Nathan James Carter Rolling Bar and Serving Cart Review

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For small spaces 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.5 
Value for money 4.4 
Easy to assemble 4.4 
  • Contemporary chic.
  • Minimalist design.
  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Only two shelves.

Nathan James Carter Rolling Bar and Serving Cart Product Description

Simple and elegant, this matte black Nathan James cart is the perfect way to carry everything you need. As a result of its depth of 24 inches, the width of 17 inches, and height of 35 inches, and two tiers of glass and wood, you can store up to ten bottles–the Carter model comes with a lifetime guarantee from its manufacturer, so you can buy with confidence.

  • The metal frame of this Carter Bar Cart will hold up to ten bottles, while the solid tempered glass top offers an elegant appearance.
  • Its four wheels and raised handle make it easy to move the rolling cart around.
  • A locking caster keeps the bar cart in place, so it can be moved within the room.
  • You can use this bar cart anywhere in your home, from the kitchen, the living room, to the cocktail room.
  • You have 100 days to test the product's lifetime manufacturer warranty as well as the 25-minute assembly process.

Questions & Answers

The coffee table I purchased was not purchased by me. Nathan James Bar and Service Cart is a purchase I made for you, so I'm unable to help.
The Carter Rolling Bar Cart (45001) has a width of It measures 153mm (26") tall and 670mm, including the handle. The 38th inch).
Thanks for your inquiry, I'm glad you reached out to me. There is no assembly required for the cart. if you are unsure about how to set it up, our simple assembly guide is here to help. Here's some info I hope will help.
Approximately 30" is the height of the lower handle, while 37" is the height of the upper/higher handle.

Selected User Reviews For Nathan James Carter Rolling Bar and Serving Cart

It's the best customer service I've ever received! THE CART IS A GREAT DEAL! Honestly, this is my second Amazon review in all the years I've been an avid fan of Amazon, but I think it's so necessary for the industry (5/5)

Our New Year's Eve party is going to be held at our house, so I ordered this a day in advance. A mishap in the metal frame prevented the glass piece (the final step) from fitting. I had assembled the entire piece only to discover that the glass piece would not fit. I emailed Nathan James Furniture directly and they got back to me on a Friday afternoon of the same day. The customer service specialist understood how frustrating that was and informed me that a new piece would be sent to me immediately. Although I told them I needed it for the party, it did not arrive on time because it was a holiday weekend and not prime shipping. HOWEVER, we actually fixed the one we already had and made it work! Their response was that I should not worry about returning anything and to just keep both the pieces. They were superb. A POSITIVE REVIEW WOULD SEEM TO END here, but I'm not going to and I plan on writing more! During this period, I received a random package from Godiva Chocolate, which I thought my boyfriend was doing something really I don't think it was My patience was appreciated by Nathan James Furniture. They sent me chocolate truffles from Godiva to apologize and thank me. Really? Is that all I mean? It is the first time I have ever experienced such excellent customer service. I am still in awe. The bar cart is perfect in every way except for the fact that it isn't very sturdy, but I do love that it has a nice look to it. The article I was looking for was just what I needed. The moral of the story is It is my absolute pleasure to purchase furniture from Nathan James and I will continue to do so forever. It has been a long review, so thank you for reading it.

Jeffery HODGSON - 31/07/2021
I really like the piece, it's of great quality (5/5)

This bar cart is fantastic. I was looking for something to add to our dining room to make it more inviting and hospitable, and this was just what I wanted. The fact that I can move the table around to where we are seated makes entertaining so much simpler. A breeze to assemble and does not appear to be prone to rusting. how sleek and modern it looks and how well it fits with my other furniture in the house. I would definitely buy from them.

Evan Baird - 14/05/2021
It's easy to assemble! We bought this bar cart for our very small log cabin in the mountains of New Mexico (5/5)

My search took quite a while, as I wanted it to be smaller, blend in with casual southwestern decor, and be easy to move around. I have found a cart that fulfills all of Very easy to put together, only took a few minutes. This is a great product and I highly recommend it. The Tip (Br> The screw would sometimes act ornery and won't go in easily, so I tried to find another one, and it always went in just fine the ornery screws always worked somewhere else.

Adalynn Patel - 01/04/2021
I strongly recommend avoiding this product (1/5)

This item is a horrible disappointment, and I would not recommend buying it even though it has an excellent rating on Amazon. When the model was initially received and the replacement one was received, both had rusted ends to the posts that caused paint to chip when screwed in place. There were also a few minor scratches and damage on The product is also cheaper than shown in the picture. I had an incredibly bad experience with Amazon returns. One of these sat on my doorstep for a week before being picked up, the other was not scheduled for pickup nor would it fit back in its box. I got so frustrated that I just paid for the return and disposed of it.

Poppy DAVISON - 14/07/2021
The construction is simple and the final result is The bar cart to buy is this one! I really like the overall look of this bar cart (5/5)

Having built it, I appreciated how it was so easy to assemble, and the funny manual for each step of the process made it more enjoyable. In addition to a couple of pieces that are in the box, you won't need any tools. A few of the bolts were unable to be screwed in towards the end of the cart's construction which proved to be a little The cart was sturdy enough that I didn't need to use it while completing because it was fast It takes no time at all to fit the wooden/glass parts into the cart, and all you need to do once it's sitting on the ground is wipe down the tempered glass. I like this cart because it is easy to put together, simple to use, and the aesthetic of the cart is appealing and looks great for the price. I can easily integrate it into my family's Don't let it pass you by!.

Quentin Horn - 10/04/2021
Customer service the best you can find (5/5)

I bought this bar cart for my niece as a Christmas gift. She She told me all the things she liked about it, such as how sturdy it is, how smoothly it rolls, and how modern it looks. One thing she wishes it had was a wood base instead of a glass one on the top shelf. As a result, I would purchase it again without hesitation. There was only one issue I had with Amazon, which dropped the price of this item after I had already opened and assembled it a few days earlier. Originally I thought I had to contact the manufacturer but it turned out it was Amazon who adjusted the price. They told me that I could return it for a full refund since Amazon does not do price adjustments. My niece hadn't built it yet, so I wasn't going to take it away from her. My disappointment arose when I learned they wouldn't honor the difference in price. My issue was resolved after I contacted Nathan James' customer service person Melanie. She offered me an Amazon gift card as a gift for my trouble. It was very kind of them to do that and I greatly appreciated it. The item I am recommending, as well as any other Nathan Brown purchase, is recommended. There is a 5 year warranty on the bar cart, which is quite.

Duncan Woodard - 11/06/2021
I liked this (5/5)

The pieces were well organized in plastic bags with numbers, which makes it very easy to see. You don't have to struggle as much to assemble it as Ikea's furniture does. It is similar in terms of quality. There's no question the wood on the cart looks okay. Some comments mentioned a darker wood color. *br>(I really enjoyed the jokes in.

Lena Kaufman - 02/05/2021
Excellent customer service (5/5)

The original package was missing a piece, so I was unable to fully assemble the cart. The instructions included an email for contacting customer service. They were very responsive and kindly sent me a replacement cart that came with the missing piece, so I now have two! We received the replacement cart in the mail as soon as possible because customer service was very helpful Even the owner of the company mailed a package of chocolates to apologize, which was a pleasant surprise. On a side note, the assembly instructions are pretty funny. Assembling the cart is easy, and it is well made and very sturdy. It's definitely worth purchasing.

Phillip Coffey - 19/03/2021