MOFADO Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glass Set Review

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Robustez 4.8 
Ideal para regalar 4.8 
Excelente inversión 4.7 
Durabilidad 4.7 
  • Durable.
  • Large capacity.
  • Expensive than other brands.

MOFADO Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glass Set Product Description

Cheap mixing glasses are machine made, have seams, and are easy to crack. They are also not weighted correctly, so they tip over easily. Designed for mixing and bartending, Mofado’s mixing glasses are made with a thick, weighted bottom made of high-quality, lead-free crystal.

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  • Mixing cups with a seamless design are better choice for mixing cocktails than cheaper glasses with seams, which are much flimsier and more likely to crack. Mixing glasses from Mofado are made of high-quality, lead-free, clear glass with a thick, heavy bottom to ensure you get the most out of your mixing and bartending experience.
  • You'll mix like a pro with your mix glass, spoon, strainer and meter - you'll be creating, straining, shaking and serving like a pro for sure. Whether you want to master the art of making a whiskey martini, a Manhattan, or an Old Fashioned, this course will train you to create, brew, and serve like any other bartender. With the confidence of knowing that you are mixing with a quality product, you can be sure it is specifically made for what you are doing. You can also mix professional-quality drinks for family, friends, and of course yourself.
  • It is made of 100% lead free crystal, which is safe for use.
  • It is real people - on the other end of the line who endorse and use our products. In addition to expecting the best for ourselves, we do not settle for anything less for our clients. We have an entire line of Mofado Crystals that can be found by searching "Mofado Crystal".
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed - if you are not completely satisfied with your cocktail mixing set, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Selected User Reviews For MOFADO Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glass Set

This item makes a wonderful gift or is perfect My husband loves his and I got him one for him

A high quality product I like the look of that. My husband and the product are both great.

Axel HUMPHREYS - 29/06/2021
I was completely satisfied with the service

As I have a bazillion cocktail shakers in my cabinet, I needed a good quality, attractive mixing glass to match them. As I looked at several of the available cocktail mixing glasses, I thought the MOFADO Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glass appeared to offer the best value. Moreover, the price was lower than most. Among other features, it comes with a jigger, cocktail strainer (technically, the Hawthorne Strainer), I would say that the set is perfect. Mixing glass with a substantial feel that looks and performs great, and anyone watching you make a Manhattan will be envious. It is the perfect fit for the Hawthorne strainer. With the set coming well packaged and on time, along with a note accompanying it that guaranteed complete satisfaction, you are experiencing online shopping at its best when whatever you receive meets all of your expectations without fail. This would be a great gift idea for anyone and I.

Nayeli Smith - 25/04/2021
This is an amazing set of photos I was quite pleased with the experience

The Old Fashioned mix is something I ordered for myself so that I can make it Since it is often the case that the product looks extremely different in person as opposed to the picture, I have learned to set my expectations low when shopping online. The kit was exactly what I was looking for. This piece of glass is beautifully crafted and feels good in the hand. As well as the stirrer, it is When I received my package, one item was missing. I assumed that it should have been included with the strainer and Jigger, but it wasn't. Within minutes, my email was responded to by the seller. The seller had an above and beyond solution for me, which required no effort on my part. I would highly recommend this brand. My goal now is to get a bar cart to display them all the time. All I need now is to find the whiskey glasses to match!.

Zechariah Barry - 09/07/2021
I don't think the bottom of the pitcher is flat

A big part of me was really looking forward to It is only the bottom of the pitcher that isn't flat that I have an issue with. The bowl is fairly heavy so when you pour something in it, when it's sitting on a table or a counter, it'll rock back and forth. It was disappointing. It would have been nice if the quality would have been better.

Jordan Medina - 21/01/2021
I am very happy with my mixing glass, strainer, and What's your nickname? I don't think so

There's a lot of value in this set for the price. I love the mixing glass. It's heavy and beautiful This set gets high marks for solid construction, a good strainer, and a great spoon that does exactly what you expect from a spoon. Unfortunately, the jigger is not up to par. It is very hard to read the markings on the 1/4 oz container, so I have to guess when measuring the bitters for my Old Fashioned, and there is no 1/4 oz marking. The best thing about my job is This is a written form of reading. Overall, I was very satisfied with the glass, strainer, and spoon that I bought. There are plenty of jiggers I can use, but I will have to go shopping for one that measures something I can see/read.

Catalina Carey - 20/05/2021
Quality barware is perfect for people who understand the value of quality

This set has been very good to me. For some time, I have been trying my hand at making a variety of cocktails at home, and I have been seeking durable, Then this, in my opinion, would be perfect for the job. A jigger, strainer, and bar spoon all have a satisfying heft and durability, which conveys a feeling of professionalism. I am most intrigued by the mixing glass included in this set. As with the other components of this kit, it is made with thick glass and has a very professional feel to Mofado products are the same quality you see in high end restaurants. This set and all the other products that I have purchased from them (even the rocks glass, which is Mofado) are no exception.

Thomas Houston - 13/03/2021
This cocktail would be perfect for a martini

A little research online and numerous conversations with experienced bartenders led me to the conclusion that the correct way to mix a martini is by stirring it rather than shaking it. (I apologize, You can easily do this by mixing the martini in a regular glass, but this pitcher and stirring spoon provide a touch of class to the drink making process while also looking great on display. You will definitely impress your friends with it. It was a good addition at a good price.

Richard TOMLINSON - 11/04/2021
It's a great quality gift, looks amazing, and is very giftable! The quality of this product is great for the price and it looks fantastic in person! I purchased this as a gift for my husband and he absolutely loved it! This model works well for us now after getting it a few months ago

It has even been possible to run all of these parts through the dishwasher without any issues. This is definitely a gift that I would recommend!.

Dakari Wallace - 19/06/2021