MOFADO Crystal Whiskey Glasses Review

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Easy to clean 5.0 
Comfort 5.0 
Sturdiness 4.7 
Easy to hold 4.7 
Durability 4.6 
Giftable 4.6 
  • Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Extremely relaxing.
  • Design of exceptional quality.
  • Bottom with a thick foundation.

MOFADO Crystal Whiskey Glasses Product Description

These beautiful old-fashioned glasses were designed to suit cocktail enthusiasts who enjoy a large and heavy lowball cocktail. They hold a full 12oz of spirits in each and weigh over a pound each, making them perfect for tossing over a little fire. Therefore, you will no longer have any problems sipping a double old fashioned with an oversized ice cube. Featuring a thick, weighted bottom, these tumblers minimize breakage and keep your tipple secured, while also feeling sturdy in your hand. But, just because these tumblers are big doesn’t mean they’re less fashionable. This sleek design is blown from crystal of the highest grade, lead-free, for clarity and brilliance that will truly dazzle and impress. A drinks trolley would be perfect for this set of two glasses.

  • Our Whiskey Glass collections are unique and created exclusively by our team. Our team has filed for all our designs with the United States Patent and Trade Office. Just search for 'MOFADO CRYSTAL' to see all our whiskey glass designs.
  • ALL OUR WHISKY GLASSES ARE HAND BLOWN FROM THE BEST LEAD FREE CRYSTAL IN THE WORLD. Their excellent clarity and brilliance come from the use of a lead-free crystal. Each glass weighs more than a pound, so you can feel the quality while you sip on your favorite beverage.
  • Our oversized Whiskey glasses were designed as the ideal glasses for any Whiskey enthusiast who enjoys large, hefty bottles that can fit oversized ice cubes and ice It is a pair of wide glasses that seem a bit heavy. This is not the right pair of glasses for people with smaller hands.
  • Your whiskey glasses will hold 12 ounces of your favorite beverage thanks to their thick bottom and weighted base. Designed to accommodate oversized ice cubes or whiskey stones, your whiskey glasses are the perfect gift. The whiskey glasses come in premium gift packaging, making them perfect as Father's Day gifts, birthday presents, or wedding gifts for friends and loved ones who enjoy Manhattans, whisky, scotch, bourbon, rye, cocktails, or are mixology enthusiasts.
  • WE GUARANTEE YOUR 100% Satisfaction and Fast Delivery. If you're not 100% satisfied with your whiskey glasses, you can either contact us or return them within 30 days for a complete 'hassle-free' In the unlikely event that your shipment arrives damaged, we will send you a replacement at no cost.

Questions & Answers

No, that is not true. In the event of something other than whiskey touching the glass, it will explode immediately. In addition, vodka is an anti-social substance that should only be used as a last resort to clean wounds or for DIY combustion engines.
diameter of the inside of the glasses is 3 5/16" and the outside diameter is 3 1/2". The height of the glasses from the bottom of the base to the top of the glass is 3 3/4".
Take it off if you like. Despite being made in China, it remains a Chinese product.
The answer is yes It will hold 12oz.

Selected User Reviews For MOFADO Crystal Whiskey Glasses


This pair of glasses left me very disappointed. So I ordered a few more sets since the first set I ordered did not have any significant defects. Immediately after receiving the new glasses, I noticed that they were riddled with air bubbles. This led me to request new ones. It arrived with both of the same issues, the other batch was notably more damaged and had a larger number of air bubbles. It should be free of any visible imperfections since the price is so high! Upon reading reviews, I ordered these thinking that quality control would be the reason for this problem in the first place. The first set was great for me, but the two additional sets I ordered AND the replacements all had these issues! That's 6 glasses in a row with very noticeable imperfections! The first set I purchased would be returned if you would let me! MAKE SURE YOU ARE WARNED!.

Otis GOUGH - 17/07/2021
The sizes are different (3/5)

Each of these whiskey glasses would make a stunning addition to any collection. The difference in size is that they are two different shapes. These shoes are also too big for my Dad's feet, by at least a quarter inch. This makes them feel cheap and I don't want to gift them to him. ****Edit for style When I contacted them about this, they sent me two more whiskey glasses, which are beautiful and the same size as mine!.

Jayleen Ochoa - 17/04/2021
As we have raised our standards, you should also do so (5/5)

I like these whiskey glasses because they're solid, heavy, and heavy. I feel ten feet tall and covered in hair when I am around them! I'd like to have a proper glass for the Glenlivet, or even something truly For me, the Glenlivet is good enough. Middle-aged women who are sexy and hot A single malt that is aged would be a waste of my time. If I drink anything other than a twelve year old Glenlivet, I feel like a slob, even in such a beautiful.

Molly Larson - 23/03/2021
Perfect! I was looking for something like this! Because there were not many reviews, I took a chance ordering these glasses, and I am so glad I did! Glass is clearly visible on all sides and lends them a nice weight (5/5)

The glasses have a nice weight and feel nice in your hand. It looks nice and allows you to grip the glass comfortably due to the indentation in the bottom. is the perfect shape and size to accommodate spherical and cubed Ice. It's nice to have a hefty pair of It was a great experience, as well as the customer service! The next day I got an email to check in to see how well the glasses worked. It was a gamble but I am glad I took the chance!.

Deacon Pacheco - 04/08/2021
A good enough body to handle an ice ball (5/5)

One of the main features I liked was the glass reported ability to take a molded ice ball. It is suggested that people use ice cubes sparingly with fancier whiskey glasses since they may not be strong enough to hold ice cubes. They are fine if you prefer your liquor neat, but not if you prefer it on ice. I've not had them long enough to give a meaningful insight into their durability, but I hope they last for many It was appreciated that the discount was given if we bought over $100 The set only had one matching piece, I would have never known that except for an answer to a buyer's question.

Izabella Wilkinson - 26/04/2021
Those glasses are great (5/5)

This is the perfect solution for the job at hand. Old Fashioneds and scotch, whiskey, and bourbon are made with them. I purchased them as a gift for my husband, but I will also use them myself. They are very well made and are highly durable. It is just the right size to hold large ice and the bottom detailing makes the glass look even better when filled with brown liquor. The four of us went camping together. In spite of their study, they were not overly It is a treat to drink from nice glasses while enjoying some fine spirits.

Alejandra Fowler - 20/05/2021
There is an air bubble in the I have updated The customer was contacted and replacement glasses were sent (3/5)

In both, there are air bubbles at the bottom, a characteristic which is common and I am not bothered by. In one of the replacements, there is an apparent air bubble on the surface of the glass, which looks like a chip on the inside. So far I have two glasses in my possession. They are only bubbles in the bottom of two. I have updated the rating to 4 stars for good customer service and a great glass when there are no issues-- I read a lot of online reviews of airbubbles, and took a chance. The base has quite a bit of stuff, which isn't big deal, just take care of It would be hard for anyone to notice unless they focused A few days later, I found this one near What was the quality of this product?.

Amayah Dudley - 14/02/2021
It was a great glass, Last night, I put ice in the glass, thought it was the ice, filled it, served it to a guest and the glass leaked all over them (1/5)

I am a total glass nerd, I must have the right glass for the drink of choice. The glass cracked from the inside out! out of the ordinary has been done. Unfortunately I was not able to get more as I wanted.

Dante Hayes - 25/01/2021