Myoyay Non-Slip Restaurant Bar Floor Mat Review

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  • Features quick water drain.
  • Strong rubber odor.

Myoyay Non-Slip Restaurant Bar Floor Mat Product Description

A rubberized surface aids traction and cushions weight, ensuring safety and comfort. This mat is perfect for kitchens, bars, restaurants and other industrial work areas where there is heavy foot traffic and moisture. Using such a bar floor mat can help avoid accidents.

  • This rubber flooring mat is slip-resistant the material is made from excellent rubber that is resistant to water and grease preventing accidents is easier. These mats are ideal for use in workshop flooring or as kitchen floor mats.
  • A design feature of our anti-fatigue mat is the drainage holes that are formed as round, allowing water to drain quickly.
  • A drainage mat with holes ensures liquids and debris are allowed to pass through, providing a clearer surface for rinsing. It is easy to wash the mat by hose, which allows debris to be easily removed.
  • The overall dimensions are 36" x 83" x 0. This is a large, cut-able, and large size. The number four. It is designed to cover large areas and can also be cut to any size on your request.
  • A wide range of uses, the Interlock Rubber Matting is suitable for the entrance, the garage, laundry room, patio, workshop, the kitchen, the bar, the restaurant, the office, and everywhere.

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It is approximate thickness, I would rate it as five.
It is approximate thickness.

Selected User Reviews For Myoyay Non-Slip Restaurant Bar Floor Mat

I couldn't tell the difference between the quality and the price! I purchased this product from Tractor Supply who carried only 3"X3" products previously (1/5)

This product is thinner, better quality, and more comfortable to walk on than one I purchased from a competitor. When you look at the photos on Amazon, the Tractor Supply product looks just like it, of course, but once you actually see it, the two products are very different. Amazon's product had strong rubber odors, left a lot of tiny black buttons which were punched out during production, and flattened out slowly over days (caused by the thinness) and is about an inch short of what it was advertised as It may be necessary to lay flat for longer than three My plan is to purchase the Tractor Supply product and modify it to meet my needs, while I am currently seeking a location for the Amazon product, so thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Maxwell Conway - 01/07/2021
The safety of the public is paramount (5/5)

In order to prevent my mother in law from slipping in the rain, I ordered this for her driveway as soon as she gets out of her car. The girl loves it so much and is so happy that she feels safer now. She can easily move it when needed, since it's lightweight enough so she can move it easily when required.

Ainhoa Sanders - 05/05/2021
This is too expensive (2/5)

The fabric might as well be thin. This is not thick, so it can be blown away in the wind. My carport has a concrete step in front of it that I want to step on when exiting my vehicle.

Violeta Maynard - 17/04/2021
I am very impressed with this mat (5/5)

It lives up to all my expectations and is a great value for the price.

Abdiel Larsen - 27/03/2021
I would recommend it (5/5)

The fabric is incredibly durable and easy to clean.

Ashlyn Sloan - 21/02/2021
It was a great purchase (5/5)

A mat for the bar.

Castiel Pennington - 11/02/2021
Having a great restaurant is always a good idea (5/5)

I really like this product. It's great for anti-slip.

Maeve Ramirez - 02/04/2021