Mojito Muddler Cocktail Bamboo Muddler Review

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Durabilidad 5.0 
Fácil de limpiar 4.2 
Fácil de sostener 4.2 
Robustez 3.6 
  • Anti-bacterial and carbonized.
  • Made with high-quality bamboo.
  • 11 inches long.
  • Chipping and splintering may occur.
  • Pricey.

Mojito Muddler Cocktail Bamboo Muddler Product Description

Using this bamboo muddler while mixing is easy since it is the right length. Grippers find it easy to handle because of its grooves. Aside from that, it is very durable and easy to clean. Lacquer and oil were not applied to the surface, which could have harmed the quality of the beverage. You will love having this muddler in your home bar if you desire a sleek and pretty-looking muddler. This muddler has a round end and a wooden finishing, making it an excellent choice for cocktail making.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • The program has been seen on ABC, CBS and Most fruit and herb pulleys are only 8 - 10 inches long, but ours is long enough to reach all fruit and herbs, even in tall glasses and jugs. There are no bruised knuckles.
  • This table top is made from 100% food grade, charred, and 100% food safe materials. It is unlike others in that it is clean, easy to clean, and does not fill with brackish water.
  • You can rest assured with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, good for a lifetime. Taking care of our customers is what we do best as a small family business.
  • There are reviews on Amazon that say "I have a stick and I use this mojito mortar almost every day.". You should definitely check it out. Despite its solid construction and good grip, this mortar is solid and well made.
  • A professional bartender, I serve drinks to customers. I was very pleased with the product and the customer service. "This is the best mortar I've ever found, I use it all the time. These are perfect for the last few pieces of fruit at the bottom of the jar. "I like that this mortar is made of bamboo because it is strong and resistant, and I feel good about using a sustainable product."

Selected User Reviews For Mojito Muddler Cocktail Bamboo Muddler

There is an important item missing from the list of materials

This muddler was just received, and I am not very satisfied with the assurance that it can be used There is nothing in the product description or A about the price of the product. its production? It would be helpful if you clarified. In the product description, it might be worthwhile to mention this. This post would not be complete without a rating of the product. We have not tried it yet.

Bella Henderson - 28/03/2021
I am very impressed with this product! Well made, of high quality, and pride in its production

As I mentioned, this was shipped I liked how it was packed up (the muddler and stir stick). It was a pleasant surprise to find out that the stir stick came with it, and first off, I'd like to say 'wow'. I appreciate its solid construction, thicker than another stainless stirrer that I own. The spoon is also included. (The other stirrer I have has a little ball/pounder for making it easier to stir In the end of the spoon With this, you can display your insignia in style. There's an entire muddler in wood as well! seems to be well-trained Both in terms of material and shape (diamond-shaped at the center with a thin middle and two 'heads' at the ends). This little pattern reminds me of butcher's tape it looks a little like butcher's tape. It's constructed of the same material, and it seems as durable as it is. Although I don't own a bar (or own a high-end restaurant ), so this is that luxury I reserve for important (Come back from a trip with rum in hand and no muddler, a 'master of the mojito'. I took a few photos to illustrate. Sadly, it's too huge to fit into my 8oz Havana Club glasses (I took a few photos). Unless you're making cocktails, this would be perfect for a pitcher. (When will my next upgrade be? )*br>*br>both the muddler and stirrer are excellent for mine. It's just as nice that all the communication is so smooth, from the Amazon advertisement ("we're a family business") to all the free "extras" you get with There are multiple offers to stay in contact, including newsletters and lifetime warranties. While I can't seem to find mojito land now, I'm sure I will appreciate this tool for years to come. And summer is coming (to New England where I am), so this is an excellent resource. The right way to enjoy a mojito is to get it right.

Sloan Norton - 04/04/2021
I am Mijitomuddler

Can you tell me where you are? Earlier this week, I made an Amazon order for a Mojito Muddler. Despite its length and ease of use, the construction, length, and ease of use are all very impressive. What I do not like about the site and registration form is the fact that I received an error message when I submitted my name, email, and verification code. I was sent to a page that said "this form is not being sent from the address that it is supposed to be located at". I found I could only see the Muddler logo on a white background when I went to the Muddler website. I scrolled down and saw a box I could click on if I wanted to order from Amazon, and then I scrolled down again and saw four sections Please use the links below to contact us or to learn more about our legal or privacy policies. Clicking on any of them will do No matter how many times I clicked on "I understand" for cookies, nothing changed.

Priscilla MARSDEN - 18/02/2021
Muddler/Kraut Masher in just the right size

I find the Mojito Muddlers 11" bamboo to be the perfect tool for fermenting. My jars of 2 liters all the way down to a half quart are properly sized for this jar. In this mashing machine, you can mash the cabbage down, but the width is narrow enough that you can maneuver the machine easily. In my case, there is nothing to dislike about it. However, I haven't actually muddled with it yet, but on my expectations, it will be a great tool for that as well.

Sadie Gaines - 13/07/2021
Muddler that is a bit more special than the rest

Because it was used only once, it isn't clear how long it will last. Initially, the quality of the impression is good. The cucumbers and jalapenos I used for margaritas this weekend turned out to be good. This pad did not seem to absorb fluid or odor, which was one of the major concerns I had. As it has one end that is slightly wider than the other, it can be easily used to cut various size fruits and vegetables and can also be used with different diameter glassware. Nice logo for a brand. It's a little more expensive than many, but overall it's a good muddler with a natural look. The muddler is recommended if you are interested in a high-quality muddler with an unusual look and feel that isn't the same as your everyday stainless steel.

Troy WHITEHOUSE - 31/03/2021
It's an incredibly unique product with great quality! My husband wanted to add this to his bar because it is such a unique piece

Years of enjoyment are in store for him with this item. We appreciate that this is a small company owned and operated by a family. It is gratifying in and of itself that they care about our satisfaction.

Chelsea Petersen - 27/07/2021
Stunning muddler! I love it! We love this muddler because it is longer than my other muddlers as I was bruising my knuckles on our glasses with my other muddlers

As well as the bamboo, I really like it! Besides being easy to clean, it also looks good. As an added bonus, I like the way this company handles customer service. They sent me several emails to check in to see if I received my muddler and if I was happy. The staff will do what it takes to make it right if I am not satisfied. Having this approach to satisfaction of customers is what we need more of.

Duncan Cowan - 31/07/2021
This is a worthwhile purchase

Having consumed many Mojitos on a recent trip to Key West, I ordered all the tools to make them at home and will soon post instructions. The summer will last a whole lot longer now that I have mint plants. Having read many reviews, I decided to choose the best one. And it is, in fact, awesome! The quality is superb and it will last you a lifetime. Very well worth the price. You'll enjoy it!.

Paula Elliott - 26/03/2021