have at home (5/5)

This glass washer cleans the glass without leaving food bits stuck to the surface. The dishwasher left little bits of food on the glass before. There is so much ease of use with this that I don't care if they don't get cleaned in.

Krew Parsons - 28/01/2021
I have never been able to clean because of the awful suction (2/5)

There are brushes on these products and they seem to do a nice job, but the suction base makes them difficult to use. Let me go back to the three brush glass washer The following link Go to http//www. The Amazon website. This means _encoding=UTF8. PSC is 1.

Harris Pineda - 01/04/2021