Modvera Drinkware Beer Pint Glass 16 Review

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Easy to hold 4.8 
Sturdiness 4.4 
Value for money 4.4 
Giftable 4.2 
Durability 4.2 
  • Flavour enhancing and space saving.
  • Quality and style meet.
  • Unique elegance.
  • May come with an unsmooth rim.

Modvera Drinkware Beer Pint Glass 16 Product Description

Providing an instant, effortless, and affordable way to upgrade your drinkware, Modvera Drinkware 6-piece set of beer glasses provide an instant, effortless, and affordable way. A beautiful match for any dinner party table cloth or just sitting on the couch, these are perfect for you. Glass tastings beautifully presented in this sleek and minimal glass, which is sophisticated, stylish and sophisticated. It combines beautifully with dinnerware, is durable enough for frequent use, and is ideal for entertaining at home.

  • BEVERAGE GLASSES FOR ANY SETTING Excellent for any setting, these classic tumblers are great for water, cocktails, or any other drink you may please. Not just beer glasses, there are also great for mixing drinks and all beer pints.
  • GLAZING SAVES SPACE AND ENHANCES FLAVOR Glassware like this is stackable and durable while enhancing flavor. Convenience and flavor need no longer be weighed against each other. Our knowledge is that these are the only style of glass that maximizes flavor while being easy to stack.
  • This smooth flare design by Modvera Drinkware pub glasses defines elegance, quality and style at an unbeatable price. These glasses are perfect for serving your best brews and creative cocktails, giving the ambience of your venue a classy appearance.
  • MODVERA Beer glasses have an absolutely gorgeous clarity, making them crystal clear and as elegant as they are secure. Their exquisite design is the perfect complement to a luxurious dinner table and an essential part of any beer tasting session.
  • WE GUARANTEE THAT ALL BROKEN GLASSES WILL BE REPLACED Since our wine glasses are made of so high quality material and come in such sturdy packaging, if you are not 100% satisfied or your glass breaks, please contact us right away. If your glass is broken, damaged, or not what you ordered, we will replace it free of charge. You may not return broken or damaged glass.

Questions & Answers

The Chinese mainland.
The weight is six ounces.
In fact, yes.
without a doubt. Glasses that resemble regular drinking glasses.

Selected User Reviews For Modvera Drinkware Beer Pint Glass 16

A set of 6 glasses for this low a price is hard to beat (5/5)

At this price, you can't go wrong at all. These glasses are extremely inexpensive and are shipped at no charge. Like iced tea glasses, these glasses work great for soda juices, iced teas, ice water, and similar things. They're kind of like the glasses you get when you order a beer at a bar, but they also work great for soda juices. It is absolutely amazing that they hold up for so long. I bought them because I needed something of that size that could hold up for so long. I'm extremely delighted with my purchase. The seller is excellent and I expect to buy more from him if I need more.

Alijah Lara - 26/02/2021
The glass is very easy to crack and chip (2/5)

Here's an update. It takes just 30 days for 3 of them to break after normal adult use. A heat-induced crack formed in one of them in the dishwasher. Their brittleness and ease of damage makes them prone to damage. The light duty glasses that I found don't meet my needs. I was originally a fan of One glass was already broken when they arrived on time. It is claimed they are heavy duty, but they do not feel more durable than regular glassware. A far better choice is available if you need true heavy duty bar ware.

Romeo Mills - 05/02/2021
A hardy character (4/5)

Almost all of my pint glasses were disappearing after being at my parents' house for a while. There have been pint glasses that I have used in the past that were made out of thin glass and I was entirely dissatisfied with In the pub one gets solid glasses that are made of very solid material, but these seem thin. As a result, I was cautious when dealing with them. As for the weight of the chairs, they are sturdy and I'm comfortable using them for hosting There was one slight drawback, but it wasn't severe. There were some visible, but non-extreme ridges around the glass. The product has received positive reviews elsewhere. If you visit Williams Sonoma online, you will find $42 for four, or $52 for six. That's okay with me, I think I am happy with this.

Jayda Cooke - 20/03/2021
Those glasses are great! It has been about a month since I purchased these and I have already run them through the dishwasher a few times (5/5)

For the price, they are great quality. If you want absolute perfection, you'll have to spend a lot more money. In any case, if you're looking for sturdy, nice-looking glasses that can hold a respectable amount of your preferred beverage, these are your best bet! In my mind, I wanted something that would last for many years like the souvenir glasses we bought at a restaurant for about $25 each without having to pay more than $45 for six This is what I need. I've had no problems with them so far. They hold about four ounces less than the ones from the restaurant, and don't have any decorations, but they're awesome!.

Viviana Schaefer - 11/01/2021
I really like this product (5/5)

This sturdy product has thick, durable glass, which comes out clean every time.

Graysen Berry - 02/01/2021
The materials may not exactly be commercial grade, but (5/5)

Even though I am no expert, it seems like commercial grade could have a slightly heavier base, so that dropping them on the floor is less likely to crack them. They don't look all that commercial and seem as if they could break if dropped flat on the ground. It is impossible to beat both the price and the quality! I was worried that they would be of low quality, but they were very good considering the price. Overall, I would say that they exceeded my expectations, even for an item of this kind. This product looks like it will hold up well and last a long time. I also appreciated the extra foam packaging for shipment. Your customer was impressed with your work!.

Evelyn Donahue - 22/04/2021
It is excellent value for money Pint glasses with a classic, simple design that is durable (5/5)

Simple, durable, and classic, these are perfect for restaurants Pint glasses in the style of the time. Storage is easy with them since they stack neatly. Additionally, they offer great value for money. Gatherings are held weekly at my house Hospitality organizations would benefit from these.

Remi Pennington - 28/07/2021
Customer service is poor and the glasses are fragile (1/5)

The glasses appear to be thick and heavy duty, but they chip easily. Please do not be fooled. During the days following the 33-day period (which was exactly 3 days after I was no longer eligible for a refund), two of the six pint glasses chipped, so Seller claimed that the buyer was three days outside the return period and refused to allow a return. A terrible company is selling these terrible pint glasses. Purchases should not be made.

Fatima Aguilar - 08/05/2021