Mom Juice Funny Wine Glass Review

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Giftable 5.0 
Value for money 5.0 
  • Super cool for small parties.
  • Awesome stability.
  • Safe to be washed in a machine.
  • Funny prints may be unreadable sometimes.

Mom Juice Funny Wine Glass Product Description

Designed mainly as gifts, Momstir stemless wine glasses have knocked it out of the park. In the future, you will continue to ask for more thoughtful gifts if you enjoy them. The funny messages are printed with high-quality ceramic ink that doesn’t fade easily. Wine lovers will appreciate Momstir glasses when given as a gift. Wine drinkers will also enjoy a Momstir stemless wine glass as a gift. The glass has a perfect teardrop shape, which also enhances the fun of drinking wine, cocktails, or juice. You can choose the best one suitable to the occasion out of a wide range of funny prints on the outside of the hat.

  • Mom, mom, mom - Did you hear your name 100 billion times today? How does it feel to be If so, then you should try this glassware. If you know what I mean by "Mom Juice," don't ignore it.
  • A special treat for the wine lover in your life. If you are one, you can also It's like a wine.
  • Glass that doesn't contain lead and is dishwasher friendly. With a contoured edge to prevent breaking of the glasses, Libbey makes a high quality wine glass.
  • A petite 15 oz glass of wine, this elegant and easy to hold tumbler has a smooth contoured design. Its small size makes it perfect for wine and cider tastings, or to serve wine, juice, or cocktails in smaller portions.
  • A money-back guarantee is our commitment to you. We guarantee your complete satisfaction or we will refund you. During shipping, items are expertly packed in two layers of cartons to avoid damage, preventing items from shifting during transit. Be sure that the item you receive will be in pristine condition.

Selected User Reviews For Mom Juice Funny Wine Glass

Gift for a Mama who is going through a hard time (5/5)

I really appreciate that you gave this to me! I love the glass I drink from every time I see it. My only complaint is that the font is more yellow than gold, which I thought it would.

Allyson Williamson - 10/05/2021
I am so happy to give you this As shown in the picture, the product is exactly as described (5/5)

This is going to be a hit with my friend!.

Alexandria Herring - 20/01/2021
It's a pretty good job (4/5)

Despite a little messiness in the text, the gift otherwise stands out as a great Mother's Day gift.

Fabian Shaw - 01/05/2021
Gift that you won't forget (5/5)

I bought this for my mom as the perfect gift. I expected it to be the same.

Ricky Newton - 06/03/2021
I love you! The cutest thing ever (5/5)

This is an inside joke we share with each other. I got it for my sister for Mother's Day this year. I loved it! She liked it so much!.

Waverly Garner - 18/03/2021
Glasses that are excellent! I received it quickly, and it is excellent (4/5)


Thalia Pacheco - 04/02/2021