Modern Mixology Bartender Kit with Stand Review

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Fácil de usar 4.8 
Ideal para regalar 4.8 
Fácil de limpiar 4.8 
Excelente inversión 4.7 
Robustez 4.6 
Sabor 4.6 
  • Comes with a booklet of recipes.
  • Comes with a warranty.
  • Limited tools included.

Modern Mixology Bartender Kit with Stand Product Description

A collection of quality basics from Modern Mixology, which includes all of the above except a muddler (you can devise your own tool out of what you already have). addition to tongs, a bottle opener, a wooden stand, a recipe booklet, and a three-year warranty, this set includes several practical items.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Mix cocktails like a professional • This matte black kit makes mixing at pro levels extremely easy. We have all the necessary leak-proof accessories for your bar and shaker, so you will never have to worry about spills, hassles, or incorrect measurements. We've included a set of unique recipe cards with our martini shaker kit to let you mix cocktails in style.
  • With this stylish storage and display stand, attracting the attention of your guests couldn't be easier. With this elegant wooden stand, you can show off your cocktail kit in style, updating your home decor. As well as keeping your barware organized and accessible at all times, it was specially designed to ensure it stays stable. You can get rid of clutter in kitchen cabinets and drawers.
  • It would be wonderful to receive such a gift, wouldn't you be excited?" All of these stylish items are packed in a stylish box. A stylish bar tool set, stylish wooden stand, and cocktail recipe cards are all included. If you choose to give a gift for an anniversary, wedding, Christmas, Father's Day, or any other occasion, your recipient will be thrilled like a child in a candy store. It will be a gift that they will remember.
  • This high-quality bar kit is very sturdy and of high quality. Each and every piece in this set is made of stainless steel alloys, 304 and 430. For color coated items, hand washing is recommended in order not to scratch the polished surfaces. Bar supplies that are easy to maintain and will not wear out will be your best choice.

Selected User Reviews For Modern Mixology Bartender Kit with Stand

I have used this kit to make margaritas ever since I bought it to make them

It's a good kit for a good price. If you want to interact with a lot of people, this is the best app for you To become a bartender is to be This item has been packaged well. It is an excellence in customer service! For it to be rated five stars there are a few things which need to be fixed. For example, the package label needs to be deleted since it does not specify the markings of the jigger. My company sent me a package of jiggers with labels, but they informed me that it would not fit in my jigger slot kit, which was great since they let me know about it in advance. The spoon did not stand straight There should be a small hole carved in the bottom, where the spoon is placed, so that the spoon stands up properly, which I found to be a common theme for all of the kits that I found, but no one bothered to do that in any of those kits. This review is a good opportunity for the maker to correct their mistakes because to maintain their dominance in the market they have to constantly adjust and improve When I tried to activate my 3-day trial, it wouldn't work I purchased the extended warranty on the products, but the website that was printed on the paper in the package is no longer There is no way around this-.

Hayden Shannon - 03/05/2021
I find it pleasing to the eye

The full review can be found below. The following is my honest review of this product after using it for approximately two weeks The cons are Observations 1. does not include a grinder or bottle caps to use with your alcohol (other bartender kits on Amazon include these items). 1. . 2. It may cut you if you use the shaker because the rim of the shaker may cut you (that's what happened to my husband and me on Lastly, 3. Taking the shaker apart after you have shaken your drink is a bit of a hassle. The pros include Observations 1. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, this product also features an organizer. 1. . 2. These cocktail cards add a nice touch to the event. Lastly, 3. There are no holes in it. Having said that, here is my verdict If you are preparing drinks for 1 or 2 people, this product would be a good choice. As a result of the difficulty in opening the shaker, preparing drinks for multiple people can prove to be a bit tedious. As for the missing items, you can purchase them at the supermarket or liquor store if you need to. Having said that, if you need a basic bartender kit that is well organized and looks good, then this is a great option for you. Thank you for your interest and I hope you find it I'd like to wish you the best.

Quinton Barnett - 02/08/2021
I love my new bar addition, it's the perfect fit for my home It is an excellent deal to get quality at such a competitive price

Whenever I entertain clients or friends, I love to host them at my house. It looks like my bar set up includes lots of name brand spirits and a collection of name brand spirits. With these sets I can display beautifully on top of the bar all of the items / beautiful presentation on the tray. It's cool to see the Cocktail cards! This is something I am going to experiment with. I compared the price with similar bar sets I already own and found it to be unbeatable. My joy is in being able to say that all the accessories fit and work fine.

Andrew Ruiz - 05/03/2021
The overall set was in line with expectations upon arrival

I was very happy with the customer service. Despite this, the bottle opener broke on the first try. Photos can be found here. Upon contacting the seller, who responded very quickly, he agreed with no hesitation to resolve the issue and send a new bottle open immediately. What a disappointment it was to receive a replacement bottle opener that Photos can be found here. As I felt there was an error on the seller's part, I contacted them again. In fact, the seller said she upgraded to a better bottle opener to get around this issue, so it was intentional. During my explanation of my desires, I explained I wanted an original bottle opener with a It took some back and forth communication between seller and buyer, but the seller wanted to make sure I was satisfied. He sent me a new set of the item and a cocktail recipe book as compensation. It's nice to know there are still places where excellent customer service Thanks for purchasing this product, it works great and was a good.

Murphy PARKES - 18/06/2021
Learn the basics of mixing drinks

A cocktail set like this is amazing to me. In addition to everything listed in the description, it also includes. Several reviewers complained about it not having a place for the stirrer, but everything is in the right place. A 3 year warranty comes with it. It is made from stainless steel. When it comes to pouring, the shaker does not leak. I highly recommend this book.

Rene Nichols - 11/03/2021
It's a great idea for a gift! The cocktail making kit is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make a cocktail! There are simple directions on how to set up the warranty, and the item came in cute packaging

They are made from stainless steel, which feels sturdy to hold in your hands!.

Benson Bennet - 22/01/2021
The situation is not as bad as it seems

Although it's cute, mine did not come with a jigger (which is annoying, but I have one I can use). Furthermore, there are no holes or indents for the bar spoon to sit into, so it can't stand up straight on its own.

Raiden Cherry - 05/08/2021
The list contains some items that are For a birthday gift I opened the product and put it all together

It did not even include the pouring device or the jigger! Strange since it was all in a box and wrapped in plastic. There are some scratches on some of the utensils too, which makes me wonder if it had been used before. In the past. It's not a good feeling.

Chloe Garrett - 01/08/2021