N9R 12 Pack Plastic Champagne Flutes Review

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Sturdiness 4.3 
Value for money 4.2 
Giftable 3.3 
  • Makes a good grip.
  • Full of comfort and elegance.
  • May bent if pushed inside with force.

N9R 12 Pack Plastic Champagne Flutes Product Description

A beautiful shape design along with a sophisticated gold rim make these N9R Tableware plastic champagne flutes the perfect addition to any celebration. Feel like a king or queen when your guests visit. Easy to assemble and constructed of durable and sturdy plastic material that is free of BPA and toxic materials, the Gold Champagne Flutes are a great way to enjoy a glass of bubbly. This set of glass champagne flutes features a gold rim that is sure to add sophistication to any event. Mimosa Bars are for special occasions such as Bridal Shower Mimosa Bars and bridal showers. They can also be used for graduations, anniversaries, catered events, and other holidays such as Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, and Christmas.

  • Design that is elegant. Featuring a beautiful shape and a sophisticated gold rim, these plastic champagne flutes from N9R Tableware will make any event sparkle in a magnificent way. Guests will feel like royalty when they stay with you!
  • VERY EASY TO USE AND OF HIGH QUALITY. These Gold Champagne Flutes are durable and sturdy, designed to ensure safety and made from heavy-duty plastic that can be easily assembled without any damage or breakage. They are non-toxic and BPA-free, which guarantees a safe drink every time you use them.
  • It can be used in a variety of ways. These Gold Rim Plastic Champagne Flutes will add a level of sophistication to any event. It is good for Bridal Shower Mimosa Bars and other special events, they may be used for weddings, engagements, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, catered events, and also holidays such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and so on.
  • This is the perfect size. With a capacity of 9 ounces, these elegantly styled flutes are ideal for champagne toasts at any occasion. The high level of sophistication they offer turns any event into an unforgettable one.
  • Packages are available in bulk. With the convenience of this 12-count package, these N9R Tableware Plastic Champagne Flutes are perfect for smaller events. To reuse them for future events, you can dispose of, recycle or hand wash them after use.

Selected User Reviews For N9R 12 Pack Plastic Champagne Flutes

It is of high quality (5/5)

They are plastic glasses that look almost like glass, so if you need some plastic champagne glasses, these are the ones you need! The case is made of hard plastic, and the inserts are separated by clear plastic. This way, they do not rub against each other and do not scratch one another. I really like the quality of this product!.

Marcelo Booker - 15/06/2021
Just a bit smaller than I expected, but it's still gorgeous (5/5)

I am very happy with these glasses. They are very well made. Be prepared for the size. Because they were smaller, we had to refill them more often. Had we purchased larger drinking glasses, we would have been able to save these for It doesn't matter what they looked like, they were stunning!.

Sophia Fuentes - 07/01/2021
The money is well spent (5/5)

I thought these were a really good price. have saved the few that did not get thrown away and will reuse them.

Simon Melton - 31/01/2021
It was the perfect way to start off the year! It was the perfect way to start off the year! We should be able to use them again next year since they were very sturdy and easy to clean (5/5)


Kamden Garcia - 19/01/2021
The champagne glass is great! A very good product which holds a good amount of champagne at a very reasonable price (5/5)

The product is excellent and I would purchase it.

Charlotte Galloway - 07/06/2021
I found it to be very sturdy (4/5)

It was a very sturdy cup, and they also looked very nice for setups. I certainly will order them.

Jamie Hicks - 25/05/2021
The purpose was accomplished (4/5)

Just bought these to have on hand for a graduation celebration in the parking lot. They were a big hit! I'm very happy with it! It's nice to have a party. We came home and washed them and put them in the pool for use. This is not flimsy at all.

Isaias Fowler - 09/03/2021
This is a good quality video (5/5)

These dies are of good quality and do not cut your lips like others. For a graduation party, we added vinyl clings. I love how narrow the opening is. It did not cause any problems for most, but one person complained about it hitting.

Nasir Burke - 24/03/2021