Mkono Wall Mounted Wine Shelves Rack Review

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Excelente inversión 4.3 
Fácil de montar 4.3 
Robustez 4.3 
Fácil de instalar 4.0 
  • Build up of steel and wood.
  • Supports multi-functioning.
  • Drilling holes aren't accurate.

Mkono Wall Mounted Wine Shelves Rack Product Description

There are two racks included in the set and they hold a total of six bottles of wine and five wine glasses. A great example of a retro and classic style, the table is made out of steel and wood. Additionally, it also comes in a slim design, making it ideal for homes with tight spaces. With this one, you’ll be able to store both your wine bottles and glasses on two separate racks.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Wine Glass Rack - made from steel with a recycled wood finish. Made from sturdy steel and finished with recycled wood. Your living room, entryway, etc. will get a touch of vintage flair from the delicate manufacturing process.
  • The wine hanging rack allows you to hang various flutes, cups, photo frames, recipe books, and potted plants. It is convenient and takes up little floor space. In the event that you get tired of a location, you can simply take it to your dining room, home bar, study room or cellar. Unique and artistic, the rustic style shows a great sense of style.
  • A wine rack that's appropriate for the cellar, bar or pantry, as well as any occupancy setting. You can also apply this product in the bathroom, hallway, hotel, and restaurant, as well as to your kitchen, offices, and more.
  • Wine lovers, people who are just starting their own wine collection, and those who want to give a gift to their family and friends would enjoy this wine-related gift.
  • The item is easy to assemble and the size is suitable for a small home. It comes with instructions that help you install it quickly. 16 inches is the length of the product. A height of 92 inches by a width of five inches. It is 9 inches wide and 0 inches deep. The height of this person is seven inches.

Selected User Reviews For Mkono Wall Mounted Wine Shelves Rack

This is a holding for bottles of wine

It's alright for holding a bottle of wine. There is a feeling that the wine bottle is going to fall over the bar because it is so low. I don't like that the wood piece feels so cheap and This looks great, is easy to put together, and can be hung really easily. The one I used ended up being the only.

Giselle Bender - 20/01/2021
I love it

It's so nice to have my wine glasses up and out of the way of my cats, they're so pretty and easy to hang up.

Kiaan MAHMOOD - 01/08/2021
A LINE OF HOLES DOES NOT EXIST! In a nutshell, Wow, I was very My whole wall was drilled out and the shelf holes lining up, but I could not get them to BUY THIS JUNK IF YOU CAN AVOID IT! I have to put the bottles on a loose shelf now!


Cameron Jones - 11/07/2021
I am in love with The price was very good, and the quality is very good! You can put them in a small space and they are so cute

Unless you plan to add mirrors to it to make it more interesting, the product did not come with any!.

Baylor Boyer - 31/07/2021
Once we were able to get them straight, we loved them

Although I like how these shelves look, they were a pain to assemble. It was alright with one, but it was very bent out of shape with the other. All things considered, we were able to mount them and get them to look good.

Landry Acosta - 17/03/2021
I was looking for a shelf that had a bar across the shelf to hold my glasses while living in an earthquake zone

These shelves fit the bill perfectly. I have no problems with this! In a glass cabinet, I can store nine or ten wine glasses and a bunch of bar glasses without worry that they will break. White shelves were replaced with wood ones in order to make my kitchen look more cohesive.

Avah Miller - 01/04/2021
It is fun to be around them! I love how beautiful these are! My dinner table would not feel complete without them

There are fasteners that are quite sturdy, and the quality is not bad however, there were no holes already cut in the wood. The instructions have not been clear, and there are no pre-drilled holes on the door. It would be nice if I could place them next to each other There was however always an uneven appearance on one side. As a result, I settled on the look presented, which I consider to be acceptable.

Remington Murray - 22/01/2021
The process was easy and nice

It's very easy to install and looks great, we have on the rocks and shot glasses on the shelves so it's a nice way to store all the bar glasses. I didn't expect that it would be so nice for such an inexpensive price.

Noah Parker - 09/06/2021