NANFANG BROTHERS Paring Knife Review

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Giftable 4.4 
Comfort 4.4 
Value for money 4.3 
Ergonomic 4.2 
Maneuverability 4.2 
Easy to hold 4.0 
  • Safe edge tip.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • More expensive than other choices.

NANFANG BROTHERS Paring Knife Product Description

With a cutting angle of 3.8 inches, this Paring Knife is very sharp and stays sharp for a long time. It is easy to re-sharpen, has a labor-saving design, and has better cutting angles before and after cutting. A wise choice for professional mixologists. The product is made of steel VG-10 cutting core (67 layers of advanced high carbon stainless steel).

  • For 27 years, Nanfang Brothers have been manufacturing kitchen knives. Our knives have a 3.5% lower deflection rate than other knives. A good Paring Knife should keep sharp for quite a while. It should be easy to re-sharpen, have a good design that saves labor, and have angles for better cutting before and after. Family chefs and professionals alike will find this a smart choice.
  • Product made from Professional super steel VG10 cutting core, hammered by vacuum heat treatment so as to achieve 67 layers of Damascus advanced high carbon stainless steel. With folding forging of Damascus steel, fine metal grains are formed that sharpen an exceptionally fine zig-zag edge that is very sharp.
  • There are three of them. This 8 inch Paring Knife is designed to be used with both right and left The cutting balance angle makes it easier to cut faster, without causing physical fatigue. It allows cutting in less time and is more The craftsmanship of an experienced craftsman allows him to maintain the feel of the cutting tool and keep in mind the strength.
  • Damascus knives have a unique and very beautiful natural cast texture, and their wood handles are noble and elegant, and with a beautiful gift box, it makes the ideal gift given to parents, lovers, friends, and for Christmas, weddings, and birthdays. This product has excellent value for money and is worth owning.
  • Warranty Each Nanfang Brothers product is backed by a 30-day refund and exchange policy and a lifetime If you are looking for the most satisfying solution, you can count on us. The material composition of the VG-10 multipurpose Damascus knife is The maximum number of data points 0/Si is The number of 6s in a month is Three to one. The number of Ps must be a maximum of The maximum number for 03/S is 0. The second quarter of 2014 began on February Five to fifteen. A maximum of 5 Ni is allowed. The number of days per month is The eighth paragraph. Two variables add up to zero. I am 15. The number 35 is also Co The third percentile.

Questions & Answers

A household knife that is specifically designed for cutting meat and vegetables, it cannot cut hard bones, Sharpness is maintained, the average family is in use between six months and one year, but can have varying needs such as the pursuit of extreme sharpness. The grinding process is tailored to individual requirements. We recommend using a sharpening stone if the sharpen drops. A selection of two side grit 1000/6000 Waterstones are available, and they are honed at an angle of 15 to 30 degrees back and forth on the whetstone surface. There is a 20-degree difference. *Br>It's ideal for longer-term use by a chef, the Damascus chef knife We are cutting down on the number of terms. A kitchen knife from us is heavier than an ordinary one. There are several flaws with them, such as their balance, too sharpness, and ease of resetting.
You may want to check out the following plan if you intend to keep your favorite knife for a long time. Maintenance useWe should keep the knives clean and hygienic as part of our health. To do so, we should wipe them every day. In general, the following methods can be used You should clean the knives after use with water, wipe the body, roots, and knife backs with a clean towel, wrap the towel around the handle, turn it back and forth, wipe the handle clean, and then gently put the knives in a holder or keep them somewhere secure. To ensure that knives are protected from corrosion, they should be placed in a place that is properly ventilated and free of acids or alkalis. * * 3. Maintain a regular schedule You should grind the knives to remove dirt, oil, and stains from them. Make sure the knives are always in the best possible state. *br>Warm tips It is a good idea to select different types of knives for different types of food. It is not recommended that you use this knife for cutting hard materials (such as fish bones, animal bones, frozen foods, etc.), as it will cause serious injury * * 3. Damage to the knives will occur if the knives are handled incorrectly. Knives are not intended for use as ordinary tools (such as screws). Furthermore, knives should not be placed on hot surfaces.
I'm here to tell you that our chef knife handle comprises This is a new type of green material that is made from colored wood. As well as wood, colored wood has a woody texture. Colored wood powder is formed by heating it to high temperatures and then molding it Isolating board technology with high density. The balance of texture, color, dryness, and toughness are among the qualities that can be controlled. The colored wood is comprised of wood powder with modified phenolic resin, which is harder than ordinary solid wood and has an improved hardness. As a result of these properties, it is antibacterial A moisture- and corrosion-prone environment The proof and the deformation of the evidence It is proven. Between the blade and the handle is a lever embedded in a fixed position. About 3/2 of the handle is taken up by the lever. The current process has been very successful. It can be used without any worries.
There is a wood component in it. An infusion of resin into wood. In addition to being ergonomic, the product is designed to be sturdy in the hand and visually pleasing.

Selected User Reviews For NANFANG BROTHERS Paring Knife

This item has been approved by the bladesmith (5/5)

I would like to give you a brief overview of my background. This is a knife that I purchased since it is the style of knife that I am wanting to copy for a Damascus chef knife I am wanting to make. This knife is patterned after the one produced by ABS Mastersmith Bob Kramer, who specializes in chef knives. The knife turned out to be terrible, but for the price I was willing to take the risk and still get my money's worth. The first thing I noticed was that it looked great when I opened the box. Considering the description said it was Damascus, I made the assumption that it was not and, since I make knives, I have an enormous tub full of Ferric Chloride, which is used to etch After letting it sit in there for about thirty minutes, the pattern got bolder, which would have happened if it had been laser etched like you see on fake products. In the following step, I re-sharpened it because the acid had eaten away part of the edge. It was very easy to do. In addition to making a brisket, we had to trim the brisket on the day that the knife showed up. While this style of knife is not exactly designed for trimming in the manner I was doing it, it worked perfectly, held an edge well, and was still sharp after having trimmed off 20 It worked great except for the one thing I noted when you drop the knife in the sink, only a tiny piece of the tip breaks It meant two things 1. It meant that there was a path forward, and 2. There were two features 1. it was high carbon steel as advertised, 2. it was very heavy. Due to the knife not only bending but also being heat treated, it was properly handled. It is customary for kitchen knives like this to be significantly harder than pocket knives or work knives, because they have to maintain a sharp edge and are not required to be as flexible, unless you possess a very specific knife for a very specific task. However, there is one thing I would change on this knife, and that is to add a S grind or hollow grind on the sides so food will not stick to them. Nevertheless, that is unreasonable to expect for an item of this price range, and is more likely to occur on knives costing $500 or more. However, I can work on it myself in the future. It has been 6 months now since I received this knife and I love it more than life itself. It would be difficult to make one like this using just the steel that I would use to make one like this, so it makes sense to purchase more knives from this company since the knives are extremely high quality for the price, and the completed knife costs about half as much as just the steel. Plus, it does not require me to spend 20+ hours in the workshop.

Davina Wright - 14/06/2021
An excellent knife for any meat you wish to prepare (5/5)

In a nutshell, Having just purchased this knife, I have been completely impressed with it. I grill a lot, cook, and trim me and slice things perfectly. There is nothing worse than using a dull knife that is too sharp. The knife is perfect, my friend recommended it, and he was right! If you do grilling, and you cut meat, chicken or ham, it is the perfect tool for you. I do a lot of trimming, and I LOVE this tool because it's so well made! I got this knife from a good friend and it is great. I had heard it is good, so I got it, and I must say that it is. If you are a griller and cut meat, chicken, ham, or anything else, you should definitely get this knife.

Jameson CONNOLLY - 29/05/2021
This is a knife to be cherished (5/5)

This knife is a great buy! It's a solid product for the price. The first thing that strikes you about this pen is its sharpness. During the paper slicing test, the slicing was smooth and impressive. I have compared it with my $300 Miyabi knife, and I think it is as good or better. I agree with you that the damascus pattern appears A mild etching may be necessary only to prevent food from sticking to the damascus pattern. Some very expensive knives, like my Miyabi and Global, use that process. This blade is incredibly thin and strong, making it perfect for A delicate cut is possible with the spine tapering from the bolster to the tip. The handle looks great too. My hands feel solid with this one. In addition to being easy to handle, the balance is awesome for continuous With this knife on my knife strip alongside all my other knives, I did not have to invent anymore knives You have been added to your favorites list. You'll never need to spend $500 more to get that knife out again. If you treat it as if it's a $500 Bob Kramer knife, you'll never run out Throughout the course of more time I'll update my opinions if anything changes. As far as the deal and the product are concerned, it is phenomenal.

Neil BARLOW - 09/07/2021
There is no final word yet on how durable a blade will be after frequent use, but top fit and finish could be a good indication (4/5)

There are few knives in its price range that could pass the top grade, and this one almost makes it. There is a little bit of play between the handle and blade, but it is smooth enough in the hand. When used long term, the weight is shifted forward a bit, which may make the knife tiresome. There is a lot of sharpness in the blade. Whether the forging process used for VG 10 core steel will be as effective in resisting chipping as other techniques remains to be seen. I like the Damascus style, but there is a considerable amount of steel that is visible beneath the Damascus layer. This knife is a good knife that has been holding up well for me so far. This review will be updated if this 8 in. version is still a knife I use frequently for medium to soft fruits and vegetables after a few months.

Eve Ferrell - 20/05/2021
I highly recommend this knife (5/5)

It is an excellent knife for the money. As someone who owns two Bob Kramer knives, I would expect that if this knife holds up over time and the edge retention is decent, it just might be the best deal I have ever found! 30 years ago I graduated from culinary school, and I am extremely impressed with the knife I have so far purchased.

Margo Davenport - 24/05/2021
As a result of your playing, you receive more than you imagined (5/5)

This knife cuts beautifully, and it's the best you'll find for the price. Aside from being a chef, I am also a writer. It is common for knives of this quality to cost.

Harvey Day - 16/06/2021
It is an amazing knife (5/5)

The geometry is perfect, as with the Zwilling Kramer 8 in chef's knife. It is razor sharp right out of the box! Very good quality for the price There are 10 steels in the world. All blades, spines, tips, and handles show no signs of wear. In considering that it is about three times cheaper than the cheapest Kramer by Zwilling 8 inch stainless I can say it is an extremely good knife. *br>*br>And I have three Kramers, so I can judge the quality.

Arturo Schneider - 04/03/2021