Neman Brandy Snifter Review

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Score By Feature Based on 72 ratings

Value for money 5.0 
Durability 4.3 
Giftable 3.6 
  • Carries good balance.
  • Have 7 oz. capacity.
  • Attractive Russian cuts on it.
  • May get chipped easily.

Neman Brandy Snifter Product Description

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert brandy connoisseur or not; you’ll appreciate the texture offered by these glasses. Although it may seem unconventional for a brandy glass, it’s quite effective and enhances the liquor’s flavor. Besides providing enough surface area to swirl and smell the alcohol, it also allows for swirling and sniffing. You can add these brandy snifters to your glassware collection for an added touch of elegance. If you wish to buy them, do so for yourself or as a gift to someone you love.

  • Approximately 25" high x 3" wide. Measures 25" wide.
  • 2 oz/200g.

Questions & Answers

Dishwashers should not be used to wash crystal, as they will cause it The short answer to that is no.
The crystal I see here is lead crystal, as far as I am aware.

Selected User Reviews For Neman Brandy Snifter

Amazing! I am in awe of you! Having to go through yet another purchase by my husband, who seems to be going through a phase of collecting special glasses for special libations, was bound to bore me (5/5)

He says it adds an air of class. He says it's common for movie stars to drink cognac. Anyhow, I opened the box to wash them by hand before use, and to my complete delight, I felt a sweet melodic echoed when I stroked the wet edge with my wet fingers as I rinsed the first one under running water. I'm going to look at the Interested in finding out more, ask a librarian. I went around and around the glass until I produced a clear, beautiful sound, then I repeated that with each of the six Despite the glass house's many sounds, each glass sounded different, a true testament to its craftsmanship. They were of excellent quality, and my husband has enjoyed them despite the fact that I don't drink. The sounds they make are just so characteristic and beautiful that I look forward to every time I get to wash them by hand, so I can hear that beautiful, clear sound that makes only crystal. I am stunned. It's great to have them on hand!.

Isaias Colling - 05/06/2021
For $7, this is a good value (4/5)

The price per glass is $50. Yes, the price is great and yes, the product is attractive. But is it really handcrafted? I bought the first six probably about five or six years ago, and used them constantly. The glass itself, as well as the fancy pattern, is pressed glass, the simple checkerboard pattern was cut by hand. Despite this, they break, so it's not an heirloom that lasts forever. I bought six more since I was down to my last one.

Kellen FORSTER - 04/07/2021
It has been a pleasure shopping with you and I received five out of six snifters (3/5)

These were purchased for my husband as a gift. He really likes them, but the box I received this week contained only five In order to fix this problem, I need to make a phone call. I will give five stars to a company that provides good customer service. It is a poor quality control rating of three stars.

Elliot Werner - 10/03/2021
My favorite pair of glasses ended up being the ones we chose (4/5)

After ordering several sets, I had problems with broken glasses, but they were all returned, and I now have a new set of glasses for my husband's bar in our new house. My favorite pair of glasses ended up being the ones we chose.

Hendrix McKenzie - 17/07/2021
These are a favorite of my dad's! They are beloved by my mom simply because of their designs, and my dad loves them simply because he can fill them with whisky or brandy (5/5)


Travis Myers - 18/02/2021
These snifters are great value (5/5)

They have both an attractive design and a unique shape. Add to that the fact that they are the perfect size for sipping whiskey, and you have one of my favorite purchases. I highly.

Kyrie Davidson - 26/06/2021
The value is excellent (5/5)

These crystals are great value for the quality of crystal they're made of.

Caden Beck - 05/06/2021
The two broken ones are broken in two (1/5)

They are beautiful, but they break easily, which makes it impossible to be.

Ismael Dorsey - 04/04/2021