Modvera 20oz Red & White Stemless Wine Glass Review

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Durability 4.5 
Easy to hold 4.4 
Value for money 4.1 
Sturdiness 4.1 
Giftable 4.0 
  • Have the capacity of 20 oz.
  • Made up of chip-resistant glass.
  • Lacks stability.

Modvera 20oz Red & White Stemless Wine Glass Product Description

The classic bowl shape of these wine glasses makes them incredibly comfortable to hold despite the absence of stems. This type of surface is resistant to chipping because it has a wide base and thin lips. Furthermore, they will prevent any splashes when you swirl. These make drinking more enjoyable as well as effortless. It enhances the aeration process of your wine, resulting in the best possible flavor. With its brilliant clarity and elegant look, this stemless wine glass is perfect for any occasion. The stemless wine glasses offered by Modvera are some of the best quality wine glasses available since they can be used for both reds and whites.

  • With this classic touch of elegant sophistication, you will make all your friends enthusiastically agree that you have the best stemless wine glasses around! Our crystal clear wine glasses will add tons of elegancy These glasses offer a classic bowl shape that enhances the flavors of wine and allows you to enjoy your glass to the very last drop.
  • ERGONOMIC These chips-resistant glass wine glasses are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your table setting, barware collection, or party décor. This base makes the glass tip more resistant to spills and sloshes and minimizes the risk of the stem breaking. This dish is dishwasher safe, lead-free and comes with free replacement parts if they break.
  • The EASY HOLD, SWIRL, AND DRINK design is ideal for Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot and others. A 20 ounce wine glass gives you a more comfortable opening than smaller wine glasses, and the wider bowl allows you to aerate the wine as you swirl it. A size of 20 ounces and a wider base fit comfortably in hands of average size.
  • WE GUARANTEE THAT ALL BROKEN GLASSES WILL BE REPLACED Since our wine glasses are made of so high quality material and come in such sturdy packaging, if you are not 100% satisfied or your glass breaks, please contact us right away. If your glass is broken, damaged, or not what you ordered, we will replace it free of charge. You may not return broken or damaged glass.
  • This crystal-clear Modvera Wine glass has an excellent crystal-grade clarity making it both brilliantly clear and incredibly Your dinner party will be a hit with these beautiful wine glass sets.

Questions & Answers

There is a possibility of breakage since these are made of glass.
In short, yes. There is no lead in the glasses No charge.
They looked nice and were pretty thick when cured in the oven. I painted them and put them in the oven to cure, and they were fine.
Why do we need to know this? We're going to the wine room, not to the The wine glass is a very good one.

Selected User Reviews For Modvera 20oz Red & White Stemless Wine Glass

You can't go wrong with them (5/5)

One of my buddies and I went out for a drink. Dropping his cup, which was the only one he had, resulted in his losing it. There is someone I know who never drinks more than Having already had a few drinks, I said I'd buy you some cups. He had the same reaction when he heard the first word. Anyways, I came back with them and he told me they were awesome.

London Murray - 05/04/2021
A decent bargain for the price (4/5)

The glasses were not broken on arrival, and they were exactly what I needed and also at a decent price. The packaging service did a good job of protecting the glasses. The only reason I took over a star off is because there are some imperfections along the wall and some glasses are not very smooth. But I don't want to complain because I'll be able to use these for a craft I want to do.

Tinsley McCarty - 21/05/2021
I was very pleased with the quality and safety of the product (5/5)

I was very impressed with the quality and the speed of arrival! Having extra packaging ensured my glasses arrived in perfect condition without any damage, so that I did not need to deal with hassles of ordering This would be a fantastic item to use for craft projects.

Elliott Decker - 15/01/2021
This product can't be washed in the dishwasher (5/5)

We have provided a replacement. Getting washed in the dishwasher for the first time resulted in one of the glasses breaking. After an immediate response from the seller, a replacement glass was sent that can be washed in the dishwasher with no issues. I have never had a problem with.

Brycen Solis - 20/05/2021
This is the perfect material These will be the perfect bridal shower gift! I like the larger size, too, so I can personalize them (5/5)

When I finish, I will post a picture of the finished piece, cut from my circuit machine. I will use adhesive vinyl cut from my circuit machine. Very pleased with the packaging as well. It was my concern that the glasses would break, but they were packed in.

Johnny Olson - 13/05/2021
Stemmed glasses have never been my thing, but this is very nice (5/5)

There is no doubt these are of high quality and if I can resist the temptation to drop them on the tile, they should last for years.

Willa Willis - 18/07/2021
This is a must-have! These wine glasses are fantastic, they feel so sturdy, they're a great deal, and the shape is lovely, I'll definitely be buying Also, it was an excellent gift! (5/5)


Jon Todd - 11/04/2021
Breaking these will result in damage (1/5)

We do not recommend putting these in the dishwasher. As if they were ticking time bombs before they exploded. This is a very cheaply made product. These are lightweight and fragile, so I have to toss them all since I am not comfortable with.

Evangeline Warner - 19/06/2021