Nansch Measuring shot glasses Review

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Sturdiness 4.4 
Value for money 4.4 
Durability 4.3 
  • Constructed with heavy-duty glass.
  • Dishwasher-friendly.
  • Measurement markers fade fast.

Nansch Measuring shot glasses Product Description

Nansch shot glasses have measuring markings on both sides and are sold as a set of two. Furthermore, it has heavyweight glass that allows a clear view of the contents for accurate pouring and precision. Glass is weighted at the bottom so that it won’t tip over or make a mess. The measuring shot glass is the real deal when it comes to shots since it does more than just serve or measure. The shot glass comes in a box of two and is a great gift idea for any occasion. This shot glass has permanent markings that won’t fade or wear off over time. It is easier to measure and transport smaller amounts without them spilling with a measuring cup than with a measuring spoon. Its weighted base also helps keep it from tipping, which reduces mess even further. Its heavyweight allows a clear view of contents for better control and accuracy whether you are preparing breakfast, making cake, mixing a pitcher of margaritas or other cocktail recipes.

  • The shot glasses are packed in 2 packs and come protected by a carton.
  • This is a very easy-to-read book! This way, you can read the markings easily. A variety of color options are available, including red and black.
  • This is a sturdy and durable material. The dishwashing machine is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup! With a heavyweight glass construction the glass allows you to see the contents clearly and provides more control the weighted base reduces tipping and keeps the area clean. This beauty gift box is made from a very sturdy material!
  • NOTE THE FOLLOWING IS A WARNING! We need to know as soon as possible if the measuring glass you received is broken. Please contact us as soon as possible. We will assist you as soon as possible.

Questions & Answers

The height of this piece is 2 1/4 inches!

Selected User Reviews For Nansch Measuring shot glasses

Measuring devices that are fading (3/5)

If you throw these in the dishwasher, then the measurements will fade quickly (and they are do so rather rapidly). I wanted shot glasses with measurements on the side and these work well. It's only been a handful of times since I've used them, but they are already faded. They probably need to be hand washed if you want them to stay nice.

Ryan Chung - 26/03/2021
a bunch of Those jerks are total You can see in the attached photo that one cup was washed in the dishwasher, and the other spoon wasn't (1/5)

No warning, where does it say that? As much as I loved the dishware, I would not have bought it if they said we did it as cheaply as we could and it was not a 21st century product. That goes a long way in answering I am not suggesting you purchase anything, my dear friend The next one will be next.

Camilla Cortez - 15/02/2021
This is a worthwhile purchase (4/5)

I had no trouble getting these to work with our De'Longhi espresso machine. However, the only issue is pouring them into mugs unless you pour them lightning fast, the coffee You definitely need to get your rhythm down to not spill espresso. We use small cappuccino mugs, so you need to be careful not to spill any. Nevertheless, they are great in general. The vessel is easy to handle, easy to clean, and easy to store.

Valentino Buckley - 11/06/2021
There is a rubbing off effect with letters (1/5)

Wetness causes the lettering and gradation lines to rub off after a few uses.

Zakai Blankenship - 17/05/2021
I am unable to make use of it for the purpose It only takes one cycle in the dishwasher to remove the markings (1/5)

My marks have already started to fade since I bought the pill bottle to take medication.

Judah Silva - 02/04/2021
The dishwasher is not compatible with this item (2/5)

I loved the glasses when I received them, but the black writing on the glasses happened to come off after two washings in the dishwasher. There is not as much durability as it claims and it is difficult to clean.

Kelvin Wiggins - 20/03/2021
A cheap price (1/5)

As a result for measurement purposes it was useless. I only had to wash it just a few times. This was a costly purchase when you consider the writing failed to.

Yusuf Jacobson - 03/01/2021
Perfect, thank you (5/5)

I think that's excellent!.

Albert Stevens - 14/02/2021