New Star Foodservice 48049 Stainless Steel Condiment Dispenser Review

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Easy to clean 4.5 
Durability 4.4 
Sturdiness 4.2 
Value for money 4.2 
Giftable 3.0 
  • Business standard stainless steel build up.
  • Makes a great match for any interior.
  • Complaints of getting damaged product.

New Star Foodservice 48049 Stainless Steel Condiment Dispenser Product Description

With one of our stainless steel condiment dispensers, you can keep your condiments organized in the kitchen. Alternatively, you might want to display them on the front counter to provide more options to your customers. Luckily, our dispensers come with removable trays, so you don’t have to worry about storing and cleaning them. Stainless steel construction is used for this product. The product has an open bottom and removable trays for easy cleanup and storage, but it cannot hold ice.

  • Stainless steel body provides ultimate durability and is easy to clean. Body can withstand daily use and is easy to maintain.
  • It is designed with a clear acrylic hinged lid and allows condiments to remain visible for rapid and efficient refilling and preparation of drinks.
  • The container is suitable for both back and front of house applications. It allows you to organize condiments and garnishes, so employees can focus on serving customers instead of storing items.
  • The condiment garnish center is an ideal way to display all sorts of garnishes at your bar, such as cherry maraschino cherries, cocktail onions, olives, and lemon slices, as well as condiments such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and more.
  • The pint inserts are easy to clean and are made of food-safe plastic. This item does not include an ice tray (not included).

Questions & Answers

It was hard to fit any significant amount of lettuce in the compartments Onion and tomato chopped as a garnish are likely to work. The really good bits of fruit go on the bar (olives, cherries, etc. ), but also top ice cream (chopped nuts, sprinkles, etc.).
There is a large jar of baby dills in the box, a medium jar of green olives, one can of black olives, a jar of pickled okra, cheese chunks and a bag of crackers. Each holder should be filled with summer sausages that have been cut up. These hold such a lot of information! This is so I can take snacks wherever I go and they'll stay fresh As far as I am concerned, the system has worked effectively Thanks for reading. I hope this helped.
There are no enclosed containers but they are very durable and are easy to clean, I think it is a good purchase and I will recommend it.

Selected User Reviews For New Star Foodservice 48049 Stainless Steel Condiment Dispenser

With 5 compartments, the Star 48032 Stainless Steel Condiment Dispenser is made of steel and stainless steel (5/5)

The product is made of stainless steel, which is why I like it so much. I use this for my commercial restaurant, and it looks professional. I use it to keep shredded lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickles for my burgers fresh. It's very easy to clean. Cleaning the inserts is simple because they come out easily. previously owned units made entirely of plastic, but this stainless steel model is much better. I highly recommend it.

Madalyn Perry - 31/03/2021
You have to develop new habits when you get new kitchen equipment (3/5)

During lunch, I ate more salad than I wanted. The idea of using this as a salad supply sounded good to me- I prepared all my salad condiments and veggies once a week so that I would not have to unwrap them or wrap them all I am now sitting in front of the computer. In addition, I found it too long to fit in my fridge, front to back, so I propped it up at an angle so it would not bump into Don't buy a fridge that doesn't fit your fridge. Additionally, I forgot all behavior changes require energy, awareness, time, and are not a quick fix- For this to remain fresh salad ingredients, I need to have new habits of preparation and timing. Though it may not seem like a big deal, when you start changing what you eat, how often you eat, your cooking style, etc, there are limits to how much you can alter. After a day or two of skipping/forgetting to eat a salad, the ingredients begin to go bad. Though I attempted to fill out all three sections, I only managed to fill out three. After that, I had forgotten it existed. There's nothing wrong with the tool, it's me that's the issue.

Angel French - 23/03/2021
The bottom is great, but where is it? In all the years I have worked in the beer industry, I have used these many many times over the years, and this one is sturdy and thick, but useless if you are going Almost any restaurant has a fruit tray at the end of the bar, which is filled with ice and plastic containers for storing the fruit (2/5)

It's all about ice, that's what ice trays are for. I like the long design of this one but it does not fit in a refrigerator because it lacks a bottom for ice to stay in. Therefore, you will need to take each plastic container out of the refrigerator and refrigerate it until you are ready to set the fruit in the Honestly, I can't see how this can make sense. The moment I pulled it out of the box, I laughed out loud.

Blair O’SULLIVAN - 20/06/2021
There's nothing to worry about (3/5)

As a result of being used for a couple of weeks, the stainless steel is beginning to rust. Considering the height and weight of the container, it would be a great garnish tray if the metal were more durable and not prone to rust. Also, when I opened the package, the plastic lid had no protection and was a bit scratched up before I could use it.

Iyla Ellis - 09/05/2021
The design needs to be updated (3/5)

I bought this for a cold spread I was laying out and it does not have a bottom, it just has sides and top. It is perfect for a buffet style layout, however, I cannot find any container to put ice into it because it doesn't have a bottom. The top slides in, and even if it had a bottom, there wasn't really enough room for much ice to be stored so I recommend using the box for stuff that doesn't need cooling and can just be room temperature, like ice cream toppings. containers are too small to put a chip spread in them so your limited to doing like cut up fruit or vegetables, but with the ice it makes is hard to set it on something to put the ice in, and then it melts too quickly, so the picture is slightly misleading.

Korbin Henry - 12/04/2021
Introducing the newest kitchen tool in our kitchen (5/5)

It's a great little gadget that everyone loves! Obviously you can't put ice at the bottom of a cocktail! People complain! In what way? Yes of course, put it in a serving tray with some ice. Come on people, is that so hard? Buying it is a good idea! This is a decision you will not regret.

Matteo Nielsen - 05/08/2021
product for making your own tacos or pizzas (5/5)

I loved using it at our Taco, Pizza, and Make-your-Own Night party. The top bar would be awesome for barbecues as well as an ice cream topping bar for all your favorite toppings. There's a bit of a gap between the lid and the container, but as long as the latter stays closed, everything is safe. There have been some complaints about it fitting in the fridge, but I had no problems with it. You can put it in the dishwasher There are individual compartments that can be removed for easy cleaning, and it's not a flimsy product. Unfortunately, it does not have ice storage underneath, but I knew that going into the purchase. It is a great value for the price. I love it and would buy it.

Violette Whitaker - 08/06/2021
Burger condiments that have a great taste (5/5)

This product is well made and well worth the price. The container is perfect for tomatoes and lettuce as well as cheese for hamburgers. Just put 4 small packs of ice pack into the freezer for 5 to 6 hours and place under the container, and food will stay cool for four hours under The ice pack is so impressive that I might just order another one , I suggest you purchase two sets, so that when one melts you have other packs for back up, and do not use ice cubes since the food will not stay cold for long.

Piper Frederick - 12/01/2021