Monopol Westmark Cork Puller Review

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Quality of material 4.8 
Durability 4.7 
Giftable 4.5 
Sturdiness 4.4 
Easy to use 4.4 
Value for money 4.3 
  • Durable.
  • Great gift for collectors.
  • A bit pricey for it's kind.

Monopol Westmark Cork Puller Product Description

It features two prongs that slide along the sides of the cork, providing a soft, effective pull towards the end of the cork. A wine opener of this type is great to have if you occasionally drink older wines.

  • A HIGH QUALITY KITCHENWARE MADE IN GERMANY Westmark's Cork Puller is among the very best available in the world, and is rated as one of the best kitchenware brands on the market.
  • The steel prongs of each product are hardened, and die cast metal for the handles and covers are both made of high quality metal. You can find more details below.
  • QUICKLY AND ACCURATELY REMOVE THE CORNERS OFF YOUR WINE BOTTLE This easy to use product will remove your wine cork in minutes without damaging either Its handle is a bottle opener as well, and it is safely hidden within the decorative case. It features an ergonomic handle that makes Westmark's product efficient and easy to handle.
  • The product is very easy to clean since it can simply be washed with soap and water.
  • With a 5 year warranty, Westmark is confident that you will love their product or they will refund your money without any questions asked.

Questions & Answers

I was able to board it.
I received my with grease on it. There isn't much visible evidence of it, but you can feel it, so perhaps the others did not notice A German website says the grease is intentional and suggests replenishing it periodically "The steel prongs came from the factory so will remain sharp for a long time." The metal will be treated with a food-friendly grease and will need to be lubricated with cooking oil from time to time. I'd like to ask for your help cleaning Each time I use it, my skin feels so dry.
Metal is used to cover the cover. Stainless steel could possibly be used.
As for the worry that the cork puller is unwieldy due to its weight, I can attest that it is sturdy, but does not feel heavy in the hand. It weighs three ounces, which is what it says in the description. There are 52 ounces in this container.

Selected User Reviews For Monopol Westmark Cork Puller

I have a fantastic special for you! It takes practice and caution to pull corks with this tool (4/5)

I still consider it to be the best product in it's The manufacturer has lost one star because he disagrees with my opinion If the Monopol Cork Puller is used to replace the cork in the bottle, the packaging emphasizes that the cork should not be replaced. In case the cork comes loose, you can push it back into the bottle without using As other reviewers have shown graphically, this tool is at risk of chipping the bottle if it is tight, or at least aggravating you if it doesn't work at all. Here are some situations in which the Monopol is appropriate If the cork is frail, dry, or old, it should be filled with calcium carbonate. You can find these in the hole of a waiter's key or other spiral tools that can crumble, crumble, or core them out. After extracting them with the Monopol, long Bordeaux corks that fell to bits on the table after I got them out have fallen apart. A waiter's key can be faster and simpler than the Monopol with newer corks, but the Monopol can work fine with newer corks. The following should be considered when exercising The cork must be dry for it to work. In the wrong hands, the Monopol may push into the bottle if it is not inserted slowly and monitored The blades should move down a little more if the cork starts creeping downward after being tilted up. Lift the cork puller from where it is, and it should lift the cork enough to lift the blades up a bit more. If the cork is not firmly tied, go back and forth a few times until enough purchase is gained. Using the Monopol is not recommended when If the wine stopper is a composite of cork and adhesive, or if all the material is It is possible for the steel blades to break or bend when exposed to some of these conditions. The following steps will show you how Blades are made of high-quality steel It is made of carbon steel and is corroded. Wipe the wine residue off the blades after you use Monopol and apply olive oil to prevent it from sticking, as you would if you were using a fine non-stick It is made out of stainless steel.

Axton Sparks - 22/05/2021
Thank you, Amazon (1/5)

I would appreciate your taking the time to read this review. It has been a pleasure working with The item rusted soon after I bought it, so I would like a refund. My return has been sitting in my drawer for a while, and I decided I'd check what other buyers have said. There is one buyer who, like me, would like the promised refund, but no one has gotten in touch with him about it. Five years' money back guarantee is listed as a feature of the listing. My fingers are crossed that Amazon responds!.

Gael Rojas - 30/03/2021
'Ah So' does not match the picture and does not appear to It does not have any "Ah So" written on it, or match the picture that I received (1/5)

Those who have owned "Ah Sos" before know that they work and that clones don't. I purchased this copy since the real Ah So is missing, so there is no replacement. Upon closer inspection, it is not the same as the displayed picture and there is no "Ah So" written Instead, I believe this to be an "Ah So Tribute Piece", but not a real "Ah So. ". Additionally, the shape of the prongs does not reflect the shape of a real "Ah So". In other words, I am not satisfied with the service.

Danna PICKERING - 19/06/2021
Corkscrews are far inferior to this (5/5)

A cork puller was given to me as a promotional item several years ago, and I have lost it countless times since. After much thought, I decided it was past time to quit fighting corkscrews and go back to what I know I expect this cork puller to last me until the end of time, and it is well made-- Now there is no need to worry about destroying corks anymore. Putting a cork in is simple (just rock it back and forth while pushing gently), and removing a whole, undamaged cork is as easy as twisting and pulling. it, I had to wrap a rubber band around the prong cover to get enough grip to remove it, but I think I had arthritis at the time. Likewise, the prongs were wiped down. After I set it up, I successfully removed in seconds a cork from a bottle that was pretty thoroughly mutilated by a corkscrew before it ever took the cork out. It is an excellent product and I am very pleased with it.

Kayla Woods - 14/07/2021
Especially useful for waiters who work with aged wine (4/5)

Using this product properly will give you the results you were looking for. It takes a little practice, but once you do, it is quite effective. My duties as a waiter at a wine bar require me to open wine with a wine key for most customers, but when I have a guest who brings an older bottle, I always make sure I have the proper tools with me to open it without damaging I have already reaped the benefits of the purchase in better tips and a return of business from big time wine drinkers whom I know will treat their bottles with the same attention to detail they did when they aged them.

Kingston Chase - 07/07/2021
seems to be very well made, but doesn't seem to be able to pull the corks adequately (2/5)

It came as a result of recent corkscrew-related issues with slightly older bottles of wine and my other ones damaged them. It looked like it worked so well in the video that I bought it and tried it. I was well satisfied with the delivery and was excited about trying it out, especially since I planned to open a few nice bottles for people visiting during the holidays. Despite my best efforts, however, I broke every cork I tried, and didn't manage to remove a single undamaged cork. My effort would likely be better if I had found a better technique. Still, I will likely try with other newer bottles to see if I can fix it.

Maurice SCHOFIELD - 09/03/2021
My mood is lifted when I hear this (5/5)

My intent was to buy it on a whim. It's fun to open the bottle with it, and I feel cool doing it. My friends have all commented that it looks classy and cool when I use it. My wine usually is consumed alone throughout the day and into the night, but I don't mind since I still feel cool using this device.

Erick Richards - 14/06/2021
For older vintages, this is the best cork puller (5/5)

It was as if I had an Aha moment I purchased a cork puller while stationed overseas and have had it for decades. Unknown to us, it disappeared somewhere, never to be seen again. Since my childhood, I have had varying levels of success with a variety of corkscrew styles. believe that older, "waiter" style corks are the best overall for most of us and for most bottles of wine. However, for an older vintage with a "difficult" cork, nothing replaces an Ah-style cork. In a recent incident, the cork of a relatively young (2013 vintage) pinot noir disintegrated when I tried to remove it with a waiter. The corkscrew is shaped in a specific way. Using the Ah- would have been more appropriate, based on what my wife said to say, this event compelled me to purchase the Monopol Ah-ha in no time at all. I believe it was also a Monopol when I created it, and it works exactly like my original. It's an Ah-ha moment I would avoid cheap knock-offs, since they're cheaper and do not work as well. So maybe seem a little intimidating but follow the directions (or YouTube it) and you will be fine. Put offs to the side and stick to the Germans This is the version I made.

Mary Tran - 18/04/2021